Tennis is a game that demands your body to be efficiently active from head to toe. As you are moving on the court while shooting overhead shots and playing volleys. Because of the involvement of your whole body, you are more prone to make tennis mistakes than in other games. 

who can conquer the court? The one who knows how to avoid making tennis mistakes. The only way to win the game is to make the good points consistently.

Thus, in order to be a consistent player, you must stop making mistakes on the court. 

But the main obstacle is that most of the players don’t know which method of playing can cause a falsehood. And they are also unaware of how they can avoid making many mistakes in the game.

Below we have a list of common errors that tennis players should avoid:


Why do Tennis Players Do Tennis Miatskes?

There are many reasons why tennis players make inaccurate shots.

  • Flaw 1, they don’t stay conscious at the court
  • Flaw 2, they are not fit physically
  • Flaw 3, lack of rehearsing
  • Flaw 4, lack of interest
  • Flaw 5, diet is not important to them

After knowing the reasons which are behind tennis mistakes, now, let’s move on to know what are those major tennis faults.

Fix these Tennis Mistakes and Evolve

1 – Improper Grips Technique

One of the significant causes of tennis mistakes while playing is using improper grip techniques. Most of the players know about all the specific grips but don’t rehearse them appropriately. They just continue playing the game without improving it.

In a tennis game, every shot is determined by the specific grip. For instance, the shots like serves, overheads, and volleys use continental grip. As well as having several good topspins, you need to use a semi-western grip. Some other grips are eastern backhand, eastern forehand, and western grip. 

Besides, to have precise control over the racquet, you need to learn and use these grips properly. And the only way to avoid losing the game owing to these mistakes is to rehearse these grips more.

So that when you are in the rally, you don’t shift the grips. 

Moreover, you should be aware of the sequence of bevel numbers on the racquet. Otherwise, you can’t hold the right grip. Each grip has its specific bevel spot, so you must also know which bevel number for the clasp.

You might have noticed the tennis experts like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic using these grips in the rally. 

They also recommend that tennis players use these grips effectively.

Resultantly, to stay away from the mistakes related to grips. 

2 – Unguided foot Moments

Unguided footwork is the first reason of tennis mistakes

While playing the game, they just pay attention to the ball’s direction. They don’t focus on the way how they are approaching the ball. 

So, as a result, they used to smash the shots hastily using improper feet posing and lose the game. No matter how expert you are at other factors of the game. If you don’t know how to use your foot, you are prone to make a large number of errors. 

How you can stay away from making this mistake?

Exercise your foot movements whether you are independently or playing with your partner on the court. Furthermore, before playing tennis on the court, you must have excellence in your foot balancing. 

Essential footwork drills that you should work on are split step, shuffle step, lateral step, single-leg run, and double leg run. And you should also learn beginner tennis drills.

Another problem connected to the ball recognition. This usually happens on the starting level, they don’t judge the ball, whether it is a short or a long shot. 

To avoid this, recognize the ball early and be in the right position, knowing that the ball is deep or short. Besides this, adjust your feet, and return the shot in the proper way. 

3 – Pushing Short Balls And Running Back

Pushing Short Balls And Running Back is one of big tennis mistakes

This is 3rd most common tennis mistake. In the court, pushing short balls and then running back to the original position is a waste of time and energy. Players tend to return the shots quickly from near the net before it strikes according to their own speed. This is what you should avoid.

Let’s see how the players make mistakes in this sense, precisely. So, they run faster towards the ball in spite of maintaining their own position and preparing for the return. And after doing this, they make an effort to return to the original position for striking another shot. 

You can avoid making this mistake. Prepare yourself for every shot by staying in the right position behind the baseline. And wait for the turn, do not force yourself to beat the shots earlier by getting close to the central line.  

4 – Losing Focus On The Ball

In tennis, to return the shot properly, your hand and eyes connection is the most vital thing. The lack of focus on the ball makes them lose the points.

After your hitting turn, remain active and note the ball direction. Do not just settle down your feet; keep bouncing on the toes. But your eyes must be erect on the ball. Stay sharp and maintain a high level of concentration. In fact, you should study the best ways of hitting the tennis ball.

Losing Focus On The Ball is the reason to tennis mistakes

Additionally, to win the tennis game, you have to make good shots consistently. But you can’t be able to continue the consistency unless you keep up the focus on the ball. Generally, the players become incautious after smashing some good shots and lose attention to the opponent’s triumph. 

In order to avoid this mistake, stay highly attentive in court. And treat every shot in the same way. You will definitely conquer the court.

5 – Going Down The Line All The Time

Some players go down the line a lot of times instead of keeping the ball crosscourt. That’sThat’s how they get in the situation where they constantly beat hard flat balls down the line. Whereas the opponent is going to make a move more effectively. 

