Tennis Ball Machine Cost

Those of us, like you, who enjoy playing tennis regularly, appreciate tennis machines and are consistently exploring their new models and tennis ball machine cost. 

In this article, we have compiled the list of all tennis machine costs and you will know how much you should spend on the machine which meets your requirements.

We have utilized 80+ good and famous machines ranging from reasonable to pricey. This is why we are going to explain in detail the top 10 machines and how much they cost.

Let’s continue.

Usually, the tennis machine market fluctuates. This is what causes price differences. We have given an estimate based on the current market conditions.

So, let’s get right into it.

Prior to diving into the details of the cost factors, and the reasons behind the price here is a table describing the exact prices of machines at the time of writing this article.

Machine Cost
Spinshot Player Valuation $1,679 – $1,879
Spinshot Pro Cost $1,349 – $1,449
Lobster Phenom Price $3,149
Tennis Cube Cost 689
Wilson Portable Cost $1,295
Tennis Tower Price $1,475 – $2,225
Spinshot Lite Valuation $699 – $799
Elite Freedom Market Price $839
Playmate iSmash Cost $5,495
Lobster Sports Valuation $1529


Tennis Ball Machine Cost / List

  • Spinshot Player Valuation
  • Spinshot Pro Cost
  • Lobster Phenom Price
  • Tennis Cube Cost
  • Wilson Portable Cost
  • Tennis Tower Price
  • Spinshot Lite Valuation
  • Elite Freedom Market Price
  • Playmate iSmash Cost
  • Lobster Sports Valuation

Explained Cost of Tennis Ball Machine

1 – Spinshot Player Valuation

This is one of the fastest tennis machines on the market. The average cost of this machine is from $1700 to $1900 all across the Globe.

This machine is extremely important for you if you are going to take your game to the next level. Because you can highly customize it and enjoy the match mimic with strong volleys. 

spinshot player machine cost

Reason Behind Spinshot Player Cost

The biggest reason behind this machine’s cost is its durability and trust among thousands of users. Perfect Shape, oscillation, easy customizations, and the beautifully designed machine is deserved to be paid $1700 to $1900.

Moreover, you may not be able to purchase a tennis machine due to the high cost. An alternative would be to build a tennis machine at home. If you are creative enough, you can make it yourself. 

Important Features

1 – Four to eight hours of playing time on a single charge
2 – You can control the machine by using a remote controller, mobile app, or smartwatch
3 – Highly customizable and revolutionary design

Who Can Play With This

This tennis machine category is not for specific tennis players who can play with it merely. But, this is made for all levels of tennis players and for all ages.

2 – Spinshot Pro Cost

This is a super cool tennis machine to enhance skills and confidence. It will cost you from $1700 to $1850.

Furthermore, if we check the reviews and five-star ratings you will be amazed to know that this machine has 90+ ratings just about its accolades.

In my experience I have found is comfy and spectacular to practice because it gives you real match play experience.

spinshot player machine Cost

Reason Behind Spinshot Cost

There are too many reasons behind this tennis ball machine’s cost including easy navigation, portability, reliability, and the company offers you all the features which a well-experienced tennis player need in which oscillation, volleys, and spin with different angels are involved.

 Another great reason to bear the cost is the tennis machine drills

Important Features

1 – You can control the machine by remote and smartwatch.
2 – Highly customizable with a ball capacity of 120 balls.
3 – 2 to 3 hours of playing timing.

Who Can Play With This

This machine is designed for all levels of tennis players infect the whole family can use this machine.

3 – Lobster Phenom Price

Phenom is a portable and highly customizable machine that will cost you from $3200 to $3400. I will say this is one of the most costly tennis machines. If you can have this one, you will have an amazing experience playing with this giant.

 Lobster Phenom ball machine Price

You will have a warranty of up to 5 years but there are some reasonable charges extra to pay. For example, if you will pay $199 you will have a 1-year warranty and if you are willing to pay $299 you will get 2 years extended warranty.

