10 Best Tennis Ball Machines (Customizable & Automatic)

Having support from others can be a good thing in life, but it’s time to become a proficient tennis player yourself by having one of the best tennis ball machines.

It is tough to learn and play tennis without the help of a partner or coach and it is tougher to find someone who will be present all the time waiting for your mood to start playing. Isn’t?

Here comes the tennis machine, which not only serves you balls but also makes you the best tennis player as well. 

Best tennis ball machines

We’ve tested more than 80 tennis machines and chosen automatic, customizable, and finest ball thrower machines, which gave us an amazing experience and you can have it too.

best tennis ball machines

However, below you will find buying guide, pros-cons, and our complete personal reviews to help you find the amazing tennis ball launcher which meets your requirements.

Moreover, at the end of this, you will also understand why tennis machines are better than any premium lessons or having a coach and how we choose ball launchers.

Before jumping into the comparison chart and reviews you can see our two picks out of the top 10 magnificent ball shooters.

Our Top Picks

Let’s get to it,


Top 10 Tennis Ball Machines Comparison Chart

In this chart, we have compiled the best tennis ball machines based on a variety of important factors such as ball speed, weight, playing time, and more.

Lobster G4Customizable35 to 80 MPH2-10 sec44Ibselectronic 0-50 degrees150 Balls4 to 8 hour
Spinshot ProCustomizable30-110 MPH2-10 sec36IbsYes ! Adjustable 120 balls2- 3 hours
WilsonCustomizable10 to 75 MPH 1-10 sec38IbsYes! adjustable110 balls4- 5 hours
Spinshot-PlayerCustomizable10 to 80 MPH2- 12 sec44 LbsYes! adjustable150 balls4 to 8 hours
Lobster G 5Customizable10 to 80 mph2-12 sec44IbsYes! adjustable150 balls4 to 8 hours
Tennis Tutor PlusCustomizable10 to 85 MPH1.5-10 sec46IbsYes! adjustable150 balls 4- to 6 hours
Sports TutorNo Customizations10 to 50 MPH 2-10 sec24IbsNot available150 balls2-3 hours
Tennis Tutor ProliteCustomizable10 to 60 MPH
5 secs
40IbsYes! adjustable125 balls3-4 hours
Spinshot Plus-2Customizable15 to 70 MPH2-10 sec
40IbsYes! adjustable120 balls 2 – 3 hours
QuickstartCustomizable10 to 28 MPH2-10 sec30IbsNot at all75 balls3 – 4 hours

Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines Reviews

These top ten oscillating tennis ball machines are reliable and can be used by all levels of tennis players. You can play them anywhere you want because they are convenient to move and easy to customize. Some of them are not customizable and you will know why we choose those to show you.

So, here we go with our first machine.

1. Lobster Grand four: Best Ball Machine for Tennis

A trustworthy tennis cannon machine that lasts as long as a childhood friendship. Even though I bought it over four years ago, it still works like a new one.

A compact machine as a spin shot takes 20 to 25 sec to get ready to throw balls after switching on.

Does Lobster make noise?

Well, yes, but it’s not that loud, which is annoying. You only hear it when you stand close to it. Furthermore, it is very relaxing to navigate the machine with a full hopper of 150 balls.

check out the key features.

 Lobster Grand four Best Ball Machine for Tennis

Key Features

  • Playtime: 4 to 8 hour
  • Oscillation: Random, horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical 
  • Speed: 35 to 80 MPH 
  • Feed rate: 2-10 sec
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Elevation: electronic 0-50 degrees
  • Control: Remote or Install App on Phone
  • Power: Rechargeable
  • Weight: 44Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level

This automatic ball thrower provides external oscillations. External oscillation means that when a machine oscillates, it moves entirely instead of just spinning wheels.

Further, there is a plastic gauge on the down front of the machine that determines where the center is located.

This machine is very slim and beautifully designed in comparison to other machines. In short, you can say all packages in one.

Upon turning it off, the machine will stay in the same position as when it was turned on. Therefore, it must be turned off when returned to its original location.

This toss machine will be familiar to you if you’ve used lobster elite version 2. Additionally, this dominant tennis ball gun comes with a fast charger, so you can charge it up fast and enjoy a real match for four to eight hours.

There are six pre-loaded drills on the Grand four version, so the player will get a more challenging match with balls thrown at different speeds, spins, locations, and feed rates.  

Here we have an overview of the machine which will help you to know the external parts of the machine, especially for those who don’t have experience.

Infographics of Lobster G4 The Best Tennis Machine

Infographics of Lobster G4 The Best Tennis Machine

You can close its handle and ball hopper to store it and when you navigate the machine it feels like carrying luggage of 44lbs.

The most demanding drilling machine, with a multiple-speed option, allows you to drill at your own pace, and you can easily adjust it to your liking.

This leading ball launcher has a powerful oscillation feature; you can choose to oscillate randomly, horizontally, vertically, or in one direction.

In my own experience, this machine is very good at random oscillations. Because random oscillation of this machine is really a thing to make you the tough tennis player.

Performance Chart of Superlative Tennis Machine

Performance Chart of Superlative Tennis Machine

Now, check the pros and cons of this automatic machine which we have found while playing with it.

What We Like

  • Designed for maximum durability
  • Weightless and skinny
  • You can wheel it where ever you want
  • Perfect play timing 
  • 35 to 80 MPH
  • 150 Ball Capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • The handle design is inconvenient for short arms
  • Do not overcharge because it lacks overcharging protection

How superlative lobster G4 can be the best tennis Machine For You?

