8 Best Tennis Practice Machines (Training & Serving)

Performing on the court in front of your special one or friend, means you have to impress everyone. If you want to achieve that goal, you must play with the best tennis practice machines every day.

So, with no disturbance to friends, get one of these machines and practice every day to improve your tennis abilities, making you a more versatile tennis player.

Best tennis practice machines

We have experienced multiple machines, and below you will find only those machines made to practice hard and rehearse on your own. Each of these machines has its own unique functions for the best training. All you need to do now is decide which best machine suits your needs.

All right, let’s dive in.

Reviews of Best Tennis Practice Machines begin here

Make sure to go through all reviews to not miss anything and choose the tennis coaching machine which has all the qualities to give you a fantastic practice on the court.

1. SPIN SHOT 2: Best Tennis practice Machine

It is a great choice for all levels of tennis players. No matter how much experience you have or how new you are, you can still learn something new. 

Even though it has all the features of the original first model, this +2 model also has greater functionality, including a mobile app for ease during training, which I found very useful to control vertical and horizontal oscillations.

Mobile App Interface

Mobile App Interface of tennis training ball machine

Using this machine, we have discovered that we can practice and train hard to become great players. If you want to prepare with a tennis machine, you need a good feed rate including oscillation as well as a lot of playing time. isn’t?

This practicing machine is the answer.

You want to improve your specific stroke to practice again and again with the same speed and same frequency until you master it… right?

Spinshot 2 allows you to practice very well and even you can master the strong volleys as well.

Structure of Best Tennis Practice Machine:

Structure of Best Tennis Practice Machine:

Spinshot only has one green color, you have no option to choose. Furthermore, you will notice that this tennis practicing machine has a very comfortable handle to navigate.

As compared to other machines, this is the only machine that has a rectangle shape and you have the option to close the ball hopper when you are done practicing, that will make it even smaller in size.

If we talk about navigation, you will find it very smooth to move because the wheel is covered by soft rubber which makes this training machine easy to maneuver.

It’s time to check the specifications of the machine,

Key Specification

  • Ball Capacity: 120
  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Feed Rate: 2- 10 sec
  • Speed: Up to 68 MPH
  • Control: Panel, remote, app
  • power: up to 6 hrs
  • Drills: 12
 Best Tennis practice Machine

What We Like

  • Good for practicing
  • 3 ways to control
  • High programmability
  • Easy to move
  • Comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 150 ball capacity
  • Difficult to learn to program the drills for the first time.

What Makes This Machine a Good one for Practicing?

First of all, this machine is really good at programming and customizing the second thing is 68mph speed which makes this one the beast in practicing tennis programs.

In my opinion, this one is the favorite of 90% of great tennis players because it got all the positive and amazing factors to stand out from all.

2. LOBSTER E-2: Super Coach Tennis Ball Machine

If you intend to practice hard volleys to master the court, this super coach machine would definitely be a good match. The most pleasing thing about this machine is it has triple oscillation.

Nonetheless, I found this machine interesting because we can control its actions using a remote control. Imagine how convenient it is to control the ball’s speed, spin, and feed rate without having to run towards it.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about power when you are on tour. Because this machine is going to serve the balls for about 6-8 hours. The prime characteristic of this machine is its sizzling speed of 80 mph.

No matter your tennis level, this tennis practice machine will definitely improve your reaction time and foot speed.

Furthermore, this super coach will improve your forehand or backhand, boost your smashes, lobs, or volleys, and make you a next-level player.

Structure of the Super Coach tennis Machine

Structure of the Super Coach tennis Machine

Actually, I am not happy with the handles of this machine because I always feel perspiration in my hands while moving the machine. However, you can close the ball hopper, and also the handle is closeable too.

Besides, it has the distinctive feature of being lightweight, only 42 pounds; wanna go to play outside, just wrap it up and take it wherever you want.

Alright, Let’s move to the specification of the machine.

