How Many Calories Does Tennis Burn

how many calories does tennis burn

Having tennis games every day is exciting, but it’s even more fun to know that you will also achieve perfect physical fitness from it by losing calories. But, how many calories does tennis burn? Let’s find it out! Many people … [Read More]

5 Tennis Footwork Drills

Tennis Footwork Drills

The majority of tennis players do not practice footwork drills before shooting intense volleys. Without rehearsing tennis footwork drills, one cannot attain a high level of performance. Even if they do perform well, it would still be impossible for them … [Read More]

How to Hit a Tennis Ball

how to hit a tennis ball

It looks so easy when we think about how to hit a tennis ball. But actually, it’s not. There are some techniques and strategies which should be implemented to have good shots. Otherwise, you can just play tennis but can … [Read More]

How Tennis Ball machine Works (Operating Guide)

How tennis ball machine works

The most common question which we face all the time. Not anymore, because we are going to cover every possible thing about how tennis ball machine works. Looks like it’s just a machine that throws a ball to mimic the … [Read More]

10 Best Tennis Drills for beginners

best tennis drills for beginners

Everything evolves over time, so the tennis drills are. That is why tennis drills seem harsh for those players who are just starting out. However, there is no need to get confused anymore because today, you will understand the entirety … [Read More]

How To Practice Tennis Alone | 7 Methods


Usually, players rehearse on the court with opponents or coaches. But we don’t always have someone to practice with, right? So, How to practice tennis alone? Here I am suggesting you few significant ways to do it alone. After going … [Read More]

Tennis Ball Machine Parts (Lobster, Tutor, Wilson)

tennis ball machine parts

You are reading this because you have the “beast” tennis ball machine and wanna buy some extra parts or you need to know just about the machine-like how this machine functions. Well, Tennis ball machines consist of more than 25 … [Read More]

Does Tennis Ball Machine Improve Game

does tennis ball machine improve game

A very common question is, does tennis ball machine improve game? Well, hell yes! It does improve the game. Let me tell you that, whether you are a rich man who can hire a good tennis player to feed you … [Read More]