Besides, this way of going down the line also drains your energy. Because you are doing non-essential movements. So instead of moving down the line, prepare yourself according to the ball position. And keep an eye on the opponent’s bang.

By remaining in your preparatory phase, and bouncing the feet, wait for the return of the shot. Run down the line if it is required and when you don’t have an option.

Further, this mistake is correlated with the shot selection. Don’tDon’t go for the shot at the wrong time. Going for the short shots will make the chances of more mistakes. Also, stay away from beating the small targets because you will have to go down the line too much. And again, this is one of the big tennis mistakes.

6 – Mental Game

Mental Game is important to avoid tennis mistakes

The most crucial factor that affects your tennis and can cause errors is your mental game. Most players make this mistake while playing the game. Especially when they make double faults in tennis, this is total because of tension and lack of mental attention.

In addition to your physical condition, your mental condition also plays an important role in losing or winning the game. It happens mostly that physically we are super active but tired mentally.

And we know we are not going to make it in the court. This is the time you need to free your mind instead of forcing yourself on the game. 

Besides, you can only keep up the focus and concentration when you are keen on the game. Otherwise, you are just beating around the bushes, which won’t let you win the court. 

So what you can do to avoid this? To fight your anxiety and mental issues, move around the court and try some mini tennis. This is not guaranteed, but there are maximum chances that by doing this, you will be in shape for the game.

7 – Not Using Tennis Machines

Tennis machines are the best way to learn to play tennis effectively and you have many options in choosing amazing tennis machines like portable tennis machines and even you can compare before selecting tennis machine for example tennis tutor vs Lobster.

When you start playing tennis you should use tennis machines because this will help you to stay consistent and play any time anywhere.

Tennis Mistakes are Fatal

Tennis mistakes make you lose on the court and that is a fact no one can deny of it. However, the worst thing happens when you continuously keep doing these mistakes consciously or subconsciously.

When you do not think of getting into the next level of tennis and keep doing what you know, that is what we call fatal. Because tennis games and all other games are evolving in phenomenal ways. you have to keep growing otherwise your consistent tennis mistakes will be fatal for your passion.

How to Remove Tennis Faults

It is not that simple the way it sounds. To remove tennis mistakes from your game, you have to work on them every day. You have to recognize those mistakes and instantly take action against removing them and doing good oppositely.

This is the only way to remove your tennis fault. There is an old saying, the first step of solving a problem is knowing there is a problem. I think you have gotten the answer.

Why Focusing on Tennis Mistakes is Essential

When you are only focusing on the tennis games and learning all the time, you forget to know where are you lacking and what are your weaker points. You have to analyze your losing points and know what major tennis mistakes are you doing and when you do those tennis faults. When you get to know those mistakes. Now is the time to solve them.

There is a simple technique that I use. When you go to play tennis, pay some tennis expert for 1 or two hours to come and watch your tennis game. That tennis expert will let you know your tennis mistakes and also will suggest to you how to solve those. You must have to keep eye on your tennis errors.

Do Tennis Coaches make mistakes?

This might sound like a little weird question. But let me tell you. No one in this world is perfect. If you study the most successful tennis players in history you will know that they did so many tennis mistakes while they were at the peak of their careers.

However, the best thing about professional tennis players/tennis coaches is they keep evolving and learning about their mistakes and correcting them every day. That is why they get success lately but surely.

Making tennis mistakes is common. We all do mistakes, but not correcting them is a big issue. All of us need to correct our mistakes in tennis or in life in order to get ahead in life and become real heroes.

QNA Regarding Tennis Mistakes

Tennis players especially newbies face some common tennis mistakes like, mishitting the shots and not hitting the shots at the center of the racquet.

A player needs proper guidance and coaching to avoid making mistakes. You have to play tennis consistently to know the best way of playing tennis and keep in mind whatever you learn and do not repeat those mistakes.

Yes! When you make tennis mistakes that means you are learning. Making tennis mistakes means you are trying to learn. The old saying is the first step to solving the problem is knowing the problem. The same rule applies here.

Yes! they make mistakes as well. But they learn from those mistakes and never repeat them again that is the best way to evolve in their game.


Almost all players make tennis mistakes while playing. The fact is you can’t get rid of the mistakes completely. But after reading this article and judging yourself regarding this piece of information. You can at least reduce the mistakes and upgrade your game. 

The key point is the more you play, the more excellence you will get. So in order to avoid these mistakes, play not repeat these mistakes often. And this is the only way to eradicate them. 

Don’t prefer the old or new techniques. Use only the right technique that your coach or an elite-level player recommends to you. Proper grips and a high concentration level will definitely make you win the game.

Also, get yourself aware of the court positioning and play accurately regarding the baseline and central line. That’sThat’s how you can stay away from committing errors like going down the line too much.

If you want to consult more about the improvement of your game. You can get our services by just sending us an email. We are here to guide the passionate players. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask by commenting down below.

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