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Welcome to the Privacy policy of is a website accessible from that prioritizes the privacy of its visitors.

We value your privacy the most. To operate our website, we may collect your privacy information in a way that respects your privacy. 

How and what kind of Information we collect ?

Tennisgeek collects the same data that any browser on your computer or phone does. In order to analyze the website’s traffic, tennis geek collects non-personally identifiable information, such as how many users are visiting our site and from which countries. Additionally, the date, time, as well as duration of your visit.

Tennis geek collects information about its customers and visitors, such as their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. It helps to gather information about visitors.

We can only connect a visitor back if he/she leaves a comment on the blog and leaves his/her email address and name by himself.

Because we have tennis geek fans all over the world, they want to be informed of every single post we upload. We use push notifications for them, and it is up to them if they fill out the form and meet all requirements to receive all recent posts. If not, we are unable to send them the latest posts via email.  

How We Use Your Information

The information we collect, which is explained above. That help us in various ways including:

  • We operate, provide, and maintain our website.
  • Improve the site’s performance by knowing the bounce rate.
  • We want to know which part of our site is performing well.
  • It is also helpful in identifying our weaknesses.
  • We provide more information regarding specific pages/posts that users visit often.
  • Subscribers receive recent posts.


Tennis Geek uses cookies, which benefit both the site and its visitors. When a user visits the site it places the string of information in the browser of the visitor.  

Whenever a visitor returns to the Tennis Geek website, their web browser sends the website a string of data that is stored on their computer. In order to determine how visitors use The Tennis Geek website and how they access the website, and the site serves them accordingly. Therefore, cookies are used by The Tennis Geek.

Change in Privacy Policy

Sites do not generally change their privacy policies every time. However, we still like to inform our loyal readers that visit this page often to check for any changes to our privacy policies. 

Contact Information

We have developed our privacy policy to ensure that our visitors can visit our site freely and without fear of being tracked. If you have additional queries related to our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.