Why Are Tennis Ball Machines So Expensive?

A very common question from students and tennis players. Why are tennis ball machines so expensive? Well, we are not talking about cricket bat or ball dude. These are machines that are made up of very complicated electronics, motors, and moving wheels.

Why Are Tennis Ball Machines So Expensive

All you got to do is find out the one which meets your requirements. After that, you are free for the rest by asking your friends or people around you to play tennis with you.

Let me tell you this,

Why Tennis Machines are Pricey?

Most of the time people say oh man we are not going to have a tennis machine because they are so pricey to get one.

That’s not the answer.

People who say tennis ball machines are expensive are wrong. I have proof.

Who said all the best tennis machines are extravagant? There are best-rated machines which are very very costly like Lobster Phenom but there are machines very cheap as well like Tennis Twist and Spinshot Lite which give you an amazing experience.

expensive and inexpensive tennis machine

I think you have got the answer and will never ask anyone.

One more thing, Are you the guy who wants the phenom type machine?

Then that is expensive, I agree. However, we have another choice as well.

Why don’t you get a used tennis machine? That’s a good choice. If you find a good working machine you are good to go. Otherwise, the Slinger tennis machine is not a must pricey to get.

Furthermore, there is a very important lesson for you. If you go to to any court near you to play with tennis machine or you pay for best tennis lessons from any tennis couch. You will pay them a good amount to have the experience……right?

If you gather the amount which you spent on expensive lessons for one year you will be able to get the best tennis machine for yourself. Isn’t?

I think this is a long-term game and the best decision to have a machine.

Advantages to Have Tennis Machines

After trying almost all kinds of tennis machines and playing tennis since my childhood I can say having a tennis machine in life is no less than a blessing.

You can do too much with a tennis machine and which will make you the best tennis guy. let me tell you how.

Enhance you Game

Tennis Machines improve your game. You can find out your weakness and can work out on that daily until you become the best.

You have two choices, either you have to take membership from the best coach which will charge you good money, or get a tennis machine and practice a specific stroke over and over until you become the best.

Wait For No One

You become like a boss. Yes, I mean it. You are free to play anywhere and any time. You don’t have to wait for playing tennis.

Save Money.

When you spend one time on buying a tennis machine and that saves you money. Rather than spending on expensive tennis lessons on and on.

Play on Your Own Terms

As we know tennis machines are highly customizable. You can make the machine through your balls the way you like and practice that stroke till you get the best on that.

You can set the ball speed, frequency, and oscillation vertically and horizontally.

customisations panel of tennis machine


When you decide to practice a specific stroke to get better at tennis and you make a timetable for that. You will be able to achieve that goal because you will practice it every day without any excuses.

If we think of it without a tennis machine. You will notice that someday your partner will not reach on time or someday your partner will be busy and someday your partner will make an excuse to play. But here we are with tennis machines no excuses and no delays.

The disadvantage of Tennis Machines

As there are pros to having a tennis machine, there are cons as well.

Ball Collections:

There are machines that have a ball capacity of up to 200 balls. If you are alone playing tennis you will have to collect them all alone.

That’s what irritates me most of the time. However, there are ball hoppers that are specially designed to collect balls but you have to pay for that as well.

Tennis court:

You should have a ground to play tennis which should be compounded with a net or you have to pay for a tennis court.

Tennis Balls:

If your machine has the capacity of 200 tennis balls then you will have to pay to get those balls. If you get good quality tennis balls you will have to pay good money.

You have to get good quality tennis balls because if you get bad quality tennis balls you will have to buy them again and again.

Reasons for Expensiveness behind Tennis Machines

Look! Tennis machines are made to facilitate the tennis lover. These machines allow you and enable you to do so many things. For example, tennis machines make you independent and that is the most essential thing to have.

Furthermore, you will have customizations that allow you to make the machine to your own liking and play the game as you want. One can make speedy tennis shots and slow at the same time. In short, tennis machines mimic the actual match play.

The Best Way to Get an Expensive Tennis Machine

If you do not have enough money to get a lavish tennis machine. But still, you want to have an expensive tennis machine. you have the best way to get that.

All you need to do is get involved with your two best friends who are as crazy about tennis machines as you are. Now, collect 35% money from each of them and you will only have to pay 35% for high-priced tennis machines. That strategy worked for all. Now, all of you can play tennis with tennis machines and have fun.

Do You Need an Expensive Machine?

Many tennis lovers do this mistake, which I am going to obliterate today. When you have no idea about tennis machines and you buy expensive tennis machines. After getting that tennis machine you get stuck because you have bought the tennis and paid a high price, now what to do with it.

The best way to get an expensive tennis machine is to know about it and learn every bit of it. After that, you should know why are you getting this machine. Are you going to play with it every day or once in a month?

These are the question that you must be asking yourself before getting an expensive tennis machine. After knowing your need and your plans, then you are good to go to get the overpriced tennis machines.

Are high-priced tennis machines worth it?

If you are playing with a tennis machine every day then having an expensive tennis machine worth it. If you want to get evolved in a certain area of your tennis game then having over-priced tennis is essential.

FAQS Related why Tennis Machines are expensive?

Why You Should Get a Tennis Machine?

If you are a kind of passionate tennis player who loves to practice tennis on daily basis and want to improve your tennis game. Then you should get a good tennis machine and that is the best choice for you.

Why you shouldn’t Get a Tennis ball Machine?

If you are the kind of tennis player who plays not often but occasionally. You should not get a tennis machine. Due to playing tennis occasionally, you will find a tennis partner as well.


I think, you have understood in-depth why are tennis ball machines so expensive and why you should have and you shouldn’t have them.

However, we are happy to share our best ideas with you and hope you are getting useful information from our blog posts.

Have a good time!

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