Key Specification

  • Speed: 10 to 80 MPH
  • Ball Capacity: 150
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Playtime: 4 -8 hrs
  • Control: Remote, panel
  • Speed: 80 MPH
  • Oscillation: Vertically, Random, Horizontal
Best tennis practice machine

What We Like

  • Perfect for practicing
  • Anyone can practice with it
  • Good wheels to maneuver
  • Becomes small in shape by removing the ball hopper
  • Good looking

What We Don’t Like

  • The handle is not that comfortable

What Makes this Super Coach a Good Tennis Practicing Machine?

This super coach is perfect partner for tennis practices because this is made for all level of tennis players even if you have no idea what is a tennis game or if you know eveything about tennis. In both cases this machine will be amazing for rehearsing the tennis.

Furthermore, you will find out the good play timing on a single charge including enough ball capacity and oscillations.

Any tennis machine which brings ease in your tennis routine is best partner to practice tennis and this machine is the one.

3. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine Gun

This tennis ball machine gun is the exact match of the spin shot 2. Because this tennis ball rehearsal is good for practicing as well. It will help in improving your stroke and your forehand grip.

But I found the feature of fully programmable drills the most intriguing. Because this machine has 12 programmable exercises and you are going to have a variety of shots.

Another most attractive feature of this machine is its free phone remote app that lets you control it far from the court.

Structure of Tennis Ball Machine Gun:

Structure of Tennis Ball Machine Gun

A rectangular tennis machine gun that has built-in oscillations and has also one option of green color. This tennis practicing machine will help you improve your game as the best teacher.

You need to program the drills and face them again and again for better rehearsing.

Despite having a good ball capacity of 120 balls, this is also a lightweight machine of about 38lbs that can be with you even on your family picnics.

The primary best thing about this tennis machine gun is its oscillation facet; you can make any oscillation indisputably.

Another best thing is you can adjust shots on your level. This machine allows you to customize your own drills. Moreover, its adjustable weight and ravishing shape are going to grab everyone’s attention at the court.

cool! check the specifications,

Key Specification

  • Drills: 12 programable
  • Speed: 68 MPH
  • Feed Rate: 2 – 10 sec
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Ball Capacity: 120
  • Control: app, panel
Tennis Ball Machine Gun

What We Like

  • Easy to move
  • Good looking
  • Durable
  • Anyone can play with it
  • Highly customizable

What We Don’t Like

  • Max ball capacity 120

What Makes this Tennis Ball Machine Gun a Good Tennis Practicing Machine?

This ball machine gun has a 12 programable drills and this has easy navigations process which makes your practices comfortable. That is why this machine is best choice for tennis practices.

4. Lobster E-1: Tennis Ball Firing Machine

This firing machine will help you to practice your foot works and be the best player by having random oscillations and putting the machine at an 80mph fast speed. Lobster is one of the good-rated machines in all market places.

When you start practicing with this machine continuously you will have a good backhand and forehand grip. Because this machine is the best example of teaching.

Don’t bother if you don’t know how to play or already have some experience; this training machine will make you win in the court.

Although it has many appreciable features, I fall for it because of its ball capacity of 150 balls with only 42 lbs weight. Look how cool it is, small weight with that 150 ball capacity. Its large wheels will help you to get it anywhere conveniently.

Furthermore, if you are looking for machines that have the full package like pockets and look like a bag when you close it, you must check Slinger Machine reviews.

Structure of Tennis Ball Firing Machine

Tennis Ball Firing Machine structure

If we talk about the voice, It has a little voice that is not going to disturb you are anyone around you.

In addition to its manual oscillation, it has a good ball speed of 20 – 80 mph. one more thing, this machine doesn’t have a built-in oscillator. The machine moves entirely when starts throwing the ball in different directions.

Here you should take a look, when you put this machine in a car.

The prime benefit of this machine is good practice. So when you are on the court and want to play more, don’t worry; this machine will serve you for an additional 4 to 8 hours. Which is more than enough to have play time on a single day.

Key Specification

  • Speed: 10 to 80mph
  • Playtime: 4 to 8 hours
  • Feed rate: 10 to 12 sec
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Control: remote, panel
  • Weight: 42 lbs
Tennis Ball Firing Machine

What We Like

  • Best for all level players
  • Good looking
  • Very easy to move
  • Good playtime on a single charge
  • Ball capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • Max speed is 80mph

What Makes this Tennis Ball firing machine a Good Tennis Practicing equipment?

