Tennis Tutor vs Lobster: One is surely Better

The main difference between tennis tutor vs lobster is the size, structure, and color. You have the complete guide below which will educate you about both of them entirely.

Most of the time people get confused about deciding between tennis machines. Because when you search about them you find all of them cool good to meet your requirements. However, choosing between those famous brands becomes tough.

That’s why in this article we are going to compare between two most wanted tennis machines the Tennis Tutor vs Lobster.

In my opinion, this is the best way to get the machine which has more features or say which meets your requirements.

Furthermore, at the end of this article, I am going to share which machine is my favorite and why I like that one.

Before moving to comparison, here are some charts which will make you understand how many people are searching these machines and trends in countries based on their Popularity.

Chart Number 1″monthly searches of each machine”

Monthly Searches of Tennis Tutor and Lobster across internet

Chart number 2 “Trend of the machine”

Tennis Tutor and Lobster across the world

So, let’s begin the comparison in depth including all other factors.


Comparison of Tennis Tutor vs Lobster

Tennis Tutor

Tennis tutor

A Tennis tutor is a machine used to train the professional tennis player at ATP. If you are willing to take your game to next level then this best tennis machine is all you need.

Tutor’s easy navigation made it the most demanding machine among aged tennis lovers.

It is very lightweight with the best part and helps in easy navigation.

A Tennis tutor is a machine that has oscillation built in. As compared to Lobster this machine doesn’t move from right to left for horizontal oscillations. This is good for evolved tennis players because they do not need to know where the next ball is going to train smarter.

However, Tennis Tutor is not good for newbies, because they will remain unpredicted and obviously they will miss many shots. This might discourage them.

Tennis Tutor comes with highly customizable features and has good playtime on a single charge which makes you play on the court for long hours.

Pros of Tennis Tutor

  • Lightweight
  • Three years of warranty
  • Programmable
  • Good playtime

Cons Of Tennis Tutor

  • Low ball capacity
  • Not for Professionals

Key specification of Tennis Tutor

  • Playtime: 4 to 6 hours
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Dimensions: 20 x 22 x 14″
  • Feed Rate: 1 to 12 sec
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Speed Range: 10 to 60mph



In the 1970s Harry Giuditta founded the Lobster company to make tennis players play alone whenever and wherever.

Lobster is the most refined and highly customizable tennis machine which is also easy to maneuver.

It has smooth wheels which make this easily move even if you have a full ball hopper.

The lobster is designed into a very beautiful shape and when you play oscillations it moves from right to left which becomes easy for newbies to predict the shots.

However, sometimes it is bad for progressive players because this machine reveals where the next ball is going.

Lobster tennis machines have a foldable handle and also ball hopper is removable when you want to store the machine.

However, you still can navigate the machine while the ball hopper is on and full of 150 balls.

With good power, this machine is made for good tennis players.

Pros of Lobster

  • 12 Preloaded and custom drills
  • Remote Controller
  • Customizable
  • Easy to move

Cons of Lobster

  • Ball capacity is only 150
  • Red color may irritate some people

Key specification of Lobster

  • playtime: 4 to 5 hours
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Dimensions: 29″ x 21″ x 15.5″
  • Feed rate: 2 to 10 sec
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Speed Range: 10 to 80 mph

Tennis Tutor vs Lobster Which One is Right For You?

As we have discussed all essential points of both tennis tutor vs Lobster from pros/cons to key features. Now let’s figure this out, how you will choose between these machines. And which machine is right for you?

First of all both machines are great because we have experienced both of them and even our majority of students are liking both of them. If you are looking to have a machine for intermediate to advanced tennis players you should follow the link.

However, Lobster is a little easy to move from place to place because of its comfortable handles and good wheels.

Lobster offers 2 years of warranty and Tennis Tutor offers 3 years.

The best thing about lobster is good oscillation side by side as compared to Tutor.

Both machines have good playtime on a single charge but the question is which machine is the winner? Honestly, I will leave this question to you because you are the person who will spend most of your time playing with one of these.

Furthermore, I think you should also buy a tennis machine for your dogs if you have one.

How are we Eligible to differentiate between tutor and Lobster?

We are a group of four people who play tennis since childhood and now we are running a tennis academy where we have numerous machines to train our students.

However, we have used almost all kinds of tennis machines and our experience allows us to differentiate between tutor and lobster.

It’s not merely our experience, we also check on our students and ask them which machines they like and why they like any of the machines. After that, we write about them to guide our readers.

Which one is My favorite?

As you have gone through the entire article, now you know what is right for you. You should have a clear picture of which one you want.

However, I like lobster. The biggest reason I like this machine is its looks and the way it oscillates. In my opinion, when lobster moves from right to left it’s cool for me to predict the shots.

Our Verdict about Lobster vs Tennis Tutor

Tennis tutor and Lobster are both our favorite tennis machines and we have been playing with these big giants for years now. That is what makes us show you the facts and the benefits including drawbacks of these machines.

In our tennis academy, there are more than 200 students and we have run an experiment on these machines with them. So, we have compiled the data and shown that here in this article.

Now, we have completed the article about Lobster vs Tennis tutor ball machines. However, You wouldn’t get regret choosing any of these tennis machines. Both have pros and cons but ultimately both are beneficial and belong to the most promising tennis brands.

Which one is more Robust and unbreakable?

If you want to know the strongest machine then I would say the tennis tutor is the strongest one. Because this one is smaller in shape and made up of strong plastic as compared to the Lobster tennis machine.

However, the Lobster is also the strongest and made up of strong plastic.

Conclusion of Tennis Tutor vs Lobster

That’s all tennis lovers. We are done. We have shown you the most important features including pros and cons.

Now, it’s your time to decide which one is better for you. Because we do not know what are your requirements for tennis ball machines. All we could do is show you the difference between tennis Tutor vs Lobster that’s what we have done. Nevertheless, have fun.

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