This machine can be the best machine for you if you are looking for a machine that meets modern-era standards and which makes you a tough tennis player by playing regularly. Let me repeat, two things ” Modern machine and 2nd is which makes you a tough and skilled tennis player”.

Lobster G 4 The Best Tennis Machine Outlook

Best tennis ball machine

Bottom Line: Practicing every day with this one of the best tennis ball machines can help you develop the skills needed to be an excellent tennis player. It is necessary to train regularly. And this automatic giant is a cool way to go! The best thing about this machine is that it can turn you into a pro tennis player.

2. Spinshot Pro: The Leading Tennis Ball Shooting Machine

If you want to enhance your techniques, skills, and confidence in the tennis game then this Spinshot Pro is the answer. This machine is one of the good rated machine from all players.

This robot tennis ball shooter is made for skilled players and is a great choice for those who are interested in both improving their game and getting a perfect physique.

Check out the Key specifications.

Tennis Ball Shooting Machine

Key Features

  • Playtime: 2- 3 hours
  • Custom Drills: yes, you can customize
  • Oscillation: Random, horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical 
  • Speed: 30-110 MPH
  • Ball capacity: 120 balls
  • Feed rate: 2-10 sec
  • Control: Remote controller and smartwatch
  • Weight: 36Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 23 inches

With a speed of 30-110 miles per hour, it has spectacular ways of throwing balls into different directions, heights, spins, and frequencies.

You can accelerate the speed to 110mph if you want to face the massive drill, which will put your game to the next level, and you will achieve the perfect body shape as well.

Probably, this is the only admirable Ball gun that is not made up of maximum plastic. In comparison, other machines are made up of mostly plastic.

Comparatively to Lobster, this machine has fewer similarities, but it has a few evolved features, including the comfortable handle to move, which is made up of plastic to prevent your hand from sliding if you sweat after playing and is cozy to hold onto.

spinshot pro handle to navigate

It is highly customizable from topspin to backspin and horizontal oscillation.

The dimension of 24 x, 18 x 23 inches makes it simple to carry and place at the store or any other place and it only weighs 36lbs which makes it friendly for elders who hate to carry weight.

Infographics of the Leading Tennis Ball Shooting Machine

Infographics of the Leading Tennis Ball Shooting Machine

As far as its navigation goes, I have found that it makes no noise since its wheels are covered in strong and soft black rubber that makes it easy and smooth to move.

The game can be controlled by a remote or smartwatch, or there are very fine 6 options on the control panel including an extra button that helps you to reset the machine’s customizations.

The Spinshot charges quickly and lasts for about 2-3 hours, which is cool by my side because it is enough to hit consistently.

Moreover, Spinshot company produces all their machines in green colors, so, unfortunately, you have no choice in choosing the colors. By the way, it looks damm hot in green. Lol.

Spinshot-P Top Shooting Machine’s performance Chart

Spinshot-P  Top Shooting Machine's performance Chart

Let’s check the pros and cons of it,

What We Like 

  • High speed for professionals 
  • Comfortable to navigate 
  • Suitable for ages and levels
  • Not much expensive
  • Anyone can play easily

What We Don’t Like 

  • Only 120 balls capacity
  • No app for mobile use

How Spinshot-P The Top Shooting Machine can be the Best Choice for you?

We call it the ball-shooting beast because this is a very powerful machine. If you have good experience of playing tennis and you have already been playing tennis for a long then this is the one you should explore for a while because this machine is made for tennis pros.

This ball shooting machine will not only give you a variety of shots but also help you achieve fitness goals like a cardio workout. Because this beast has very powerful oscillations and volleys that mimic the actual match play and even more.

Spinshot Pro Greatest Shooting Machine Outlook

Greatest Tennis Ball Shooting Machine

You can improve your stroke and concentration by adjusting your feet and moving to the ball in response to variations in delivery speed and distance. Honestly! This programmable tennis ball machine is made for improving the stroke and focus on the ball.

You only need to learn how to program the machine from the control panel to have an approach or lob shots. Nevertheless, you can have any shot but you just have to customize the machine in the right way.

Bottom Line: If you want an excellent tennis ball machine where the whole family can play, enjoy, and gain amazing tennis tactics, then this machine is all you need. The best part of this machine is Customisations and durability.

3. Wilson: Supper Tennis Ball Pitching Machine

If you are looking for a supper coaching ball machine where two people can practice forehand/backhand at the same time then no other machine is better than Wilson.

Moreover, you can also adjust its topspin and underspin from heavy to light and vice versa as this supper machine is customizable in spinning the ball and is very convenient for all levels.

A great choice for anyone who enjoys playing tennis because it sends balls in a variety of horizontally and vertically. When you close its ball hopper you will find it smaller in shape and its wheels are really making it comfortable to move.

Infographics of the Supper Tennis Pitching Machine

This super tennis ball pitching machine has an interval of two to twelve seconds and a speed of up to 75 miles per hour. Ball feed rate from 2 to 12 sec is pretty awesome because during this time anyone can get into a fine position to face another ball with 100% best shot.

Unfortunately, it can’t be highly customized. This amazing tennis ball launcher weighs only 38 lbs and stays up to 5 hours on the court. If you play hard volleys it may end the charge within 4 hours.

Following Key specifications will help you to know Wilson better.

