Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Sports Tutor is one of the biggest tennis ball machine manufacturers in the world. There are thousands of tennis players who prioritize the Sports Tutor machines, that’s why we have decided to show you our and our student’s honest sports tutor tennis ball machine reviews.

As we all know there are many tennis brands that are promising and producing amazing tennis machines. However, in this article, you will merely find the review about sports tutor tennis machines.


List of Sports Tutor Manufacturer Products

  • Sports Tutor
  • Sports Tutor: Cube
  • Sports Tutor: Twist
  • Sports Tutor: Prolite
  • Sports Tutor: Short Maker
  • Sports Tutor: Tower

Sports Tutor Manufacturer

Sports Tutor is the world’s number 1 tennis machine brand based in Burbank, California which is leading tennis passionates for decades. Tennis tutor is a promising brand that keeps introducing new machines with multiple unique functions and surprises its users.

Tennis tutor brand has built more than 5 tennis machines which are ruling thousands of tennis players and we are going to show you most of them in this article.

So, let’s begin the reviews,

Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Sports tutor is a widely famous brand which is not only making machines for tennis but, they have produced many types of equipment for Volleyball and pickle-ball machines. Furthermore, sports tutor has gotten huge prominence among sports appliance manufacturers.

Key Specifications of All Sports Tutor Ball Machines

  • Easy Navigations
  • Fully Customizations
  • Light Weight
  • Osciallions
  • Good Playing Time
  • Elevations
  • Good Ball Capacity
  • Good for all Levels
  • Compact shape
  • Easy to Carry in Vehicle

So, Let’s begin the sports tutor tennis ball machine reviews.

1 – Sports Tutor: Plus

A customizable tennis ball machine that has a built-in- oscillator and speed is adjustable. Tennis Tutor is very small in shape which is a pro point for those who have issues navigating the machine.

If you are a regular traveler then Sports Tutor will be your loyal friend which is quite easy to place in the car. Moreover, with the capacity of 150 balls, the ball hopper is close-able, which makes the machine smaller in shape.

Key Features

  • Ball Capacity = 150
  • Weight = 42Ibs
  • Playing time = 4 to 6 hours
  • Speed = 10 to 85 MPH

2 – Sports Tutor: Cube

Sports Tutor: Cube

Sports Tutor Cube is the cheapest tennis machine which comes in only dark black color. The capacity of 70 ball Cube allows you to play for 2 hours on the court. In addition, this machine is friendly to navigate and place in a car or anywhere at your home precisely Tutor.

The beautiful structure of the machine and the player-friendly is made for all levels of tennis players. This model will help you to improve your stroke and your backhands.

Key Features

  • Playing time = 2 hours
  • Ball Capacity = 70
  • Weight = 22Ibs
  • Speed = 10 to 50

3 – Sports Tutor: Twist

Sports Tutor: Twist

As you see the structure of the Tennis Twist, this is one of the portable tennis machines. Tennis twist is designed beautifully just for inexperienced tennis players or for those who just want to work on a specific stroke.

However, this model has all those functions including throwing balls in different directions but, a good tennis player can not enjoy playing with tennis twists.

Moreover. Twist has very limited functions including ball capacity, oscillation, spin, and customizations.

Key features

  • Playing time = 5 to 10 hrs
  • Speed = 10 to 15MPH
  • Ball Capacity = 28
  • Weight = 11lbs

4 – Sports Tutor Prolite

Tutor Prolite is made for experienced tennis players. This machine is one the most acceptable from the Sports tutor company.

However, the tutor profile is for all levels of tennis players. With a capacity of 125 balls, this machine has a good playing time of 2 to 3 hours.

Tennis Tutor Prolite

Furthermore, you will have no issue navigating this machine because of its compact shape and lightweight. Even we have included Tutor in our 10 best tennis machines collection.

Key Features

  • Playing time = 2 to 3 hours
  • Skill Level = Anyone
  • Weight = 20lbs
  • Speed = 10 to 60mph
  • Ball Capacity = 125

5 – Sports Tutor Short Maker

Sports Tutor Short Maker

Tutor Short Maker is specially built for evolved tennis players. This is a pro model in sports tutor and it allows you to program speed, and trajectory and has 300 ball capacity including built-in oscillation and spin. As compared to other sports tutor machines, this one has a heavyweight of 90+lbs.

However, If you are inexperienced and want to have this machine, you can still enjoy this one but it is not recommended according to my experience. You should know your skill level and then choose the machine accordingly.

Key Features

  • Ball Capacity = 300
  • Playing time = 4 to 6 hrs
  • Skill Level = Experienced players
  • Weight = 96lbs
  • Speed = 10 to 95

6 – Sports Tutor: Tower

Sports Tutor Tower is recommended for those players who have been playing tennis for at least 4 years. Because this machine has many amazing features and merely those players can enjoy this who know how to do it.

Since, this machine has very refined features like 225 ball capacity, high customization, and good playing time. This is for experienced players.

tutor tennis tower

Furthermore, this model has the extra functionality of weather protection. You can play even if it’s raining.

Key Features

  • Ball Capacity = 225
  • Playtime = 4 to 6 hrs
  • Skill Level = experienced players
  • Weight = 65lbs
  • Speed = 10 to 85

Benefits of Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

  • This Machine is very easy to take with you even on a flight. Because it has very calm handle to hold on to and convenient wheels to navigate the machines.
  • You will find all tennis tutor machines very lightweight.
  • This brand makes sure to have good playing time on a single charge.
  • Most of these machines have good ball capacity.
  • Every one can customize it because of the easy control panel.
  • The owner will experience a variety of shots.
  • you will have 2 years of warranty.

Disadvantage Of Tennis Tutor Machine

  • If you put more balls in the ball hooper, there are strong chances of jamming the balls.
  • Not all machines have a remote controller
  • Not all machines have wheels to navigate. For example Tennis twist machine.

Reviews of the Buyers

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Reviews of the buyers - 4

Buying Guide for Sports Tutor Machines

  • First of all, you must learn about tennis machines. If you have any guide or coach that would be better for you to do it perfectly. Otherwise, you just start by facing the simple straight shots and keep doing that until you become good at that.
  • When you know very well to face straight shots, now you have to customize a machine a little like, Topspin or say backspin. After that put a machine oscillations from right to center and then finally you can face random oscillation with max speed.
  • The day you realize that you can play random oscillations with maximum speed is that day you have become a pro bro.
  • One thing, Keep in mind is that you will start from simple to hard. if you started a game with random oscillations, you will be in mess.

QNA Related to Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

There many hundreds of tennis players who use tennis ball machines. Even non-professional tennis players are also preferring sports tutors because this machine gives a good tennis playing experience.

You do not have to pay much for a sports tutor ball machine. Sports tutor ball machines are not much expensive as compared lobster and other Spinshot.

Sports Tutor are highly customizable and able to throw you balls in various directions which will make you a pro tennis player.

Yes! some sports tutor give 2 years and some 3 years of warranty. But I am sure you wouldn’t face any issues for years to come if you took good care of it.

Final Words:

Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine Reviews are based on our experience. We have shown you only the Sports Tutor brand. However, if you like any one of them you wouldn’t regret it. Because we have tested them and got amazing results.


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