Amazing Tennis Ball Machine Drills (Intense workout)

All tennis players know that tennis ball machine drills are the best way for improving their game and improving their training. The good news is that there are many types of drills that you can do to improve your stroke.

In order to become a master at a particular stroke, you must practice it repeatedly on a tennis machine. Nevertheless, there are many fantastic drills that you can practice at your own pace and train your muscles and your mindset to become an expert in that stroke.

You will thank me later if you read the following drills and practice them in your daily routine. So, let’s get started. First, let’s understand how tennis drills help our bodies. 


Tennis Ball Machine Workout

People who practice tennis using the fastest ball machine four times a week have the perfect body shape and do not need to go to the gym to work out. This is why tennis as well as all sports is encouraged all the time, and all athletes are the best example of this. Don’t worry you can have tennis machines for under 1000 dollars as well.

In any case, the point is that when you practice your specific drills on a daily basis, you will become better at playing that stroke as well as be in better shape. Moreover, it has many benefits for your health.

So, here we have tennis ball machine drills that are most talked about among tennis players. Because tennis machines are one of the best on the market to practice with every day. Stick with it to know about tennis machine drills.
Here we go, 

Basic Tennis Ball Machine Drills

What drills to do in your tennis game?

Drills play a really important role in being a master at any stroke. That will enable you to have a strong grasp of stroke and gain essential skills.

What types of drills can you practice on a tennis ball machine?

The answer is 8 drills one can practice using the tennis ball machine. However, if you practice these drills perfectly you will see a massive change in your game.

  • Centre Forehand
  • Centre Backhand 
  • The cross-court forehand with recovery
  • Backhand crosscourt with recovery
  • Crosscourt backward forehand 
  • Crosscourt backward backhand 
  • High forehand volleys 
  • High backhand volleys

You have to pay a lot of money if you hire a coach to do this. Because of this, I always recommend getting a tennis machine, which is a long-term investment and the best decision. 

Now let’s talk about other tennis drills that are most common among tennis players.

If you break down the words, these are not just drills but lessons for you as well. The tennis consistency drill, for instance, has meaning in itself. 

This is what we’ve got. 

Tennis Consistency Drills

You may have heard that consistency is the key…right? 

I see the same thing here, too. Then you must analyze the weakest points and plan to work on those drills every day at the same location.

Make sure you practice these drills every day. There is no doubt that you will improve and you will make the best use of tennis ball machines with this drill.

Tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal seem to have a strong grasp of their strokes.

Do you know why? 

Because they use a thousand times the practicing formula. If you are not familiar with this formula let me tell you. 

The goal is to find one weak point and practice it a thousand times, and if you still don’t see any improvement, go again another thousand times until you become the best. 

Consistency is a powerful force. 

Furthermore, many people ask if we adopt the semi-western forehand grip to play tennis drills. The answer is you can use any grip which is comfortable for you.

Forehand Tennis Drills

Tennis forehand drills

Let’s discuss what forehand tennis drills are. Forehand shots are performed by hitting the ball from the right-hand palm facing the ball. This is one of the most acceptable tennis ball machine drills.

There are only a few tennis players who rehearse the weak forehand drill. Those who are weak at drilling forehand shots are either left-handed or have no experience in tennis; otherwise, this is the first and easiest drill to master. 

In order to learn the drills, however, you must first know the complete instructions on how to play tennis.

Tennis Volley Drills

Here we have a drill with good forehand and backhand skills. Volley drills involve players hitting a tennis ball repeatedly without waiting for a rest. People who are just starting out wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. However, even a newbie can try this.

You have nothing to lose. 

In terms of tennis ball machine drills, there is no specific difference. All tennis players practice the same drills.

High-intensity Tennis Drills

Man, this is the drill I like to practice. It’s the toughest drill I’ve ever encountered. Those of you who have played tennis for a long time like me and are developed players will be able to take it. Otherwise, it will be difficult. 

How do you do this? Let me explain. 

For high-intensity tennis drills, you need the tennis machine to run at a fast speed and at a high frequency with random oscillations. Do you understand? Honestly, this is one of the hardest drills to play. Tennis drills involving high intensity should be accompanied by warm-up exercises

Advanced Tennis Ball Machine Drills

1 – Speed Improving Drills

A tennis machine is an ideal equipment which will improve your speed. You must focus on improving your speed because speed matters when it comes to being the most skilled tennis player.

Put your tennis machine on the opposite side of the court and customize it to random oscillations with fast speed. At least, you should put it on 60 mph of speed with a feed rate of 4 to 12 seconds. After this, all you will do is run from right to lift and vice versa. This tennis machine drill will make you get the speed and make an amazing shot.

The second most effective way to improve speed in tennis is keeping the tennis machine at the lift corner of the baseline. After that keep the machine throwing balls in a straight direction merely. You have to stand on the right side in opposite direction. Now, you have to hit the ball and come back to your original location. Repeat this drill every day for one week and see the massive difference in your speed.