Wilson Portable: Tennis ball pitching machine

Key Features

  • Playtime: 4- 5 hours
  • Custom Drills: No, you can’t customize
  • Ball capacity: 110 balls
  • Speed: 10 to 75 MPH 
  • Feed rate: 1-10 sec
  • Weight: 38Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Control: Remote or use a smartwatch
  • Power: Rechargeable

It can hold up to 110 balls, which is not bad compared to machines like Spinshot Pro and Spinshot Player. The best feature of this machine is its ease of navigation and placement in the car.

Wilson Supreme Pitching Machine’s Performance Chart

Wilson Supreme Pitching Machine's Performance Chart

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the supreme machine which you must learn if you are willing to have this machine.

What We Like 

  • Inexpensive and durable
  •  Comfortable to navigate
  • Good feed rate and speed
  • Slim and easy to move

What We Don’t Like 

  • Built-in towing handle
  • No customization 

How Wilson supreme Pitching Machine can be the best one for you?

If you are looking for an amazing ball machine that allows two people to practice at the same time and have 3 years of warranty, which means a durable machine then this supreme machine is the best one for you.

Furthermore, you should also consider having this pitching machine if your primary goal is to have a skinny and simple machine that stays with you for years without any major maintenance.

Wilson Supper pitching Machine Outlook

Wilson Portable: Supper Tennis ball pitching machine

Cool, this is enough for you to know Wilson and understand its functions.

Bottom Line: This supper machine is very beneficial since it is durable and reliable. Can be played in a variety of locations by travelers. Nevertheless, the best thing about this supreme pitching machine is its oscillations.

4. Spinshot-Player: Top Tennis Ball Dispenser

This best ball dispenser is really impressive and one of my favorite from top machines. However, the most appreciative features are its wifi connection and 3 hours of playing time on a single charge.

While you play for long hours, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge. However, You can either use a remote controller or install an app on your phone and use it directly.

If I tell you that the remote controller was the best option for me it wouldn’t be false because when you hold the racket, it becomes tough for you to unlock your phone again and again. So, yes having a remote controller is the best and easy option for all Wilson’s users.

Additionally, this elite machine is equipped with a smartwatch that allows you to monitor the machine without being distracted. For me, wearing a watch is another best option after a remote controlling function.

Infographics of Top Tennis Ball Dispenser Machine

Infographics of Top Tennis Ball Dispenser Machine

This magnificent ball shooter comes with 12 pre-programmed drills and each drill contains 6 shots that are fair enough to make it your cup of tea.

SPinshot Player is highly customizable, you can customize everything. It is possible to program drills horizontally, vertically, and at any speed you prefer, and then save them for another game.

Below are key specifications which are really helpful to understanding important features of this elite machine.

Spinshot-Player:  Tennis Ball Dispenser

Key Features

  • Playtime: 4 to 8 hours
  • Custom Drills: yes
  • Speed: 10 to 80 MPH
  • Ball Capacity: 150 balls
  • Feed Rate: 2- 12 sec
  • Weight: 44 Lbs
  • Who Can Play: Anyone
  • Control: Remote, app
  • Power: Rechargeable

It’s a good idea to get this supreme machine for your family since everyone can customize it to their liking and this is heavy-duty, so no worries about playing long hours.

Furthermore, when you close its ball hopper it becomes smaller in size of 18″x12″x20″ and is easy to place at any place. Yes! It is one of the best tennis ball machines on the market.

Moreover, this elite machine is made up of metal design which makes it more glowing and shines on the court. Traveling with this machine will be a wonderful experience.

The machine isn’t too heavy or difficult to move as it only weighs 19kg and is 50CM(H), 45CM(L), and 30CM(W) in size.

Let’s get into the pros and cons.

What We Like 

  • Perfect Play timing 
  •  Highly customizable
  • Can easily move from place to place
  • Anyone can play with it
  • It has 2-line ball delivery

What We Don’t Like

  • Only up to 80 MPH
  • Not more than 150 balls

This admirable Ball gun can be folded and placed in a car, and you wouldn’t have any difficulty lifting the machine because it is not heavyweight. However, the power which is 12Volt 12 Amp will be shipped to you separately.

Performance Chart of Top Tennis Ball Dispenser

Performance Chart of Top Tennis Ball Dispenser

How Spinshot dispenser can be the best Machine For you?

A spin shot dispenser machine can be the best tennis machine for you if you are looking for a machine that has a stable wifi connection including a remote controller and a robust and solid outlook.

Moreover, you should also consider having easy transport and easy control panel functions. When it comes to easy transport, this great machine has smooth wheels and a closeable ball hopper which makes it smaller in size and easy to navigate.

So, is this what are you looking for?

Outlook of Top Tennis Ball Dispenser

Outlook of top tennis Ball dispenser

Bottom Line: This ball shooter is a perfect example of a tennis ball machine, as you have seen its amazing features. Spinshot player is highly recommended for those tennis players who are serious about their game and who are going to devote their lives to tennis.

Nonetheless, the best part of this machine is its elevation and easy customization.

5. Lobster G 5 Le: Supper Customizable Tennis Appliance

The grand 5 machine is ideal for supplementing your tennis program. By doing so, you will be able to play what you have learned uninterruptedly at your own pace.

If you are dreaming to be a tactical and strategic tennis player then make it your boss, even if you don’t like bosses😂. Because this is a highly customizable and very heavy machine in terms of performance and quality match playing.

The marvelous tennis ball thrower has several modern features, such as fully random oscillations, random ball speeds of 35 to 80 mph, and a 2-12 second feed rate. Good thing is that you can make it to your liking.

