Does Tennis Ball Machine Improve Game

A very common question is, does tennis ball machine improve game? Well, hell yes! It does improve the game. Let me tell you that, whether you are a rich man who can hire a good tennis player to feed you balls or go consistently to learn and pay high for expensive lessons.

On the other side, you can have a tennis ball machine which will be low in cost and definitely is going to improve your game.


How Tennis Ball Machine Improve Game?

Let me be realistic, most of the people out there are not able to attend the expensive lessons due to obvious reasons, and you will not always be lucky to have a friend who will play tennis with you every day consistently. So, there is no way you can improve the game.

Now, if you have a tennis ball machine, you can play with it always anywhere any time. When you realize that your specific shot is not really the best, you can program the machine to feed you the same shot again and again until you get command on that shot.

I am sure there is no one friend or coach who will stay there to feed you thousand of times the same shot to help you out, but a tennis machine.

Furthermore, if we talk about tennis practice machine capabilities, there is not a single shot that a tennis machine is not able to feed you. If you get a tennis ball machine that has the option of customizations and oscillations you can make every shot that you need like, Topspin, backspin, horizontal oscillations, and you can set height as well.

If you think tennis machines are expensive you can make your own machine at home.

Tennis Machines Improve Your Footwork

A tennis machine is the best way to improve your footwork. Let me make it simple to you, when you play in a real match you face unexpected shots from right to left on the court. Which demands your good footwork skills.

Now, when you play at home with a tennis ball machine by programming the machine to random horizontal oscillation, it only helps you get good skills in footwork if you practice it consistently. However, by rehearsing horizontal routines for days, weeks, and months you will be an expert in footwork.

Moreover, if you are not familiar with tennis machine drills, let me tell you that. This is the best and most amazing way to get better at any part of your game. But you have to work really hard for that.

Tennis Machines Improve Ball recognition skills

Improve game by tennis ball machine

Don’t be confused. I am telling you how this will happen. When you play with your friend on the court you lose your focus because at the same time you laugh, crack jokes, and see right-left. This is not the best way to play.

On the other side, when you play on a tennis ball machine you only see the machine and ball coming to you. 400 hundred balls each day and multiply over 4 months. You will see clear notice that you have improved your focus on balls.

Enhance Your Confidence

You must be thinking about how a tennis machine can enhance my confidence. Well, it happens many times that you can not be able to play very well in front of a bunch of people because you know you do not have good skills in tennis. Wait, wait… I know you must be thinking NO MAN I don’t shy etc. Let me tell you, you feel shy or whatever you say.

However, when you start playing with a tennis ball machine in a private place and continuously play with it. Slowly you will see yourself playing tennis amazingly and that is what will build the confidence in you to perform in front of thousands of people. Nevertheless, you can have tennis machines for your dog.

Improves your physical Condition

Tennis machines are a fantastic way to improve physical condition. As we know that tennis machines are always a good way to improve your game. While improving your game you will notice that your body is changing.

What happens! When you face massive drills and hit random oscillations from the right side to the left of the court your physical condition improves. You get strength and get good physic.

Where Tennis Machines Can’t Improve?

This is the fact that tennis machines are good to improve the game but not always. You must have the knowledge of tennis games otherwise it’s not gonna work.

The tennis machine Doesn’t help with fundamentals

If you want to get a start in tennis while you haven’t any idea of tennis. This is not gonna work. You must take start playing tennis with a coach in the beginning. The coach will teach you the complete fundamentals of tennis.

If you didn’t take lessons from the coach and you want to get a tennis machine and start learning that way. It would be a disaster. You will fail. Do you know why?

Because tennis machines only obey the command you give, the customizations you make. Think for a while. How do you know to practice which stroke? Without a coach, you even don’t know how to play any stroke and as a new tennis player what are the best practices? Right…?

So, never get a machine until you have a good basic knowledge of tennis.

Tennis Machine Enhances Skills to Face Strong Volleys

If you have a machine that can throw you strong volleys, you can improve your skills in facing strong volleys. Machines are great at feeding you the same shots a thousand times, and that’s a wonderful aspect of them. 

Tennis machines enhance tennis skills because players can customize them to their liking. Simply set the machine to maximum speed and a low 4- to 5-second feed rate without random oscillations. Afterward, you must face at least 50 strong volleys. In this way, tennis machines are ideal for improving strong volleys. 

It is important to note that if you just play tennis once and that’s it, there is no chance to improve. In order to improve, it is necessary to play every day a single shot a month. 

Who Gets Improvement from Tennis Machines?

In order to improve your tennis game, tennis machines are not necessary for all tennis enthusiasts. The basic fundamentals of tennis will never be improved by tennis machines. In order to understand tennis machines and the game itself, one needs to know the fundamentals of the tennis game. 

If one has been playing tennis for 3 to 5 months and wants to improve in a specific area, then a tennis machine can be a big help in improving your game. 

QNA OF Does Tennis Machine Improve Game

Yes, tennis machines are really helpful to make you a skillful tennis player by working on a weak era.

When you a tennis machine and you practice everyday specific stroke without any distraction. This is the result full way where tennis machines improve your game.

Yes, we can improve our tennis game without a tennis machine. But you have to get a tennis coach or a partner who plays with you every day. Otherwise, machines are the better option.


All you need is a tennis ball machine and a court to play tennis consistently for at least 2 months and you will see the difference and amazing skills to play tennis.

There is no substitute for hard-working, you have to work hard to be the best tennis player. In my opinion, if you have a burning desire to get the tennis skills you have to make it happen.

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