Best Tennis Ball Machines For Dogs

You are reading this because you have dogs and looking for a machine to through balls for dogs to fetch. Well, here we have cool tennis ball machines for dogs which will be good for your dog and for you as well.

Many dogs love to fetch balls and this is an amazing experience for dogs. According to recent research, dogs love fetching more than any other game. So, what else do you need than a tennis machine to throw balls for them and entertain them?

There are many balls throwing machines but here we have got a nice and reasonable machine which will give you an excellent experience.

Let’s get to it.


List of Best Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

  • PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher
  • Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster
  • Hyper pet Launcher
  • iFetch Ball Launcher
  • Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Before jumping into an in-depth review check our Choice out of all dog ball machines.

Why You Need Best Dog Ball Launchers

Tennis machines play an important role when it comes to getting one for dogs. Every dog lover should have tennis machines for dogs. Because your dog will have a good time playing tennis and you will be happy making your dog enjoyable.

We are all busy in our lives, So it becomes tough when you have a busy schedule and your dog wants to play with you. Here come tennis machines that will keep your puppy busy and in a while, you can complete your tasks. That is why you need a tennis machine for your dog.

Furthermore, you should get the tennis practicing machine for yourself as well for example Tennis twist or any other fastest tennis machine and you and your dog can have fun together.

Best Dog Ball Launchers Reviews

1 – PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Petsafe is a very interactive and fully automatic ball thrower for dogs. This ball thrower is designed to make your four-footer have fun and stay fit by running behind the balls and fetching.

You can have this pet safe if you want a dog tennis ball thrower that has 9 distances and 6 angle settings. One of the cool things is you don’t need any specific place for your dog to play with this machine. Your dog can play with this anywhere whether at home or outside.

petsafe automamtic ball launcher

I have two dogs and let both of them busy with only this one. You have to train your dog to put the ball back into the machine. This dog tennis launcher has a safe motion sensor and a very calm handle to pick the machine and move. You wouldn’t feel any weight while moving even for an hour.

However, you have to make sure to keep the machine on a plain surface so it wouldn’t fall aside. Otherwise, the dogs will not be able to put the balls in the ball hooper properly and that would be a very poor experience.

Furthermore, this dog ball thrower has a speaker and a sensor that reaches 7 feet and that is what makes this machine different from all other puppy ball throwers. When it throws balls for long hours this machine stops automatically to let the dogs rest. After that, you have to turn it on again and it wouldn’t be turned on automatically.

petsafe ball launcher

Key Specifications:

  • Ball throws: 8-30 feet
  • 9 distance settings
  • 6 angle settings
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Motion sensor
  • Calm Handle
  • Speaker
  • All breed size


  • It has automatically sleeping option
  • It has 9 multiple distance settings
  • All dog breeds can play with this
  • This is waterproof


  • Max ball capacity
  • When it turns off automatically you have to turn it on manually.

2 – Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster: Tennis Ball Machine Dog Toy

Nerf tennis machine is best to keep your dogs entertained and happy for long hours. this machine can throw balls up to 35 feet. You can use tennis balls and any other type of ball which should be the same sized as tennis balls.

If we talk about ball capacity it only allows you to have 3 to 4 balls. However, the ease of using this machine is keep you relaxed if you can not throw balls so far.

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster: Tennis Ball Machine Dog Toy

Nerf is the best entertainment for you and your dog. Furthermore, it is also so easy to use, just pull back the handle, load the balls, and locate the area where you want to throw.

Key Specifications

  • This machine can shoot balls up to 35 feets
  • To throw balls you just need to pull the trigger.
  • You will have 3 balls that came with the dog launcher

Infographics of Dog Ball Launcher

Infographics of Dog Ball Launcher


  • You and your dog, both have fun
  • Those who can not throw balls far will enjoy this.
  • You don’t need to use hand-loading balls


  • Noisy sometimes

Outlook of Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Outlook of Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster for dogs

3 – Hyper pet Launcher: Best For Australian Cattle Dogs

As compared to Nerf this machine merely hold balls up to 2 balls but it works the same as other tennis ball machine for dogs. Hyper allows you to throw balls to 20 feet.

All you need is a tennis ball or same-sized ball and pull the trigger back for action and that’s it. The hand freeloading machine helps both the dog and the man entertained.

Infographic of Hyper Pet Launcher

infographics of hyper per launcher

Key Specifications

  • Comes in 3 sizes: – Mini, Combo pack, and full size
  • Dimensions: 24 inches in L, 7.38 inches in W, and 3 inches in Height.
  • Dog Breed: Small Dogs
  • Brand: Hyper Pet
  • Style: K2


  • This is a great source of fun for dogs.
  • Very easy and simple to operate
  • Hands-free pickup
  • Comfort Grip
  • Easy to put anywhere
  • Very lightweight
  • Made up of strong plastic
  • Convenient in throwing balls
  • Helps in building a strong bond between you and your dog
  • Easy to load balls
  • Adjustable distance


  • This doesn’t have the capacity to hold more balls within itself.
Hyper pet Launcher: Best For Australian Cattle Dogs

This dog ball launcher machine is good for entertainment but as far I think this will improve your dog’s health and make your puppy stronger and healthier and more active. Moreover, this has adjustable power and adjustable distance.