After pressing the start button, you will need to wait for 20 seconds before the machine will work. Further, this elite shotmaker is easy to use – you get a remote controller and even an app that you install on your phone to control it from afar. 

Remote Control vs App Of Lobster G5 Le

Having a remote controller and app both in a machine gives you so much ease while playing tennis. Remote need two cells and which are enough for a minimum of 3 months. On the other hand, the app just needs to update once in 6 months.

In my opinion, a remote controller is the best option. Because it makes operating the machine so simple. You just have to push the buttons and that’s it.

When we talk about apps, it is a little uncomfortable. Because you have turned on the phone and opened the app and then go for your desired options.

Infographics of Supreme Tennis Ball Machine

Infographics of Supreme Tennis Ball Machine

Now, let’s move to other features,

Most important Key features you must need to read and understand.

Lobster G 5: Fully Customizable Appliance

Key Features

  • Custom Drills: yes you can
  • Speed: 10 to 80 mph
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Playtime: 4 to 8 hours
  • Custom Drills: yes you can
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Feed rate: 2-12 sec
  • Weight: 44Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Power: Rechargeable
  • Control: Remote or Install App on Phone or use a watch

You can place it anywhere in your home, and it is not that heavy to put in the car. Additionally, even if it is your first time using it, this machine is fully customizable and easy to operate.

Moreover, you will be surprised to realize that it is probably the only supreme tennis ball machine with 4 to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. Besides its slim and perfect structure, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Performance Chart of G5 Supreme and Customisable Machine

performance chart of the supreme Lobster g5 LE

Here we go to the pros and cons.

What We Like 

  • Perfect Play timing 
  •  Highly customizable
  • Can easily move from place to place
  • Durable and good playtime on a single charge
  • Comfortable handle for maneuver 

What We Don’t Like

  • Little higher in price

How Lobster G5 supreme and Customisable Machine can be the best tennis Machine For you?

If you are looking for the greatest machine that throughs balls into 18 different court locations and have 12 preloaded drills including a strong volley that makes you feel like playing tennis against a pro tennis player. Then look no further. This G5 LE is the reality of your dreams and this customizable giant is the best tennis ball machine for you.

Furthermore, this LE model has a reversible ball hopper and foldable handle which make it easy to put in the car or say which helps you in the transportation of the machine. So, this superlative machine is right for you if you were looking for such qualities.

Lobster G 5 The Customisable Machine’s Outlook

Lobster G 5: the best and Customizable Appliance

Bottom Line: Elite Grand Five is for developed tennis players who have played tennis for a long time. But anyone can participate, even those just starting out.

Nonetheless, this machine is only recommended to those players who are already on the show.

6. Tennis Tutor Plus: Top Tennis Feeder Machine

Experienced players will benefit from a playtime of up to 6 hours and a capacity of 150 balls. However, even those who are not experts can enjoy its amazing features as well.

Furthermore, It is fully customizable from topspin/underspin to feeding speed from 10 to 85 MPH and feeding intervals from 1 to 10 seconds.

In our experience, we have found it a little tough in navigation, because you will see it has small handles. Those who have played with lobster or Spinshot will not enjoy its navigations. Still, it is easy to maneuver from place to place.

Check key Features of the best tennis ball machine,

 Tennis Tutor Plus: Tennis feeder Machine

Key Features

  • Playtime:  4- to 6 hours
  • Custom Drills: yes, you can customize
  • Feed rate: 1.5-10 sec
  • Weight:  46Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Control: Remote or Install App on Phone or use a watch
  • Power: Rechargeable

Despite its small size, the Tennis ball feeder delivers the same level of performance as other ball machines. In addition, it gives the player a lot of freedom to choose where to play because you can play in the garden, ground, or on the court.

One of the most important things about this tennis feeder machine is that you don’t need a tennis court to use it. Due to its small size, you can put it anywhere you feel ok to run and face the volleys, be it on a road, in a garden, etc. 

Playing topspin and underspin with this outstanding machine is something else that you will experience if you get it. In my experience, it is very smooth in playing topspin and underspin.

Performance Chart of Top Tennis feeder Machine

performance chart of the superlative tennis tutor plus

Here you go, the pros and cons which will help you to see if you like this or not.

What We Like 

  • It comes with 3 years of warranty
  •  Highly customizable
  • Simple design and decent color
  • Durable and good playing time
  • Comfortable handle for maneuver 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Speed up to only 85mph

Infographics of Premier Tennis Ball Machine

Infographics of Premier Tennis Ball Machine

How Tutor Plus Tennis Feeder Is right Choice for you?

In case you have tried different types of machines and have trust issues, and now you are looking for a trustworthy machine, then this is the machine for you.

The tennis feeder machine has been on the market for 30 years now and has gained huge trust throughout the world. Many famous players use this feeder machine and carry it with them while traveling. 

Top Tennis Feeder Machine’s Outlook

Top Tennis Feeder Machine's Outlook

Bottom Line: Trust is one of the most important reasons for having a tennis tutor, which the manufacturer offers in the form of a 3-year warranty. This is a plus point to have faith in this machine and go for a try.

Easy navigation and good oscillations while performing like a pro tennis player is the specialty of this tennis machine.

7. Sports Tutor: Greatest Tennis Ball Throwing Machine

Among the best tennis ball machines for learners, this tennis ball shooter is the greatest one. If you wish to begin playing tennis every day, you should consult a guide. After gaining knowledge of tennis it would be a wise decision to own this machine rather than pay for private lessons.

