Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Silent partner tennis ball machine reviews will guide you all about this brand and all the machines.

However, you will also get the information that will help you to know your requirements and get to know if this brand really meets your needs.

Do you play tennis and feel like not a good player compared to your other friends?

Well! here the silent partner is the product that is all you need and will enable you to improve your strokes and make you a better player on the court.

Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Enhancing your tennis game is tough when you do not have a tennis coach or silent partner who aids you to improve your stroke. In my experience, a Silent partner is always helpful in getting better at tennis and even saving money on expensive lessons.

There are many tennis brands manufacturing ball machines but why Silent partner is different and what are the good and bad features of Silent Partner? We are going to cover everything about this brand in detail.

Before moving to a depth review here are our favorite machines out of all silent partner machines.

Silent partner tennis ball machines


History of Silent Partner

Silent Partner is a tennis machine brand based in Canada and they also have an office in Toronto. John Bassili is a former tennis player who is the owner of this brand he had amazing tennis skills which drove him to build this brand which brings ease to all tennis passionate players.

Being a tennis passionate you like to practice every day even if you have someone who plays with you or not. That is what made Jhon build Silent Partner on his own to not wait for anyone.

So, Jhon create his very first machine and named it “Pro” which brought him confidence in him and later he moved toward Scoop and Edge series which are worldwide famous.

Performance Chart of Silent Partner Tennis Machine

Performance Chart of Silent Partner tennis machine

Let’s begin the review and talk about all of them.

Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Reviews begins here.

Silent Partners has manufactured many tennis machines each one having its own features and significance. So, we are going to review the most important silent partner machines which are famous and widely accepted by tennis lovers.

Silent Partner EDGE SERIES

Edge Series has 3 types of machines which we are going to discuss below. However, In my experience, these series offer many beneficial features. That is why I always recommend to my students to go for EDGE SERIES.

Before moving to reviews and other details of the silent partner tennis machine let’s take a look at the key features of all those machines which belong to the Edge Series.

Key Features

  • Easy Navigations
  • Good Play timing on a single charge
  • Oscillation
  • Customizations
  • Light Weight
  • User friendly
  • Manual elevation
  • Made for all types of tennis players
  • Good traveling friend

Let’s dive into other factors of the Edge series.

1 – Edge Lite: Silent Partner

Edge Lite Silent Partner

Edge Lite: Silent Partner has multiple functions including 200 ball capacity and random oscillation. If you want to groove your ground stroke and learn from zero, then Edge Lite is a cool option to go for.

If you are a person who hates to take heavyweight moves then let me tell you that this is one of the lightest weight tennis ball machines on the market with all the refined functions.

Moreover, Edge lite is good for all tennis players due to its customization, and easy navigation.

Control Panel

When it comes to customizations, you will have a control panel, where you can run all your customizations. There are 3 major buttons that help you with feed, speed, and spin. Furthermore, there is one large button that switches off and on the machine. You can customize the machine to your liking or can set it to random oscillations.

Control panel of edge lite

How Edge Lite Silent Partner could be the right choice for you?

Edge lite tennis ball machine could be the right choice for you if you are looking for a trusted brand that has so much to offer but every functionality is cal and easy to use. The machine is rich in all features and also very simple to operate.

Bottom Line: Edge lite is made for a productive practice where a tennis player can have good topspin and backspin. However, this machine is designed for entry-level tennis players with random oscillators. Furthermore, you don’t worry about paying much for this machine.

2 – EDGE SPORT Silent Partner

EDGE SPORT Silent Partner

Edge sport is a little progressive as compared to Edge Lite’s silent partner. It has two best functions, it doesn’t throw balls consistently but it takes time which is beneficial for players to get ready and get in position.

In addition, the 2nd benefit is its playing time which is enough for a well-trained tennis player to play for a long time.

Furthermore, almost all Silent partner machines have good performing capacities. However, Edge Sport has more speed and spin capabilities than any other.

Nevertheless, if you think about its portability, it is very lightweight at 47 lbs which makes it easier to move and place where ever you want without any fatigue.

However, you can close its ball hooper and it becomes smaller in size, which is good to place in the car or replace.

Infographics of EDGE SPORT Silent Partner

EDGE SPORT Silent Partner infographics

Control Panel

When we talk about control panels there is not much difference between Edge sport and Edge Lite. You will have three switches in which speed, spin, and feed are involved.

