Does A Tennis Ball Machine Serves a Ball Vertically

The tennis machine is the only tennis equipment that makes you able to have multiple things at the same time. The amazing feature of tennis machines is throwing balls vertically. Today we are going to show you about vertical oscillation of the tennis ball machine. Many tennis players are still confused and ask does A tennis ball machine serves a ball vertically.

Not every machine is equipped to throw the ball vertically but there are almost all ball machines throw the ball horizontally.

So, let’s explore vertical oscillation and how tennis machines through balls vertically.

This is how Vertical Oscillation looks like,


How A tennis Ball Machine Serves a Ball Vertically

A machine that has a vertical oscillation function throws the ball at height. Normally machines have 0-50 or 0-60 degrees of vertical oscillation. This degree of vertical oscillation is awesome for all levels of tennis players. However, if you are a pro tennis player you might need a little more in height.

How A tennis Ball Machine Serves a Ball Vertically

Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Ball Serve.

Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Ball Serve.

Horizontal oscillation means when a machine moves from right to left and throws the ball into all directions of the court is called horizontal oscillation.

There are machines that have built-in oscillation where machines don’t move entirely but rotating wheels move merely.

On the other side, vertical oscillation means when a machine throws balls in height into different heights. This is known as vertical ball serve.

Who should have Vertical Ball Serve?

In most cases, normal tennis players never intend to have this feature but this is a must if you are intending to be an outstanding tennis player. Or say you have massive plans to dominate the tennis world. Vertical oscillation makes you able to make amazing top shots.

When you face the most talented tennis player and you would not hesitate to beat or face those shots even for a second.

How does vertical ball serve to help you?

How does vertical ball serve help you?

When you face vertical serve, you become amazing in facing balls in height and you become very good at jumping high. Vertical serve is made to make you a player which can hit the ball at various heights and who always stays ready to make all kinds of tennis shots.

Which Machine has Vertical Serve?

There are many tennis machines that have vertical serves. Some of them are the Wilson machine and the Lobster tennis machine. Both these tennis machine brands make you a superb, skilled, and versatile tennis player.

Which Machine has Vertical Serve?

How Vertical Serve Can Impact Your Game?

Vertical serve plays an important role in a tennis game. If you have included vertical serve in your daily rehearsing routine, you will have a good command of facing the overhead shots.

During the tennis match, there are some shots above your head and the tennis machines are rich in serving the overhead shots. Training those shots and rehearsing them every day could be the best decision and will make you a little better tennis player.

Tennis Machine Vertical Serve vs Tennis Partner

When you play with your tennis partner you will face some falls vertical ball serve. Because a human can not feed the ball in the same direction over and over again. But when you have a tennis ball machine for vertical serve you will face the same vertical serves in the same line and in the same height.

That is why tennis ball machines are necessary for vertical ball serve and you will improve your forehead shots over time.


Tennis machines are very amazing at throwing ball vertical serve and we have experienced these features we do teach this vertical serve to our new tennis players. However, tennis machines are really amazing to have for learning vertically serve.

I hope you have got the answer to does A tennis ball machine serves a ball vertically.

Enjoy Vertical service with friends.

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