How Many Calories Does Tennis Burn

Having tennis games every day is exciting, but it’s even more fun to know that you will also achieve perfect physical fitness from it by losing calories. But, how many calories does tennis burn? Let’s find it out!

Many people go to the gym regularly to lose weight; however, consistent tennis players don’t need a gym to lose calories. Tennis cuts calories when you move quickly from left to right and jump to shoot topspin and backspin one hour a day. According to many weight loss masters and other fitness freaks, tennis is one of the best ways of losing calories. 

In this article, I will describe how I burn more than 728 calories in an hour. In addition, what do you need to do to lose more calories?


Calories Burned Playing Tennis 

Most fat-burning specialists recommend to people that they start dieting and take up exercise in their daily lives. However, for the average person, gym time is a challenge. It takes courage to go to the gym every day. people go for a couple of weeks before giving up due to the pain and dedication. 

Here comes the other way of burning calories smoothly and quickly with intervals of time. If you want to lose fat, playing tennis is a great way to do it. While playing the game, there is no feeling of stress. Tennis is more common than going to the gym. In fact, it is the quickest and easiest way to lose calories.

 The more you become good at playing tennis, the more you lose weight and get command of all four grips of tennis. In the beginning, you only play with the chopper grip, but as time passes, you learn the eastern grip, semi-western grip, and western grip.

Gaining expertise in the game and losing more calories will take time. The only thing you need to do is keep playing regardless of the results. After a few months, you will notice results. 

Now, you must be thinking who will play with me every day right?

Relax, you do not need a person to play tennis with you. You can get portable tennis ball machines. because tennis machines are all you need to play any time and anywhere. Furthermore, you can choose between a tennis tutor and a lobster to have a good match for your requirements.

Is Tennis a Good Sport for Burning calories

Is Tennis a Good Sport for Burning calories

Yes, tennis is one of the top sports in the world which helps you lose weight as well as play. In North, America Tennis is the second most famous game which burns more calories.

This only works if you play consistently and the right way. If you are thinking that you will play slow and stand in one spot and you will gain tennis skills, it’s not gonna work that way.

You have faced strong volley with random oscillation or say you have to move fast from right to left side of the court which will help you lose calories and get good tennis skills as well.

 Medium Intensity Tennis Burn 

 Medium Intensity Tennis Burn 

An average person burns approximately 400 calories, but the number can differ depending on the player’s intensity. Having heavyweight and playing slowly will result in losing fewer than 400 calories.

Another example is when a person plays tennis with swift speed and plans to beat backspins and topspins; this is the point where a person touches more than 600 calories. 

Moreover, there is an increasing number of professional tennis players who enjoy going to the court five times each week with their friends; these players know the best warm-up exercises for tennis and are well-trained to smash the shorts. Losing over 700 calories is not uncommon for them. It’s because they are sufficiently skilled at playing games.

In addition, there are players who cannot play the game, yet they play to learn or make a habit of sports. Since they do not know how this performs, it’s unlikely that they could lose more than 300 calories. I would suggest they should start with tennis footwork drills. It is fair to say that you’ve understood a medium to high level of tennis burn.

Let’s talk about singles vs. doubles now. This will help you to understand how to lose more calories by playing tennis. After going through doubles vs singles you will not ask again how many calories tennis burn.

Tennis Calorie Burn / Singles  

Singles can be played in two ways. First, you have a partner or friend who is on the same goal. Wow! You are lucky. Furthermore, you can buy a tennis ball machine where you no longer have to ask everyone around for a game of tennis, due to the lack of time and the busyness of the people. If you wish to play singles, you can purchase a machine and play tennis ball machine drills.

Let’s examine why singles are superior to doubles. 

Tennis Calorie Burn / Singles  

A singles game involves a lot of speed, like traversing from left to right and vice versa. Jumping and sprinting are your actions. Training like this is more effective in burning calories than low-intensity training. Since you are the only one on one side, you must handle it with a winning mindset. 

Here are some examples: A person who has a 200-pound weight will burn 636 calories an hour. An individual weighing 130 lbs will burn 372 calories. 

Tennis Calorie Burn / Doubles

Tennis Calorie Burn / Doubles

I agree it’s more fun when you get to play with your best friends every evening on the court. But what if I told you that you probably wouldn’t make it?

There will have to be just one place you have to focus on, and you will have to strike the ball once and wait for the next one. This is considered a medium-intensity exercise. Losing calories means sprinting, moving right to the left, and jumping. 

Usually, playing doubles is just fun, but not good training to lose weight or become better. 

Here are some examples of doubles playing: A person weighing 130 pounds will burn 282 calories in an hour. With 200 pounds, an individual will burn 476 calories. 

Why should go for Tennis To Burn Calories?

There are so many people in the world who are struggling to lose weight and going to the gym makes them feel tired or low confident. Here is the solution, if you have an interest in tennis games and you also want to lose some of your calories. You have gotten a win-win situation. Go and start the tennis game regularly and you will be able to burn more calories and become more fitness freak. 

Having a tennis game in your daily routine makes you excited. That excitement makes you play tennis more and more. So, you forget if this is exercise or a tennis game. In the end, you lose more calories and get a good physical body. That is the reason behind the tennis games to burn more calories. 

How to Maintain your Calories while regular tennis Games?

When you play tennis regularly and you get good body shape. After this, you love the game because of all the good reasons. But one thing there to keep in mind that how to maintain your calories. If you continue tennis games every day for months and months you will lose your all fat. Now here’s the catch, you have to measure your calorie intake and lose calories while a tennis game.

When you intake 50 to 100 calories more than you burn on a tennis court you stay fit and fine. Other wise your body will become skinny and not in good shape. That is why you have to eat healthy and good to maintain your health. 

How can I not Burn Calories? 

You don’t burn calories when you play tennis so low like having slow ball speed and low ball feed frequency. You only burn calories when you jump and move from one side of the court to another side of the court. When you don’t play aggressively you don’t lose calories.

Furthermore, when you don’t follow a healthy diet and you eat all the junk food and play aggressively still there are no chances to lose calories. Because you intake more calories than the number of calories you lose while playing tennis. 

Not it all depends on your wants and don’t want. If you want to lose calories you have to follow a proper diet. If you don’t want to lose you can follow not diet and plans. 

Wrapping up!

I think that’s all, folks! I can see why you found it useful to select a tennis game for losing weight. Make sure you plan your diet as well as rehearse tennis daily. This helped me lose weight and eat only healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

Following the exact timetable in the upcoming months will result in outstanding results from both these routines. I think you have completely understood how many calories tennis burn. So be patient and have a good and spectacular life.

QNA Regarding Burning Calories

There are many benefits to participating in sports. If you play any sport every day in your routine, you will notice a tremendous impact on your life. There are many sports that are more effective in losing weight than other games, such as football, tennis, and baseball. Games that make you move, jump, and run quickly burn calories. 

Your practice method will determine whether or not you succeed. In singles, for example, people burn between 600 and 800 calories within an hour. In contrast, playing doubles burns between 350 and 500 calories. 

Football is one of the most fun and calorie-burning games. A football player who takes good care of his dribbles and runs quicker has a higher chance of burning 1,000 calories within an hour if they have good skills in dribbling. In an average game of football, a person loses from 600 to 1000 calories. 

Let’s say you ride from shot to shot in a cart, then there is little chance of losing more than 200 calories per hour. In contrast, if you carry all of your golf equipment on your back and walk all the way to your game, you will lose anywhere from 400 to 600 calories in an hour.

Weight loss can be achieved through basketball. An average player loses between 500 and 700 calories in an hour, according to a different report. 

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