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THE TENNIS GEEK is all about tennis machines which came up with the purpose to serve all passionate tennis players. Tennis ball machines are the tools we use to train all levels of tennis players and enhance their skills to the next level. We practice tennis using tennis machines and have found that tennis machines are the best way to become a fantastic tennis player. 

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Amelia Rose

I used to travel a-lot and it was tough for me to play tennis with random people all the time. But thanks to Harry Jacob who advised and taught me about tennis ball machine. Now I have light and best tennis ball machine which I carry in my car all the time and play where ever I stay and any time. It’s been a year and I play tennis every single day using tennis machines. I would love to say, you are awesome.

Thank you Harry!

Joshua Raymond

I always wanted to play tennis since my childhood but I don’t always find a partner to play tennis. I knew about tennis machines but it was tough for me to decide which tennis machine should I buy and how to chose the right one for me? Then I saw thetennisgeek and learnt about best and inexpensive tennis machines which also helped me in using this gear and it’s parts as well.

I am grateful!


Hello! Meet Harry Jacob. The Tennis Geek was founded and is run by Harry Jacob. In the past decade, he has trained more than 20 thousand students. Since childhood, he has been a passionate tennis player. Harry encourages his students to be independent and to practice playing tennis every day with tennis ball machines. Nevertheless, he lives in the U.S. and he has two baby girls.