Tennis Ball Machine Parts (Lobster, Tutor, Wilson)

You are reading this because you have the “beast” tennis ball machine and wanna buy some extra parts or you need to know just about the machine-like how this machine functions.

Well, Tennis ball machines consist of more than 25 parts, and we are going to see some most important parts of the machines.


Tennis Ball Machine Mechanism

When a normal tennis player decides to know about a tennis ball machine for the first time they get confused that how this is going to operate or how I will handle this machine or learn.

Indeed, there is no rocket science, it’s so simple you only need to know about customizations from the control panel, and that’s it. Noting else!

However, when you want to know about a specific part of any tennis machine, you must make sure that what is that machine. I mean which tennis brand is that and model as well.

After that, you will get the exact result that you are looking for. Nevertheless, here I am going to show you the best-rated tennis ball machine parts.

Furthermore, if you get a deep understanding of tennis machine parts you can make machines for intermediate to advance tennis players.

Let’s get into it.

Important Tennis Machine Parts

From little prince to Lobster machine parts consist of some major pieces including a Ball hopper, wheels, control panel, handle, and power.

1 – Ball Hopper

tennis machine ball hopper

It is an open box that holds balls in it. Not every machine has the same sized box and holds the same amount of balls. For example, a Lobster holds 150 balls and other machines like Wilson hold 110 balls.

There are many more machines that hold merely 30 balls or 80 balls. It all depends on which brand you are asking for. Every tennis brand has its own prices and each tennis machine varies you should know the cost of the machines.

Wilson and Spinshot brands don’t allow you to remove the ball hopper while Lobster made it easy to remove it if you want and put it upside down to store the machine or navigate.

2 – Wheels

tennis machin wheels

Every machine has wheels some wheels are made up of simple plastic and some have to steal covered rubber. It doesn’t matter what is the wheel made up of even if it’s plastic or metal. It should be smooth and give good experience in navigating that’s it.

3 – Control Panel

control penel of tennis machine

Here we go, the most important part of the machine. The Control panel is all in all, which makes you control the machine from topspin to backspin, frequency of volleys, horizontal oscillation, vertical oscillation, and different machine drills.

4 – Handle

The handle is for ease of maneuvering the machine. Wilson has a small handle attached to a machine made of durable plastic while Siboasi, Spinshot, and Lobster have a long handle that is foldable and made up of steel and aluminum.

5 – Power

Battery of tennis machine

In my opinion, if a machine has a bad power duration is a disaster no matter how beautiful or reliable the machine is.

Moreover, when buying a machine you must make sure to check the playtime on a single charge. All tennis machines have different timing some have 4 to 8 hours and some 2 to 3 hours.

Parts of Big Tennis Brand’s Machines

lobster Tennis Ball Machine Parts

1 – 1/4 Cylinder magnet
2 – Control Panel
3 – Feed Wheel
4 – Ball Hopper
5 – Remote Controle

Wilson and little Prince Tennis Ball Machine Parts

1 – Red & Blue Wire Harness
2 – Control Panel
3 – Feed Wheel
4 – Ball Hopper
5 – 110V AC Power Converter

Sam iSam Tennis Ball Machine Parts

1 – iSAM Ball Feed Motor
2 – Circuit Board
3 – Smart Charger
4 – SAM Ball Feed Motor
5 – Remote Control Transmitter

Prince Tennis Ball Machine Parts

1 – cylinder magnet
2 – charger socket
3 – Ball Hopper
4 – Spinning wheel
5 – Power

Tennis Tutor and Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Parts

1 – Control Panel
2 – Ball Hopper
3 – Power
4 – Remote control

Can we Change Parts of the Machine?

Yes! When you use a machine for a specific period of time and you realize that some part of the machine is not functioning properly. Then buy a new part of that machine and replace it with the old one.

You don’t have to worry about changing any tennis machine part because it is so simple to replace. Still, if you find difficulty finding this out, you have to visit any machining company near to you and ask them to fix this out.

Are Tennis Brands selling Tennis Machine Parts Separately?

All good tennis brands give and sell tennis machine parts separately. First of all the parts of the tennis machine are so genuine which are less often needed to be replaced. However, whenever your machine gets stuck at any part of the machine you can contact the company and they will send you the exact part of the tennis machine. 

Furthermore, if you are having a machine that you haven’t bought from the brand, you are still able to contact the company to get that broken part of the machine. Yes, you have to for that. 

Where to get Tennis Machines Parts?

If you don’t know where to get a tennis machine part. Then let me tell you. You have multiple options to get tennis machine parts. First of all, you have an option to contact the company and if you want to get a part of the machine from Facebook groups or from any other local physical store, you have so many options. 

Moreover, you should check within your friend zones. Because they will share their original review about the machine and that will be beneficial for you. If you still couldn’t find the specific tennis machine part, you should check in the tennis groups. Because there are so many posts I have seen in the tennis groups talking about tennis machines. 

How Many Parts does a Tennis Machine have?

The tennis machines consist of some major parts like a Ball hopper, rotating wheels, battery, charger, and motor. There are major parts of the tennis ball machines. If we break it into more sections. We get so many parts of the machine. Like wires, the cover of the machine, nut bolts, ball tube, etc. These are no major parts of the machine. 

Nevertheless, there are more than 25 parts of the machine which make a machine throw balls in different ways. 

QNA of Tennis Machine Parts

There are more than 20 parts including wires and other parts. However, the important parts are the wheel, ball hopper, Battery, and motor.

Yes, we can buy tennis machine parts individually. For example, you can order any part of the machine from the company and they will send you within working days.

Well, it depends, there are no such places which are selling used tennis machines. But if someone is selling used machine parts then you can get them from.

If you need any tennis machine parts then you can get that, otherwise, you shouldn’t. Sometimes you face some trouble with machines and it’s tough to play without changing the part. In this condition, you should get machine parts.

Conclusion of The tennis ball machine parts

That’s all peeps! these are the most important tennis ball machine parts which you should know and keep in mind before purchasing any tennis machine. Furthermore, if you want to buy these parts you can visit the relevant brand site and place the order there.

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