2 – Game Improving Drills

You have to go through some technical techniques to get good skills. In order to enhance game drills, you have to master topspin and backspins. Furthermore, you have to be a master at facing high and low tennis shots while running from lift to right and vice versa.

If you have good experience of playing tennis you are lucky to read this. But if you have just started the game then you have to go through some very basic tennis strokes to learn them first and then face all these machine drills together to become the tennis beast.

Moreover, you have to be consistent and willing to go through some tough training just for the sake of learning good tennis ball machine drills.

3 – Regular Baseline Drills

This tennis machine drill is one of my favorites. All you got to do is put the machine at the center of the court touching the baseline. Put the random oscillations on. Now, you have to stand in the middle of the baseline on the opposite side of the machine. The trick is when the machine throws you a ball you have to run and the ball and then come back to your original position.

4 – Stamina Improving Drills

Stamina-improving drills are one of the toughest and most tiring tennis machine drills. If you go through this drill you will become the toughest and strongest tennis player. During playing this tennis drill you have to get a good diet as well.

Stamina-improving tennis machine drills demand you to put the machine at the center of the court and put in on random oscillation and at max speed. The trick is, that you have to hit the shot and jump and then run toward the net, touch it, and run back to baseline. You have to repeat this process after every shot.

5 – Marathon Drills

This tennis machine drill is the most powerful and tiring. During the Marathon drill, you have to set your tennis machine on through random oscillation and customize it through your random topspin and backspin. Between each shot, you have to run from your position to take a round at one side of the court and hit the shot again. When you hit more than 20 shots, take some time to rest and do this again.

6 – Pac-Man Drills

Pac-man tennis drills are the way of playing tennis which will really make you the most amazing tennis player. All you need to do is put your tennis machine at the center of the baseline and customize it to feed you balls anywhere on the half side of the court. Those shots should be topspin, backspin, high, and lob. You have to stand in the center on the baseline and when you hit the ball you have to return back to the center of the baseline. This is the most tiring and fatiguing tennis machine drill but worth it.

When you will play a tennis game against the most experienced opponent, you will find it easy to conquer.

Best Tennis Machine Drills

We have discussed all basic and advanced tennis machine drills. Now, let me tell you the best drills from all the drills we have learned.

  • Tennis Volley Drills
  • High-intensity Tennis Drills
  • Marathon Drills

These tennis machine drills are really essential and have a huge impact on my own tennis game. That is what I would highly recommend to my all readers.

Difference Between Tennis Ball Machine Drills vs Coach Thrown drills

Tennis ball machine drills vs coach-thrown drills are a very debatable topic. Some tennis players will say they become the best player because they had a coach who helped them to learn tennis drills. While other players would say they got tennis machine that is why they are too good at it.

In reality, Tennis machine drills are the best. Because you don’t have to ask or pay for anyone’s time and you can learn and play at your own pace. You know what? All you need to do is watch some youtube videos to learn about tennis machine drills and then you can play on your own.

The coach will ask you to pay him/her high and they will also give you limited time. On the other side, the machine wouldn’t ask you to pay but you will have unlimited time.
Tennis machines give you more than 18 kinds of dills to learn and play.

Tennis machines make it easy for you to play and rehearse any stroke again until you become perfect at it. On the other side, the coach will just teach you and then tell you to play on your own with your partner.

How to learn Tennis machine Drills?

To learn tennis machine drills, you need to watch the tennis game of the most famous tennis players like Navjot and others. Watching them and observing them will let you know the game in depth. After that, you have learned from this article. Still, if you have some ambiguities you can go on youtube and learn from there as well.

Which Drill is the best for you?

There are all the most important tennis drills. One shouldn’t just hold on to a single tennis drill and keep holding on to that. First of all, you have to learn about all the tennis drills, and then you should go one by one to master them. There is your success lies.

Another way, you can divide your tennis program into your own routine. For example, you keep playing a single drill for one week and next week go for another tennis machine drill.

Why Tennis Machines are so essential to get an expert in tennis?

Tennis machines have become so essential factor nowadays to become an expert in a tennis game. Because tennis machines are enough for anyone who is willing to have good play time and get all amazing tennis skills.

  • Tennis machines give you the independence to play tennis.
  • Tennis machines make you an expert.
  • It can take your game to next level
  • It helps to improve specific stroke
  • Tennis machines are rich in throwing you balls in all directions.


Tennis ball machine drills are the perfect solution if you are desperate to improve your tennis game. However, tennis machines are the only solution to have such experiences and get all those experiences if you want to get better at tennis like hell. 

Make sure you learn amazing intense volleys hitting techniques by practicing every day. Regardless of how good you become at tennis, you should never stop learning.

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