The best part of this one is you can throw balls while you lay down on the ground or you sitting standing whatever. you wouldn’t feel any hard push while pushing the trigger.

In my experience, I found this machine very convenient and friendly for both dog and you. When it comes to the sound this launcher makes while throwing the balls, it hears like when you clap, not more than that.

Outlook of Hyper pet Launcher

Hyper pet Launcher tennis machine

4 – iFetch Ball Launcher: Best machine for Small puppies

iFetch is one the coolest machine for dogs because it is rechargeable and the best thing about this is you do not have to pull the handle back or forth like the other machine Hyper and Nerf. This machine automatically throws the ball in the direction you give.

iFetch Ball Launcher: Best machine for Small puppies

However, the ball capacity is 3 and this machine throws balls up to 40 feet and that is the best way to keep your four-footer busy. There are three settings to throw balls 10 feet, 25 feet, and 40 feet.

All you need to do is put the machine on charging for 5 hours minimum before starting the action. However, the best part of this machine is its automation. For example, dogs fetch the ball and put it back in the machine and the machine again throws the ball. This goes on and on.

Infographics of Ifetch ball Launcher

Infographics of Ifetch ball Launcher

Key Specifications

  • Size: Small and Large
  • Breed: Small
  • Brand: I fetch
  • Launch Distance: 10 to 30 feet
  • Ball Capacity: 3 Balls


  • One year warranty
  • Four-footers can enjoy indoor and outdoor both
  • All kinds of dogs can play with this


  • Max ball capacity is 3

iFetch Ball Launcher Out Look

 iFetch dog Ball Launcher Out Look

If we talk about our experience, this is one of the most comfortable of the prior machines we have reviewed. Because you do not need to do anything like throwing balls or pushing the triggers etc.

All you need to do is, put 3 balls in it and it will throw itself. Moreover, you need to train your puppy to fetch the balls and bring them back and put them in the machine.

The best part of the machine is its ball hooper. It is made for the ease of dogs. When the dog put the ball in it, there is no chance of the ball falling out of it. And the bad part is, you can not use all kinds of balls. You have to get balls of 1.6-inch diameter exactly. Not more and not less.

Caring for iFetch Ball Launcher

There are the most important things you need to take care. Make sure to clean the balls and machine after every gameplay. If you don’t clean the balls and keep them dirty the machine will not be able to through your ball long distances.

You have to keep the balls clean and very new then the machine will work fine, otherwise you will see a decrease in ball throwing distance.

5 – Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Chuckit is the other best tennis ball machine to keep your dogs happy and entertaining including you. However, this machine throws up to 3 times far than your actual throwing distance by hand.

Let me inform you that this is not actually a machine like the others we have discussed above. This is just a kind of long and flexible handle which allows you to throw balls as far as you can.

Furthermore, no need to worry about picking balls and bending stuff, etc. This handle has a strong claws-type front end which makes it easy to pick balls without bending over.

Outlook of Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launcher of Dogs

Outlook of Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launcher of Dogs

Key Specification

  • Style: 26 inches Length
  • Breed: Medium
  • Brand: Chuckit
  • Ball Pick: Handfree / You pick with it.


  • You can through balls 3 times further
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Great exercises for your pet
  • Very flexible
  • Long


  • You can not hold more than one ball at a time
  • You can not enjoy it if you have pain in your arm

This Dog ball thrower is the best one for those who like to play with their dogs and have enough spare time. This dog ball launcher will help you throw balls 3 times far than a normal person can throw with a hand.

Nevertheless, It made my puppy very strong and healthy, and happy. Hopefully, you will experience this too.

Infographics of Chuckit Dog Ball Machine

Chuckit dog ball machine infographics

Buying Guide of Tennis Ball Machine for Dogs

After reading the review of tennis machines for dogs you must need to read this buying guide which will help you to get the right machine for your dogs.

You must know your dog’s nature and buy a tennis machine accordingly. After reading this entire buying guide you will be able to choose the best one.

Furthermore, this guide will be beneficial to know which machine to get and why.

So, let’s get right into it,

Ball Size

Ball size of dog ball launcher

When choosing a tennis machine you must understand your dog and the ball size. If you have a medium to a big dog then you can go for any tennis machine except I fetch. Because all tennis machines have a standard size of tennis machines.

On the other side, if you have a small puppy then you should only consider Ifetch tennis machine because this brand has a small ball size and is made for small dogs.

Ball Throwing Distance

dog ball throwing distance

Before choosing a tennis machine for your four-footer consider checking the distance of the machine. Some machines are built to throw balls from 10 to 50 feet and some machines throw balls from 10 to 30 feet. Now you have to decide which tennis machine is better for your puppy.