When you are totally in the form to hit hard volleys and you want to make your day spectacular and you also have to go near the machine for customization every time. It is a disaster because you will be frustrated and angry sometimes.

What if you get a machine that will allow you a remote controller to control the machine from another side of the court? Will this make your practicing much easier?

Yes! it will. You will find it good tennis practice machine.

5. FXEEXD: Tennis Rehearsing Machine

Tennis Rehearsing Machine structure

If you struggle with consistency and want to make your strokes more powerful by practicing every day, then this machine is perfect for you.

The greatest thing about this hitting machine is its automatic throwing feature that works so accurately. If you ask me, I bought this because of its simple setup and portative size of only 4 lbs.

This training ball gun has a distinctive feature of throwing balls at a wide range from 5 to 10 feet, and it is best for any level player.

Furthermore, the best thing about this machine is its feeding characteristic of up to 900 balls per hour. Additionally, it gives feed precisely and releases balls after every 4 seconds.

You will definitely improve your consistency by receiving the feeds from this machine accurately. And you are going to expert the forehand, backhand, short balls, and volleys drills.

Besides, this is a revolutionary machine for all ages. So wherever you are going, this light-weighted companion can easily adjust in the back seat of your car.

Key Specification

  • Speed: 12mph
  • Ball capacity: 10 balls
  • Feed rate: 4 sec
  • Control: panel
  • Playtime: 5 to 7 hrs
Tennis Rehearsing Machine

What We Like

  • Very light in weight
  • Good for practicing
  • Enough playing hours
  • Good feed rate

What We Don’t Like

  • Ball capacity 10

What Makes this Tennis Rehearsing Machine is a Good Tennis Practicing one?

This tennis rehearsing machine is not really good for all tennis essentials but it will help you in two ways. One, you will be able to get good at practicing specific strokes and 2nd thing is playing time on a single charge.

6. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine

Spinshot Lite tennis training machine

Of all the machines in the stock, I found this one of the best tennis practice machine lights with its square shape and an extendable handle. It is only 25 lbs, it won’t bother you so take it wherever you want to.

This tennis ball serving machine is specifically designed for training and rehearsing. In addition to its maximum speed of 60 mph, it has a straightforward remote control option.

Its distinctive features include flexible power options and smartwatch remote control making it the best training ball gun. Furthermore, with all this convenience, this machine is going to give you a horizontal oscillation too.

The best training machine with remote control and flexible power option, what else do you need?

Its gleaming metal design is going to shine on the court. Furthermore, this training ball machine has an external battery connection. So when you are on the court and want to play for extra time, you can use multiple batteries for playing for hours constantly.

Key Specification

  • Ball Capacity: 50 balls
  • Feed rate: 2 to 12 sec
  • Speed: 60 mph
  • playtime: 6 hours
  • Control: panel
  • Weight: 37 lbs
Tennis training machine

What We Like

  • Very lightweight
  • Anyone can play it
  • Easy to navigate
  • Affordable and customizable
  • Comfortable handle

What We Don’t Like

  • Max ball capacity is 50

What Makes this Tennis Training Machine Good for Rehearsing?

This Training machine is a good example of a machine that will help you to rehearse your game more efficiently. It gives 6 hours of playtime on a single charge and the lightweight adds a little more weight to make it a good tennis training machine.

7. AnBt Tennis Serving Machine

AnBt Tennis Serving Machine structure

Presenting another best tennis Serving machine is also one of the cheapest machines for you to practice yourself whenever you want, wherever you want.

This spectacular machine has a range of 2.4m/7.87 feet. I found it most interesting that this machine has two power supply ways and can operate for 6-7 hours.

When you are outside, use its 4 type D batteries, and when inside, just plugged in it and start playing.

Other prime features of this machine are its precise and efficient feed and a good 30-ball capacity. Furthermore, this machine’s exercises are not limited; you can practice forehand, backhand, baseline, volleys, and footwork.

And you know what?