Using Tennis Cube, you will gain a solid understanding of the game. Because this machine is made for those who are just starting the game. Like those machines we’ve mentioned above, this greatest machine also has a good Playtime of 3 hours.

Infographics of The Greatest Tennis Ball Throwing Machine

Infographics of Top Tennis Feeder Machine

We recommend this finest ball thrower for those who want to improve specific strokes. Because it has a max speed of 50mph, which makes it an ideal machine for rehearsing the strokes. Additionally, its weight of 24lbs makes it easy to navigate.

Key features to understand the specs of the ball thrower machine.

Sports Tutor: Tennis Ball Throwing Machine

Key Features

  • Playtime: 2-3 hours
  • Custom Drills: No, customization.
  • Speed:  10 to 50 MPH 
  • Feed rate: 2-10 sec
  • Weight: 24Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone, But starters are preferred
  • Power:  Rechargeable
  • Control:  Machine panel 

In general, it works the same as Lobster and Wilson, but there are some differences in ball speed, ball capacity, and playtime.

In addition, it lacks customization features. You will still experience incredible oscillations horizontal, and vertical. Because this machine has a built-in oscillation and is programmed for volleys.

But what if you don’t have 150 balls? In my opinion, 70 balls are still fine for starters.

Performance Chart of Greatest Tutor Ball Thrower Machine

Performance Chart of the greatest Tutor Ball Thrower Machine

We have experienced the following pros and cons.

What We Like 

  • Perfect playtime on a single charge
  •  It’s perfect for all level
  • It is easy to navigate 
  • It is very weightless 
  • Low power indicator option

What We Don’t Like

  • No customization

How Greatest Tutor Ball Thrower Machine is the Best choice for you?

The tutor ball thrower is the best tennis machine for you if you are looking for a machine that has simple features and is not hard to play. In other words, if you are looking for a machine that is so simple and not difficult to play with then this is very right tennis ball machine for you.

We have thousands of tennis lovers who play just to have fun and they do not have the capacity to face hard volleys and they look for a machine which is quite easy to play occasionally. So, this machine is the answer and the right one for you.

Sports Tutor: Best Tennis Ball Throwing Machine’s Outlook

Sports Tutor: Best Tennis Ball Throwing Machine's Outlook

Bottom Line: You have gone through all the features of this machine now, It is your decision. Both levels can benefit from it. But proficient players stay away from it. Honestly!

Easy navigation and customization is the best thing about this tennis machine.

8. Tennis Tutor Prolite: Best for Private Bowling

No matter how often you travel or whether you have to move it every day to the court, you will have no problem with its weight. This machine is designed for those who travel and want to take this machine with them.

It would have been a good experience if the machine has wheels but still, this magnificent ball shooter is not a heavy weight to carry. It takes only 5 seconds to prepare the balls for serving after switching on the machine.

Infographics of the Best Private Bowling Machine

Infographics of the great the greatest Tennis Ball Throwing Machine

This tennis bowling machine has a capacity of 125 balls, making it ideal for all levels. One of the best things about its battery is that it automatically stops overcharging in case you forgot to remove the plug and gives you 3 to 4 hours of playing time on a single charge.   

The following key specifications are essential to read. These will help you determine whether this machine fits your criteria or not. 

You got to go through key features,

Tennis Tutor Prolite: Best for Private Bowling

Key Features

  • Playtime: 3-4 hours
  • Custom Drills: No customization 
  • Speed:  10 to 60 MPH
  • Ball capacity: 125 balls
  • Weight: 40Ibs
  • Who can play: starters
  • Control:  From the control panel 
  • Power: Rechargeable

This private bowling machine throws balls at speeds ranging from 10 to 60 mph at various heights. From 10 to 60 is enough to meet your requirements. Because if you are an experienced tennis player 60 would be awesome and if you are not an experienced player you can choose between 10 to any suitable number.

However, this machine cannot adjust the topspin and backspin. Instead, it provides realistic training with a series of random balls on the ground and horizontal & vertical serves. We still consider it one of the best tennis ball machines for those who do not adore hard volleys.

Performance Chart of the Foremost Private Bowling Machine

Performance Chart of the Foremost Private Bowling Machine

Here are the pros and cons,

 What We Like

  • This machine is easily maneuverable
  •  Provides realistic training 
  • Warranty of three years
  • Durable and good playing time

What We Don’t Like 

  • No customization
  • No remote controller 

How Tutor Prolite can be the Best Choice for you?

Tutor Prolite is the best machine for you if you are not looking for high performing tennis machine which allows you to have a fully customizable experience including elevation and have the fastest volleys.

If you are looking for a machine that is light in weight and have very limited features as you are not a very well experienced player then after sports tutor this is the second-best machine for you.

Top Machine Prolite’s Outlook

Tennis Tutor Prolite: Best for Private Bowling

Bottom Line: Last but not least factor of tutor prolite: It is an easily maneuverable, and storage-friendly tennis ball shooter, including all other, simple features but has a good ball capacity of 125 balls.

9. Spinshot Plus-2: Foremost Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

If you want to improve your singles game and have a strong body that helps you stay robust during the match. Then this tennis ball pitcher has that ability that makes you the strongest and most skillful player. Because, this machine gives you real match play and makes you run and jump, where your strength lies.

The best feature of Spinshot plus 2 is that it offers 12 preprogrammed drills with six different shorts. However, it can still be customized according to your preferences.

There are 18 ball spin possibilities on this machine, including 9 levels of backspin and 9 levels of topspin.

