Warm-up Exercises For Tennis

It is imperative that all tennis players perform warm-up exercises for tennis to maintain a relaxed mindset, a flexible body, and a strong mindset. In order to achieve high rankings and win the show, tennis players go through the following exercises.

In order to take your game to the next level, you must start applying these steps, and you will instantly see the difference.

Warm-up Exercises For Tennis

Let’s understand the importance of warming up!


Why Warm-up Exercises For Tennis are Important?

During a tennis game, we warm up because we need to be highly prepared to hit tennis shots efficiently and defeat the opponent. That’s why we need to have a warm body with relaxed muscles to play effectively to beat the competitor.

Listen, you must make a decision that you will perform on the court energetically. That is the actual secret to out-perform and do wonder. Because the mind is everything.

In my experience, whether you believe it or not, I have consistently experienced many victories and recognition in my circle when I warm up my body and prepare to play exceptionally in court. Besides warming our muscles, we also train our minds indirectly to play spectacularly and do miracles.

Therefore, you must practice before the game to succeed at crossing its obstacles confidently because your mind and body get fully energized for the tennis game and give 100%.

Furthermore, you should use tennis ball machines for tennis with either a Silent partner or a sports tutor. Because you can play any time and anywhere. It’s quite simple to get a tennis ball machine.

Benefits of Warming up Before Playing Tennis:

In tennis, it is essential to jump high and move quickly from left to right. An effective warm-up is vital because your body needs time to prepare for the storm.

In order to perform at a high level on the court, your body must be active, soft, and supple. This is why it is crucial to stretch sufficiently before beginning the game.

Now, let’s get into the exercises and know all of them.

Pre-Practice Important Stretches:

I’ve already discussed the importance of pre-practice exercises to have perfect warm-up exercises for tennis. Now you should be aware of some essential stretches before you begin practicing.

These stretches are the best ones for tennis players to practice when they are starting their exercises.

Pre-Practice Important Stretches

The average time to hold a stretch is between 30 and 50 seconds, which helps to prepare a single muscle for full activity.
Here are the best stretches to get you started and incorporate into your daily exercise routine.

Here we go, peeps!


Practicing plank pose is a great way to strengthen your arms, upper body, legs, and as well as your stomach. So you may be pondering how to do that?


Here are the complete instructions. You must do your plank by placing your entire foot against the wall. Now hold there for ten deep breaths but remember, don’t let your hips dip or rise. Then place the knees down in the child’s pose.

Another way to do plank is lowering your shoulders and placing your hands on the floor, facing away from each other. Your hands must be directly underneath your shoulders on the plank. Draw the stomach in, keep breathing for 10 sec, and then rest in the child’s pose again.


Firstly, let me clear the purpose of high knees. Its main purpose is to give your glutes a high movement. It will also increase your heartbeat rate, which also means we burn more calories.

While performing high knees, stand tall with your feet covering hip-to-shoulder width and your arms at your sides. Opening your chest, look straight ahead, and engage your muscles. Now start pumping your arms and focus on getting your knees up in front of your body.

To modify the movement, take out a jump and bring your hands high with the most body parts you can get moving.


To perform a leg swing, first, make sure that you have plenty of space. You can either stand on one foot or any other support like a wall. Now holding your support, stand beside it in a way so that one hand can hold onto the support, and the other hand must be resting on your hip.

Keeping your core tight and your back straight, like a pendulum, start to swing the leg farthest away from the support. In the beginning, do it slowly to warm up, then increase the height of your swing. But make sure not to swing so far that the hips start to rotate or your back begins to bend.


To make the lateral lunges, stand tall with your hands on your hips or in front of your chest. Now a significant step to the left side, bend the left knee and straighten the right knee. In the next step, lower your hips downward, and raise your back by stepping the left foot back to the center but keep your chest lifted.

To warm up your body, repeat the same method on the opposite side for one complete set. You can continue practicing this for 30 sec maximum. That was pretty normal, but if you want a challenging way, you can hold weights or dumbbells in your hands


Next, we have another fantastic exercise for your daily warm-up, which is known as arm circles. This warm-up exercise increases muscle stretches in your triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

First of all, stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart but don’t open your legs to a more considerable extent.

Then extend your arms parallel to the floor. Now doing small under-controlled movements, circle your arms forward. Then gradually stretch your triceps and make the circles bigger. You should continue the process by reversing the circles for about 10 seconds.


Now we have another way to pre-practice before going to the court, and that is jumping jacks. This is a basic cardiovascular exercise.

Now, how are you going to do that?

First of all, stand still, putting your legs together and arms on your side. Then, while bending your knees slightly, start jumping into the air. When you jump, make sure your legs should be shoulder-width apart.

Now stretch your arms out and above your head. Repeat it several times for an adequate warm-up. You can do that exercise by engaging in a small space. I have found this one of the best warm-up exercises for tennis.

Nevertheless, if you are using tennis machines you can take benefit from facing high shots of vertical serves. This will help you jump very well and that is good tennis exercise.

Best Warm-up Exercises To Perform Before Playing Tennis

There are various exercises to warm up including footwork drills, but we have chosen the best one to show you, which will be the pro exercises to give you a fantastic experience for pre-competition.

Let’s jump right in to get the best information, after which you do not need to research or ask anyone around.


