About us: The Tennis Geek Team

We are four Tennis players who grew up together playing tennis. We thought we would help people who wish to improve their tennis game by recommending the best tennis ball equipment, especially tennis ball machines.

We thought of a situation when we purchased tennis machines and other related gadgets, and we regretted our choices.

Apparently, millions of other people must also be experiencing similar situations, so our minds kept going to that with volleys of questions. So why shouldn’t we share our experience with them?

Some moms want to buy for their kids—beginners who want to know which machine is best for them and how to operate it.

Additionally, intermediate players who want to improve their game but are unsure of how to improve their training.

So, here we came in, to share our experience and knowledge of the tennis world to change the game and recommend the best types of equipment according to their needs.


This concept took us a year to implement and launch a website that will benefit people worldwide.

We aim to provide every detail about improving and playing tennis sufficiently. Additionally, we want to understand the needs of our visitors and offer them the best machines that match their requirements.

Our blog is located on the top menu bar, where you will find all the instructions you must read and implement in your daily practice.

As well as this, we have studied different tennis ball machines over the course of our lives. We have reviewed different machines and divided them on the basis of your budget, gaming level, and overall machine type.

We, The Best Team

Here are some things we would like to tell you about ourselves—the four best friends who run the show.

Harry Jacob
Harry is from the United state, he is the manager of the tennis geek, and Harry has been a passionate tennis player since he was a kid.

Dinah Eve
Here is Dinah Eve. She is the search engine optimizer of the site, and she loves to play tennis almost every day for an hour. Her home country is the United States.

Catherine Bret
Catherine is from the United States. She is a writer and loves to read books and give motivational speeches sometimes. A fantastic four-member, Catherine is part of the group.

Aiden Grayson
Aiden Grayson is also from the United States and an essential member of the team. He has a keen interest in tennis machines and is well-versed in all other tennis-related equipment. Of course, he was also a great tennis player.


We grown up together playing tennis. Every day we get togather afternoon just to play tennis and enjoy togather.

However, when we finished college we split away. Aiden Grayson and me moved to New York and Catherine Bret went to Moscow to complete her studies. While Dinah Eve wanted to explore tennis and learn more about sports.

When we were not together we used to play tennis alone by hitting the ball against walls or with some random person. Actually, me (Harry Jacob) and Aiden were in the same city but we were so far to meet everyday.

One day, I came to know that why i shouldn’t get a tennis ball machine to play my own.

I shared this idea to my besties.

They all agreed to get one of the best tennis ball machines. Since then we all have been using tennis machine and found that this is the best and independent way to practice tennis anywhere at any time.

It’s been more than 10 years of practicing with tennis and now we are all living together and running a tennis academy to train new tennis lovers.

We train people to play tennis and make them aware of tennis machine.

We have noticed that out of 98 students love tennis machines and that’s what made us to put is all on thetennisgeek.com.


So, Let me tell you that we have used and tried almost all type and model of tennis machines and we are the people who know which tennis machine is cheap, good rated, expensive, or which one has good features.

You know what happens? There are many tennis players who do not know very much about tennis machines and they choose to get a tennis machine without any knowledge. They regret after that, due to lack of understanding of tennis machines.

That is the reason which made us to help all tennis machine lovers to go through tennis machine and know the experience and specifications of each tennis machine.

We have helped more than 4000 students to choose the best tennis machine which meet their needs and their levels. So, we are proud tennis passionate and proud tennis machine guides.

Thank you!