Infographics of the Foremost Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Those familiar with Spinshot players will see many similarities within this machine and should not be dubious about purchasing this one because this one is as best as the player model.

Before moving further check these key features of the Spinshot plus-2 machine gun,

 Spinshot Plus-2: Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Key Features

  • Playtime:  2 – 3 hours
  • Custom Drills: yes, you can customize
  • Speed:  15 to 70 MPH
  • Ball capacity: 120 balls
  • Feed rate: 2-10 sec
  • Weight:  40Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Control:  Panel

Using this machine, you can control the drills and program them through remote control or smartwatch. Additionally, you can download an app on your phone to customize the drill from another side of the court.

Performance Chart of S-P-2 Premier Ball launcher gun

Performance Chart of S-P-2 Premier Ball launcher gun

The machine usually states that the playing time is 2-3 hours, but from our experience, this machine gives 4 to 5 hours of playing time on a single charge.

Want to know how?

We don’t just keep the machine on while we are having rest and we always take a rest after one and half hours for a few minutes. Rest is mandatory for your body and for your machine also.

Nevertheless, this ball launcher can make you a pro because this has a good speed of 70 mph and 120 ball capacity including other features like elevation and customizations.

However, you shouldn’t add high speed or fast feeding because running faster left to right wouldn’t be fun. But, if you want to train insane to become the best tennis player, then you have to go extreme and play hard and smart.

Pros cons to go through,

What We Like

  • Excellent, high-quality batteries
  • You can control it from a remote, watch, or app
  •   preprogrammed Drills
  • Durable and reliable

What We Don’t Like 

  • speed up to only 70mph

How Spinshot P-2 Launcher Gun can be the Best Machine for you?

This launcher gun is the best choice for you are looking for a machine that is designed in a compact shape and has high-performing abilities which can make your skills like a tennis player.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a machine that makes you run faster and jump higher to face high elevated shots then this machine is all you need.

Spinshot Plus-2: Supreme Tennis Ball Launcher Gun Outlook

Spinshot Plus-2: Tennis Ball Launcher Gun. amazing tennis ball machine

Bottom Line: So there you have it, folks! Experienced players should consider this if they’ve played before. Due to its multiple functions and ease of use, it can be used by a pro to take the game to next level.

10. Quickstart: Supreme Automatic Tennis Ball Server

If you are looking for the best tennis ball machines which make you play slow and easy then this auto tennis ball machine is all you need. Because this tennis ball dispenser is specially designed for those who are not able to face massive drills.

It has a very limited option like no customization drills, and ball speed is maxed at 28mph. Furthermore, It weighs 30lbs and can be controlled by only machine panels.

The most important key features of the automatic tennis ball server,

Quickstart the best tennis ball machines

Key Features

  • Playtime:  3 – 4 hours
  • Custom Drills:  No
  • Speed:  10 to 28 MPH
  • Ball capacity: 75 balls
  • Feed rate:2-10 sec
  • Weight:  30Ibs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
  • Control:   Panel
  • Power: Rechargeable

High-quality aluminum has been used to make this machine, which has a very elegant appearance. Quickstart is the cheapest tennis ball machine and is very beneficial for those who like to play it slow and occasionally, so it does not have wheels to maneuver, but it is very light, making it easy to carry from the house to the playground.

Performance chart of the Good tennis Ball Server

Performance chart of the Good tennis Ball Server

Whether you want to travel and bring it along in your car or keep it at home, the machine can easily meet all your requirements.

Pros Cons,

What We Like

  • Good design
  • low price
  • Durable machine
  • Reliable

What We Don’t Like

  • Without wheels
  • Max speed up to 28mph

Infographics of the supreme Automatic Tennis Ball Server

Infographics of the supreme Automatic Tennis Ball Server

As this machine is designed for slow tennis players, so it has a max of 75 balls capacity, and its feed rate is similar to other machines 2 to 10 seconds.

How Quickstart Automatic Tennis Ball Server can be the best Machine for you?

Quickstart machine is the best tennis machine for you if you are looking for a machine that doesn’t demand much to spend and has a simple outlook and very simple features.

Moreover, if you do not understand the control panel of a machine, then choose this one because this automatic tennis ball server does not need a lot of customization. The operation is simple and straightforward.  

Prime Quickstart Automatic Ball Server Outlook

Prime Quickstart: Automatic Tennis Ball Server

Bottom Line: Because of its durability and decent design, this is the perfect choice for occasional players. However, QuickStart is designed to give them good and easy match play.

Tennis Machine to Avoid (Why ?)

According to my experience, there is no such machine that is useless or say not worth buying. There are pros as well as cons to everything you get.

However, there are some tennis players or newbies who are not experienced in tennis machines, they just buy any machine which they think they like. That is the biggest mistake they do.

In the next part, you will see a machine to avoid buying if you fall in mentioned category.

Lobster Sports Phenom is of the most refined tennis machines. Many newbies do this mistake by getting this machine and then they feel little or no enhancement in their skills. Due to that fact, this machine has very innovative features which are not easy for a starter to have a good experience.

Furthermore, Phenom is a very expensive machine on the market. Therefore, all those tennis players who have just started playing tennis should avoid this machine and go for others that are not really expensive and good for learning which we have reviewed in this article.

Nevertheless, if you are a professional tennis player then, this machine could be your partner.

Lobster Sports Phenom

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us because we have authority in tennis machines more than any other topic. We have gone through 200 articles to get the idea of presenting the content to you guys. We have tested and tried more than 80+ best machines and have a vast knowledge of tennis machines.