Playtime on a single charge

battery timing of dog ball launcher

Some dog tennis machines have 2 hours of playtime on a single charge and others have more than that. However, the ideal play time of a dog tennis machine is 2 to 3 hours.

Trained Dog Tennis Machines

There are tennis machines that are specially designed for trained dogs who can bring the ball back and put themself in the machine. If you have a trained dog then go for Ifetch automatic dogs ball launcher.

Untrained Dogs Ball launcher

On the other hand, there are tennis ball machines for those dogs who are not trained. For those dogs, you have to get a tennis machine that has at least a good ball capacity or a handy tennis machine. You have to throw the balls to the dog and the dog will fetch those balls back.

Benefits of Dog Ball Launchers

Tennis machines for dogs have four major benefits.

  • Tennis machines for dogs keep your puppy busy and happy.
  • Ball Launchers give good exercise to your dog.
  • when you want to spend some time with yourself ball launcher keeps your dog happy.
  • It is fun for you to watch the dog playing

Why You Should Trust Us

why you should trust us in dog ball machines?

For your kind information, we are experts in tennis machines for tennis players and fortunately, we love dogs and obviously we do have multiple best dog ball launchers for dogs.

Often I and my best friends go to visit and take our dogs with us. So, Dog Tennis launchers help us to do our own things too. As tennis machines keep the dogs happy and busy for a long time.

It’s been more than 6 years since me and my partners have dogs and we buy tennis launchers for them most often.

However, It’s been 6 years of experience in purchasing and experiencing tennis ball launchers for our dogs. We are amazing in choosing these machines for dogs because we have chosen more than 23 machines.

Furthermore, The dog ball launcher which we have recommended to you will bring convenience into your life. Because these machines have a good ball throwing speed and power to throw the ball for long distances.

How We’ve Chosen Tennis Machines for Dogs

We’ve chosen these dog launchers on the basis of my own experiences. I have purchased more tennis machines for my dogs and have great experience in getting dog ball launchers.

In the beginning, I had not any idea what to look for and I made many mistakes. For example, I was choosing a machine for my small puppy and I got a machine that was made for big dogs.

At 2nd time I choose a machine that was good for puppies and not for big dogs but I had a big dog this time. lol.

Nevertheless, let’s get to the point. how we choose dog ball launchers.

We buy machines for our dogs and we check if these machines are giving a good time to our dogs and have good playtime on a single charge and must have a compact size and able to throw balls a long distance.

We check ball speed, size, performance, ball throwing power, playtime on a single charge, and sometimes looks and beauty.

Difference Between Tennis Machines for Dogs and Machines for Athletes

Difference Between Tennis Machines for Dogs and Machines for Athletes

There is a huge difference between these tennis machines. First of all the launchers of dogs are much smaller in shape while tennis machines of athletes are bigger in size.

Tennis ball machines for dogs are just made to through balls at a certain speed at particular distances. On the other side, the tennis machines for men are made much more complicated. You will have multiple options like customizations, oscillations, and navigational functions, including topspin and backspin.

When choosing machines for dogs you wouldn’t need to check navigational functions. But if you want to choose a machine for men you will have to check navigational functions. Because tennis machines for men need to have good wheels and handles to maneuver the machine.

Why Tennis Machines for Dogs are Important?

You do not need to have a tennis ball launcher for your dog ever. But if you are a man who loves dogs and also wants that your dog shouldn’t bother you. then you should consider a dog ball launcher.

When you are a busy person and you go out or you play in your own garden with your dog. You can only give some time to your dos not more than that. Now you need to focus on your own things. So, you become confused, about how to handle this all. Here comes the importance of a dog ball launcher.

Now, you have a good dog ball machine and your dog will enjoy and play happily alone without disturbing you and you can do your own stuff comfortably.

Train your Dog to play with Tennis Ball Machines

teach your dog to play tennis

If you have learned a lot about tennis ball launchers for dogs and now you are confused about how to teach your dog to play tennis with a tennis machine?

Well, it’s quite simple than you are thinking.

Unfortunately, you will have to give time to your dog to teach and make good practice. Every day 2 to 3 hours are a must to make your dog play with these tennis machines. After at least 1 month your dog will build interest in it and will be happy to have a machine in life.

Yeah! tennis balls are ok for your dog. However, this could be fatal for some time if your dog eats the ball and it could block the airway.

Well! it depends on a machine to machine, there are machines which take time from 2 to 4 hours to get fully charged and some take time from 5 to 9 hours.

The most favorite game of dogs is fetching the balls and repeating the process. That’s why dogs are obsessed with tennis balls.

It’s all about practice, make sure to let your dog practice until the dog is getting what you are saying. Indeed, it’s all about practice.


These four tennis ball machines for dogs are the best example to have a great experience for you and your dog. Nevertheless, you do not even have to pay high to have these machines either.

These machines will make your life easier by making your dogs go away and play themself when you are busy and want to focus on your own stuff.

Have a good time.

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