Cardio is helpfull to get good warm up

Cardiovascular exercise is an essential warm-up before getting on the court for competition. This exercise delivers more oxygen which makes your heart and lungs energetic to perform any activity.

Cardio exercises have several forms, like butt kicks, lateral shuffles, crab walks, and standing oblique crunch. Speed skaters and jumping jacks are also considered essential cardio pre-practice exercises for tennis players. You must do these cardio warm-ups for at least 50-60 seconds.


Butt Kicks to warm up the tennis game

Butt kicks are powerful aerobic exercises that will surely make a difference in your performance on the court. These are the easiest and most effective warm-ups. While doing so, stand straight with your feet about hip distance apart and your arms at your side.

By contracting the muscle, gradually bring your right heel to your buttocks. Now place the ball of your right foot back on the floor and bring your left heel to your buttocks. Repeat this motion by alternating the position of the heels and increasing the speed slowly.


Another fantastic way to warm up your body before playing tennis on the court is the inverted hamstring exercise. How to do the inverted hamstrings? Let’s get to the point. Firstly, raise your arms. Your arms can be out in front of you or to the sides.

Now bend your knees slightly. Then keeping your back straight, lower your chest parallel to the floor and bend at the hips. Now lift your right foot off the floor, raising your right leg. Keeping it erect, repeat it further times and hold the inverted hamstring for about 15-30 seconds.


Jumping rope for warming up exercises for tennis

Rope jumping is not a challenging exercise but is very effective for pre-practice on the tennis court. Pick up the handle of the rope in each hand and begin with the string behind you.

To move the rope, rotate your forearms forward and swing them above your head. Now bend your knees slightly.

When the rope passes your shins, jump by springing from your toes. After jumping a few times, you’ll get to know when to jump again. When your calves get tired, you can change the hops. Also, you can do this warm-up for a few minutes.


Here we have another warm-up exercise to pre-practice before performing on the court. You should always start sprinting after some speed walking and various stretches. Don’t just pull the plug quickly; take time to jog and stretch when your heart rate slows down.


Take your 1st sprint moderately for 30 seconds, then slow down your speed and walk for a few seconds before starting the second sprint. Continue this method for at least 20 minutes. You will be sweating and highly energized to beat the opponent in tennis.


Before playing competitively, you must use mini tennis to warm up your body and play like a pro. In mini tennis, you must start with the slice and focus on your footsteps.

While playing, move your hitting arm forward from your body. Mini tennis also warms up your eyes and sharpens your saw.

Next, you must try sticking your racquet forward in relation to yourself. Finally, use your body rotation and hands to play the ball. This technique will help you to make better strokes on the court.


The last exercise from warm-up exercises for tennis to boost your tennis playing ability is shadowing. While shadowing, move around your body, swinging the racket in the air. In the first round, you should mix backhands, volleys, forehands, and overheads in any pattern.

Do this continually for 2 minutes and take a rest for 30-40 seconds. After that, you must repeat this pattern for 6-10 rounds with the same breaks in between to get the best results.

How do Tennis Warm-up Exercises Affect Your Body?

When you perform warm-up exercises, you go through multiple procedures which we have discussed above. Now, let’s understand how warm-up exercises affect our bodies.

First of all warming up before a tennis game makes our body completely flexible which helps us to move from right to lift easily and more efficiently.

The second most amazing part of the warm-up exercise is it keeps your body more energetic and pumped up which makes you jump higher and hit the shots forcefully.

The 3rd, when your body is energetic and flexible, you get low chances of getting an injury. These 3 are the major parts of going to perform warm-up exercises for tennis.

How you Will Perform Without Warm-up Exercises?

When you will go to the tennis court without performing warm-up exercises you will never be able to beat the opponent who has performed warm-up exercises. You will not have that energy that comes after warming up.

There will be a high chance for you to get an injury and get body pain. Moreover, there will be a high chance for you to fall or miss important tennis shots due to a lack of flexibility in your body.

Do tennis athletes perform tennis warm-up exercises?

The most common question. Only those players ask who hate to perform warmup exercises. Nevertheless, Yes Tennis professional athletes are always up to perform warm-up exercises. They also go to the gym to build mussels and perform multiple exercises including running, yoga, jumping, and warming up.

So for your kind information, tennis professional players always are up for warmups and all other exercises.

Tennis Game Without Warm-up Exercises.

When we talk about tennis games without warmup exercises we go blank. How a player will perform on the court without warming up?

There will be laziness and fatigue. Without warmup exercises, no one is going to have energy. Even the watcher will also go boring and no one will feel enthusiastic about the team. That is why tennis warm-up exercises are so important.

Faqs Regarding Warm-up Exercises

Stretching is really good for playing any kind of sport, especially tennis and this really helps to stay active and move fast to play significantly.

Yes, yoga is really helpful for tennis players because it makes your body smooth and flexible.

No! once he said that ” I used to do yoga when I had back pain but now I am not doing this anymore because its hard to maintain this routine with other work”

Because Roger Federer uses a pre-match diet like banana and energy drink which helps him to perform well on the court.


In my opinion, if you follow the exact steps to have warm-up exercises for tennis and repeat them before any game, you will rock it for sure if you follow the steps strictly and do as I have mentioned.

Nonetheless, make sure to let us know about your reading experience. You can write a comment below and even send us an email. We will appreciate your response.
Have a healthy and victorious life!

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