You are going to have all these benefits with just 2.18kg/4.8lbs weight.

This machine’s parts can be separate, so carrying it anywhere is not a challenging task. Just disassemble its parts, pack them in the bag and leave.

Key Specification

  • Ball Capacity: 30 balls
  • Feed rate: every 4 sec
  • Weight: 4.81 lbs
  • Power: Chargeable
  • Control: Panel
AnBt Tennis Serving Machine

What We Like

  • Good machine for all ages to have good practice
  • Very light in weight
  • Easy to walk while holding it
  • Low price

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for pro tennis players

What Makes AnBt Tennis Serving Machine a Good Practicing one?

Honestly, this is the second machine that is not made to make you a pro tennis guy. However, those who are struggling with the toughness of weak strokes will take benefit from it and this machine can be good for practicing your strokes.

8. Playmate: Top Rehearsing Equipment.

Playmate: Top Rehearsing Equipment.

We have another best tennis rehearsing machine to practice and give you the real contest feeling. This machine has an efficient power of about 6 hours.

I have been using this tennis training machine for many years because it has aluminum material that is non-rusty.

Another best feature is its ball capacity of 200 balls, so turn it on and play an abundant number of balls.

In addition to forehand and backhand practices, this machine has an ideal feature to improve your topspin and backspin. Moreover, because of its compact setup, you can easily store it and take it with you whenever you want to play outdoor.

Furthermore, this tennis practicing machine has a remote control option that will make it a piece of cake for you.

Let’s check the specification,

Key Specification

  • Feed Rate: 2 to 12sec
  • playtime: 6 hours per charge
  • Ball Capacity: 200 balls
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Control: panel
  • Speed: 80mph
Playmate: Top Rehearsing Equipment.

What We Like

  • Good handles to move
  • Highly customizable
  • One year of warranty
  • Up to 200 ball capacity
  • Anyone can use it

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bit high in price

How Playmate Rehearsing Machine can be the best option for Tennis training?

This machine is the best option for your tennis programs because it has a 200-ball capacity including good playtime on a single charge and 80mph speed making this machine ideal for tennis training.

Buying Guide, To Select Best Tennis Practice Machines

If you go through all the headings below, you will be able to choose one of the best tennis practice machines that will give you a fantastic tennis experience.

BALL CAPACITY: Having a machine with amazing functions but not good ball capacity means big failure. Normally a machine comes with a ball capacity of 30 to 300. But you have to get a machine which meets your level. For example, if you have good experience in playing tennis, you must choose a machine with at least 100 ball capacity to avoid disturbance during massive volleys.

SPEED: Well, let’s talk about ball speed. Here you need to pay attention. If you are just a starter and just a kid, you should choose a machine that has low speed, but I would say that the person who has good experience in playing tennis must go for the machine above 60 mph speed.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 1. The remote control is one of the fine features of the tennis machine, which makes it easy to change the drills from another side of the court. But you can compromise on it. It is not necessary.

2. App controller is another best function that allows you to control the oscillation from far.


BEST tennis practice machine infographics

QNA Related Best Tennis Practice Machines

Tennis ball machines allow you to play any time anywhere and you do not have to wait for anyone to play tennis that is why tennis machines are really important to play tennis.

Yes! when you have tennis machines and you also have a very busy schedule of work. You make a timetable to play tennis and here are tennis machines which will be there at that time to give you good tennis practice. Tennis machines are very beneficial to make your tennis routine consistent.

There are many ways where you can practice tennis, few are here like, hitting the ball against the wall and another best way to practice tennis by yourself is having a tennis ball machine.

Yes! practicing with tennis machines is a full-body workout, you can see that a person who plays tennis gets involved all in like running, jumping, hitting the ball, and moving fast from right to left. This is why a tennis machine is good to practice tennis and have a good body shape.


That’s all folks. We have delivered our best to make you choose the best tennis practice machines. That’s all, folks. We have delivered our best to make you choose the best practice tennis ball machines.

One of the key points is to make sure to keep the machine clean after playing every match. Furthermore, I am sure that you will take your game to the next level after having one of such amazing machines. So have a good practice and healthy life.

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