When you turn the button on it takes 15 minutes to throw balls, which is advantageous for a player to get in the position.

Control panel of edge sport

Why Edge Sport is Our Choice?

We like the Edge Sport tennis machine because of its small shape and simple control panel. However, when you will wheel the machine it brings ease and calmness in every move of maneuvering. Another fascinating thing is the closeable ball hooper that makes you convert the machine smaller in shape to fit anywhere.

Bottom Line: Edge sport is very good at delaying the ball feed. You would have enough time to face another ball if you are new to the tennis game. Moreover, this machine has a good play time on a single charge as compared to other silent partner machines.


Fortunately or unfortunately Edge series all look the same.


Edge star is the top-class tennis ball machine of the Silent Partner series lineup. The best part of this machine is, that it allows you to control the machine from another site of the court via a remote controller.

The remote controller has two functions in which feed and sweep are involved.

With the capacity of 200 balls, it is very lightweight at 47 lbs which is obviously a good sign for those who hate heavy machines.

However, the random oscillation function is the best part of this machine which makes you a well-experienced tennis player by hitting random shorts.

Control Panel

The Control panel of this machine is the same as the other LITE, SPORT, and STAR. All Edge series has three buttons to customize the machine with an extra switch to turn the machine on and off.

Control panel of edge star silent partner

Bottom Line: This machine is the boss of the EDGE series. Because this machine offers you a remote controller which is plus factor to control the machine’s feed rate and oscillations.

Silent Partner Scoop Series

After the success of EDGE SERIES, the company started to build another amazing series which is known as SCOOP SERIES. This series has an amazing machine as in EDGE SERIES. When we compare EDGE and SCOOP you will notice that SCOOP has some developed functions as compared to EDGE. Nevertheless, let’s begin the SCOOP one by one.



An AC – DC hybrid tennis ball machine is more powerful in the case of throwing balls, speed, and feed rate. This machine is specially designed for evolved tennis players to become the best and most skillful tennis players.

This machine has the best customization system as compared to all tennis ball machines like Lobster and SpinShot. It has 24 buttons on the control panel and 22 buttons on the remote controller. Now, what do you want else? You have the entire world to customize with these buttons. lol

This machine is also very lightweight and easy to navigate from place to place. However, if you just have started playing tennis then you shouldn’t go for this machine because you must have some experience of playing tennis so then you get one of the Silent partner machines.



QUEST is one of the good-rated machines in the Silent partner series. This is the highest performing in the SCOOP series. The scoop series is famous among all tennis players due to its highest speed and more spin potential.

If you think Scoop will improve your game and take your skill to the next level then you are absolutely right. I have used this machine during the winter of 2020 and I have found it wonderful and easy navigation with a weight of just 40lbs.

The best thing about this machine is its memory function which allows you to save any customized shots and play them again whenever you want.

Furthermore, you have another soundest thing a remote controller which is an obvious thing to be admired, and you that it will help you to control the machine from another side of the court.

Nevertheless, if you want more best tennis machines we have an amazing collection of machines.



This machine is an astonishing ball capacity of 300 balls. It is beneficial to evolve tennis players to keep playing for long hours on a single charge. With a weight of 40lbs, this machine has a remote controlling function as well.

Furthermore, the random oscillation function helps you to get better by facing the random shorts across the court. However, this machine has the finest power capacity to hit the ball peacefully.

With 16 remote functions you can save up to three memories in this machine and that is the pro function of this machine.

How Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Can Be Good for you?

A silent partner tennis machine can be a good and bad partner for you. There are some important and most considerable features which will describe if this machine is the right partner for you or not.

When you are looking for a machine that has a good ball and high-performance capacity including random and customizable oscillations the silent partner is the one, which will fulfill your needs.

Furthermore, these machines can make your tennis program more creative because you can customize every single shot like top and backspin, Elevation, and oscillations.

Why Silent Tennis Machine Can not Be Righteous For you.

You should not have this Silent Partner brand if you are looking to have a built-in oscillator and if you are expecting a machine that has a fixed ball hooper. Moreover, this machine has not large wheels which can help you navigate through every place.

Who Needs to have Silent Partner Ball Machine?

This tennis ball machine is designed for those players who are not willing to be professional tennis players. Those who just want to add tennis games as a part-time hobby should consider this.