However, we have run multiple experiments on our students to find out the best tennis machines and know which machine is performing best and which is a low performer. That is what made us gain the trust and guide all tennis machine enthusiasts.

Why you should trust us

How We Choose a Good Tennis Ball Machine?

We are four people who have been playing tennis since childhood. As a result, we have extensive tennis experience. Nonetheless, we have used almost all types of tennis machines from all brands. 

Our tennis academy uses ball machines to teach our students about tennis. From all the machines we have used, we have selected the machines that are the best in this article. Everything about their performance and structure is the best on the market. 

In essence, we look for the requirements. A lot of professionals use machines that simulate the actual match. Hence, we select Ball shooters based on their requirements. If a person wants a launcher gun to learn, we recommend a ball shooter for that purpose. 

How We Test Tennis Machine Performance. 

During decades of teaching students and playing ourselves, we have used almost all tennis machines. However, we consider the playing time, ball capacity, navigation, structure, customization, and oscillations. 

If any brand launches a new machine, we buy that machine and then we play with it and teach new technology to our students. That’s how we test.

The competition of Mentioned Best Tennis Ball Machines.

Competition of best tennis ball machines

As we have discussed the 10 best tennis machines here, you might be wondering, is that it? 

No, there are more tennis machines that are just as good like spin fire and Slinger bag. Spinfire makes sound while throwing balls and Sliger Bags are not suitable for professionals.

 Despite this, Slinger Bag has a lot to offer. There are plenty of packages to choose from. Still, this is not cool as compared to Lobster or Spinshot. 

Buying guide: Which one is good for you? What to look for before purchasing.

We have discussed every aspect of the best tennis ball machines in our review. These tennis machines are suitable for all levels of tennis players.

Now, you have to keep some essential factors in mind before choosing a tennis machine and those factors will make you choose the best tennis machine.

So, before ordering, it is important to understand this information.

With our comprehensive guide, you can find all the information you need to make the right choice. We want you to be completely satisfied with your decision.

Essential Features of Best Tennis Ball Machines

The tennis ball machines are not all the same; they differ in some ways. In the following significant features section, you will find all of the specifications for these machines.

You must take the time to read it carefully. Be sure that you understand exactly what you are looking for. Buy according to your needs.

Custom Drills

Using a custom drill means you want to program the machine to meet your needs. If you’re an experienced player, you can set up the machine to throw you strong volleys.

On the other hand, if you are just learning the tennis game, you can customize the machine to have slow tennis shots and slow top or backspin.

Moreover, Forehands and backhands are the same; you just need to place the machine in the right or left corner of the court to play both forehands or backhands.

That is why a custom drill feature is helpful here.

Let’s get into another most imperative feature “a playtime on a single charge”.

Battery Life

Each machine differs from the next. But when we talk about batteries there are most machines have a playing time of 3 to 8 hours on a single charge.

Now, there are two conditions if you travel often then you should focus on that machine which has good battery timing so, you wouldn’t have to charge the machine often.

Additionally, for those who want to play close to home, you can buy a regular machine. Or say you should focus on other factors like ball capacity or speed. Nevertheless, never compromise on playing time on a single charge because it will make you irritated.

Furthermore, another best and major buying guide factor is ball capacity!

Balls Capacity

Ball capacity of best tennis machines

Here’s a significant step! There are a lot of benefits as well as a lot of work. Let’s say you buy a machine with a capacity of 150 balls. After the game, be prepared to collect all the balls.

As well know that everything has its own pros and cons. A machine with a good ball capacity is considered the best machine but you have to collect the balls after every match. On the other side, a machine that has a low ball capacity will not disturb you to collect so many balls after every match.

However, there are two things to know! first, if you are the best tennis player, then you should go for those machines which are offering more and more balls to place in the hopper. Because it wouldn’t bother you during training to fill the balls again and again.

Secondly, if you are just starting the game then it’s ok to get the machine that has a max of 50 or 70 ball capacity. However, the scenario is different. A machine that can accommodate 150 or more balls is ideal if you’re focusing on training.

Random Oscillation

If you are a newbie and are looking for a machine that throws balls in one direction, you should not choose one with random oscillation. Because some machines don’t have customization functions and they are built-in random oscillations. And random features make the machine throw balls at a different locations from right to left.

In the beginning, facing a brutal ball machine makes no sense. This function will be useful to professional players or players who have been playing for some time. Because, in random oscillation, machines are modified to throw balls in different directions horizontally and vertically.

The high-priced machines typically have this feature, forcing the player to move from side to side and stay alert to hit the ball. It mimics gameplay.

Machine Controller

To use the customization system, you’ll need to download an app to your smartphone if your chosen machine has a smartphone app or you will get a remote controller.

Some machines are without a remote controller and mobile app feature. So, they just allow players to customize the machine from the control panel.

However, if you don’t have any idea about mobile apps or control panel customizations, you can watch a youtube video and it is so easy. Just a single video can make you an expert in customizing the tennis machine.

Furthermore, there are smart watches that come along with certain tennis machines. I liked those machines that offer smartwatches because wearing a smartwatch was comfortable for 90% of my students including me.

Feed Rate

ball feed rate of best tennis machines

The feed rate refers to the time between balls being thrown toward players. Tennis masters are used to the ball bombarding them every five seconds. Nevertheless, such volleys can be challenging for inexperienced tennis players.

Starters should go for a 10 to 20 seconds feed rate. There are many machines that can do this. Programming a machine for speed rate is up to you.

There are no hard and fast rules. You can choose any machine and program it according to your needs.