The silent partner ball machine is not designed for evolved tennis players due to a lack of evolved features. However, those who cannot pay high and are also not willing to have the new tennis machine features should have a silent partner ball machine.

Why Silent Partner Ball Machine Is Our Choice?

A silent partner machine is our choice because it gives good time to our new students. Those who are not able to face massive volleys and evolved ball machines consider silent partner ball machines.

Another reason to have this ball machine is low payment. Other machines like Lobster phenom cost a lot and as compared to those machines this is simple and easy to customize. Moreover, this machine has a very easy customization function and good ball speed. That is why the Silent partner machine is our choice.

Why Silent Partner Tennis Machine is Different?

why silent partner machine is different?

Silent partner tennis machine manufacturers take responsibility for buying to your satisfaction. However, many tennis machine brands have 3rd parties who sell their products but Silent partner never does that.

This Tennis brand sells their machine direct to customers and takes care of everything personally. Therefore, customers are happy and most tennis players prefer to buy from Silent partner.

If we talk about the machines, these machines are very lightweight and high performing with good playing time and focus on quality always. Nevertheless, You will get a good experience from the company and from playing with the machine.

In my experience, this brand offers all features one best tennis player needs from playing time on a single charge to navigation. The best thing about silent partner companies is they have made it simple and comfortable. even a newbie can have a good experience from the day first.

Pros and Cons of Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine

Pros and cons of silent partner tennis machine

In the tennis market, there are hundreds of tennis devices and I guarantee that there is no one machine that has no cons. Every tennis machine has a few cons as well as pros.

All you need to do is never compromise on the mandatory requirements.

Pros of Silent Partner

  • This brand offers good playing time on a single charge
  • Ball capacity is good as compared to other brands.
  • Lightweight and easy navigation
  • Compact structure
  • Customizable
  • All level tennis players can play
  • It lasts for years if take care of the machine

Cons of Silent Partner

  • Little expensive
  • Most of the machines are not highly customizable

Buying Guide of Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

When your get really serious about having a tennis ball machine for the first time or even if you have brought one before. You must need to learn everything about that machine in depth. Buying guide helps you to know what are your needs and what this brand is offering to you.

Let’s begin to know what is important in buying guide.

1 – Play Timing

The first and far-most thing I used to educate all Silent Partner lovers is to check a machine’s playing time. What happens, When we spend a heavy amount of money by just getting inspired by the structure or the customizations of the machine without knowing the min and max playtime. We get stuck with it. Because some machines only give 2 to 3 hours of playtime and you expect to play for 5 to 6 hours.

You will be disappointed. If you don’t consider power check.

2 – Navigation

Navigation means when you want to move the machine and you should have the wheel to move. There are machines that do not have tires to move. However, you should make sure which type of machine you are willing to purchase, one with wheels or one without wheels

3 – Customisations

Machines which has a control panel and allow you to set custom shots are good for having a good experience. There are machines that do not allow you to customize them. Now, you have to decide which machine you are willing to choose.

4 – Ball Capacity

A silent partner is the best machine that gives good ball capacity. you should consider a machine which has a ball capacity of 150 to 200. in addition, I would say you should also consider a close-able ball hopper. Because, when you want to travel from place to place you shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating the machine.

Essential Feature Of Silent Partner Tennis Machine

Every machine has some different features and some unique value to offer tennis players. So the Silent partner is.

Remote control

The remote control is the best feature where you can control the machine from the opposite side of the court. Silent partner machine offers a remote controller which has 22 buttons on the machine and that means you can control almost everything from the remote.


Memory is a unique feature of the Silent partner tennis machine. One can store any tennis drills and save them to practice another day. For example, one day you have customized the machine for feeding your specific balls and you have turned on the button of saving the drills.

After finishing the game you can save the drills to play the next day and next day and so on.

FAQS Regarding Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Yes! silent partner tennis machines are good for levels and all ages to have good tennis routines.

This is so simple just plug in the charger to electricity and that’s it. However, you can use AC/DC fast chargers when you are in an emergency but never rehearse this every time because this fast charging harms battery life.

The silent partner is one of the fairest on the market. This brand provides value and warranty as well. However, buying a silent partner could be your best decision.

Silent partner tennis machines make you a good tennis player by having good customizations and make you able to shoot good topspin and backspin including good feed rate.


This was a comprehensive Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine Review which will get you the best machine to meet your all needs and make you a pro-level tennis player.

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