Furthermore, if you want to improve your specific tennis stroke then you can go a little slower or say very swift as well. It all depends on your requirements. Feed rate is all about throwing a tennis ball toward you at a certain speed.

Ball Spin

It is for professional tennis players who would like to play harder and improve their game. To impress their friends and family, many people want to show off by being fantastic tennis players. Therefore, they should play and master every aspect of the game.

That is why ball spin is one of the key features of ball machines that make an ordinary player the best.

Because when you simply play tennis without spinning balls you feel at ease with it but when you have to face topspin and backspins you find it tougher to strike back and hit the ball to make topspin and backspin.

Backspin and topspin are the two parts of spin, which turn an average player into an outstanding one.

Ball Speed

ball sped of best machines

The ball speed refers to how fast a player wants to shoot the ball. While some machines have ball speeds of 10 to 65 mph, others have speeds of 20 to 110 mph.
For new players, a normal speed feature is most convenient.

Even so, we have selected only the best tennis ball machines which can be used in all eras. Which has all essential tennis features and is rich in mimicking the actual match play.

Fortunately, there are almost all tennis machines that allow you to customize the machine to different speeds from high to low and vice versa.

Even, there are some evolved tennis machines that make each shot at different speeds and that is just for very well-experienced tennis players.

Features of Superlative Tennis Machines

feature of superlative tennis ball machine

One of the very first features of the Tennis machines is that they allow you to play the game alone without depending on anyone. Other features are listed below. 

  • SPIN: Tennis ball machines have a variety of ways of spinning the balls. The two most important methods are topspin and backspin.
  • Feed rate: This is the best feature for tennis players since it allows them to control the feed rate and play accordingly. If, for example, you want a low feed rate or a high feed rate, you can do that.
  • Elevation: This is one of the best features of tennis machines. Tennis machines with an elevation feature are considered to be the most evolved machines on the market. Balls are thrown high to make a player more likely to face multiple shots because of elevation. 
  • Oscillations: This is another great feature of tennis machines. Oscillating machines throw balls at different locations on the court. Some machines oscillate randomly, while others can be customized to oscillate manually.
  • Match mimic: Tennis machines recreate the experience of an actual match play. There are a variety of tennis shots that can be played on a tennis court by a player using a tennis machine. It is for this reason that tennis machines are so rich in all tennis shots and that they are so popular all over the world. There is no comparison between tennis machines and having a tennis partner. It is not always possible to have your tennis partner with you on the court, but tennis machines are always there and always available. 
  • Furthermore, there are so many benefits of tennis machines which we have covered in this article completely.

Difference Between Best and Worst Tennis Ball Machines

comparison between best and worst tennis machines

There are so many tennis machines in the market. All you need to learn is to choose the best one from the rest. But how you will decide or learn to get the top one from the rest?
All you got to do is follow the following characteristics to get a good tennis ball machine.

Good Tennis Ball Machine’s Characteristics

  • Good Navigations. A machine that has calm maneuvering is known as the best tennis machine.
  • Good Customisations. A machine that allows you to customize the speed, feed rate, oscillations, and elevation is the super tennis machine.
  • Guarantee or warranty. A machine that offers you, anyone, either a guarantee or warranty is known as the most trustful and best machine.

Worst Tennis Ball Machine

  • A tennis machine that has bad navigation is the worst machine.
  • A machine with no guarantee or warranty is the worst machine ever. Because the company is not offering trust, so you should stay away from that.
  • A tennis machine is the worst which has good ball capacity but less playtime on a single charge. Because it is tiring to fill the ball again and again.

Advice to Choose Supper Tennis Machine

We discussed the pros and cons, a complete guide, and a specification previously. You need to make the best choice on a tennis ball machine if you want to make an informed decision.

If you’re a professional, probably you shouldn’t bother reading it. In any case, this is intended for those who are not sure whether to buy or not after reading about it.

You should buy it if you play tennis regularly or pay to learn since it will save you money as well. You must know how to play tennis.

Assume you pay $100 per session and have five sessions a month. Your expenses will be $500. How about that?

The money you were spending on useless sessions can be saved by buying a machine within two months.

Ok! You may wish to consider group buying if you are still unable to afford it. This is a good idea, isn’t it? You can invite friends who play tennis with you all the time to buy tennis together. Alternatively, you can invite your closest friends to join you.

Our Recommendations:

We all have different opinions and different likings. However, (Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five) is our recommendation for a professional player who is a well-trained tennis player, and we believe it will provide you with a memorable experience.
For newcomers and intermediate players, the (Sports tutor tennis cube) machine is suitable.

Conclusion of Top Tennis Machines

That’s it, folks! Reading a complete guide and looking at all the reviews of the best tennis ball machines gave you the information you needed to make an informed decision.

You are now in a position to choose the best tennis ball machine to suit your needs.
We hope that the information we have provided in this article will make your knowledge of tennis ball machines more valuable and useful.

Stay fit and healthy!

QNA Regarding Good Tennis Machines

Every tennis machine allows playing in your own peace and has all the rich features that is the best tennis machine.

Just make sure the machine is fully charged or connected to the power source. After pressing the start button, you have to wait for 5 to 20 seconds for the machine to work fully.

A ball machine is intended to give you a good playing experience without needing to be fed balls. It isn’t uncommon to want to play but notice nobody else is interested in playing with you. Here comes the machine which will never say no to you. You can play anywhere at any time.

Five Supreme Tennis Ball Machine’s Infographics

Best tennis ball machines infographics

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