Reason Behind Lobster Phenom Price

The biggest reason behind this tennis ball machine’s cost is the professionalism of this machine. I will recommend this one to only those players who have deep pockets and are professional tennis players or willing to play on national teams.

This machine is not only going to give you actual match play but this machine will make you the best tennis player with its amazing features. In my opinion, after having this machine you will be able to face the rapid tennis serve and that is what makes this machine deserve this much cost.

Important Features

1 – Pre-programmed drills
2 – 250 Ball Capacity
3 – Highly customizable
4 – Easy Navigations and beautifully designed

Who Can Play With This

Anyone can learn and play with it. But this one is really pricey and also manufactured for pro tennis players. You can have it if you have well experience in tennis or you are willing to learn it.

4 – Tennis Cube: Tennis Ball Machine Cost

Tennis cube has two versions one is basic which will cost you $690 and the second is a little advanced as compared to the basic one which has oscillations and costs $780. This version is a good battery operating machine.

There is not much difference between prices that’s why I will recommend going for an advanced tennis cube machine, which also has remote controller functions.

tennis cube ball machine Cost

Reason Behind Tennis Cube Cost

Portability lightweight and easy navigation which is really helpful in playing tennis to have a great experience.

Important Features

1 – Adjustable ball feed from 2 to 10 sec.
2 – Two hours of playing time
3 – You can go for customizations from the control panel
4 – Automatic battery which stops when fully recharged

Who Can Play With This

This machine doesn’t have high customizations but still, this will help in improving your game and if you are a pro tennis player, you will still enjoy having it.

5 – Wilson Machine Cost

Wilson is the best tennis machine present today. Probably this is the only machine that allows two players to practice at the same time.

However, it will cost you from $1200 to $1400 and I guarantee you that this machine deserves this price.

wilson portable tennis machine Cost

Reason Behind Wilson Machine This Cost

Slim machine and easy to move, It has good feed rate and you will find it the machine which helps in enhancing the skills.

Important features

1 – Ball capacity is 110
2 – speed is 10 to 75 MPH
3 – Good play timing and rechargeable

Who Can Play With This

All ages and all levels of tennis players can have this machine. As this machine is not much pricey and that is why starters should consider this one due to its good features and compatibility with the price and functions.

6 – Tennis Tower machine Price

One of my fav machines is specially made for advanced tennis players. This machine has many advanced functions. This is why made for pro tennis players. However, this will cost you $1600 to $1700 and you know what? It’s worth it.

This machine allows you to have customizations and oscillations including adjustments of elevation and ball speed.

tennis tower ball machine price

Reason Behind Tennis Tower Price

You can practice with it anywhere, on-court or in your garden, if your yard has a good design to play tennis, then you can also practice tennis there as well. However, there are multiple more reasons behind this tennis ball machine’s cost.

Important features

1 – It has adjustable elevation
2 – 225 Ball capacity
3 – Ball speed is up to 85mph

Who Can Play With This

Tennis Tower is specially designed for those players who have a good command of tennis. But if you want to have this machine while you have tennis experience, it’s fine. All you need is to learn it consistently and rehearse to get a good command of this.

7 – Spinshot Lite Valuation

An entry-level tennis ball machine that is highly customizable and very lightweight. If you get a machine without a remote it will cost you only $699 but with the remote controller, you have to pay $799.

This machine helps you get a better tennis player by allowing you to customize it to your liking.

Spinshot lite machine Valuation

Reason Behind Spinshot Lite Valuations

A beautifully designed and highly customizable machine that allows you to practice topspin, backspin, and random oscillation as well. You will have no issue navigating it. Furthermore, this machine is durable and reliable.

Important Features

1 – Two to three hours of play timing
2 – 120 ball capacity
3 – Customisable + Random oscillation
4 – Remote control

Who Can Play With This

Spinshot Lite is open to all level players but it is specially designed for intermediate tennis players.

8 – Elite Freedom Market Price

Elite Freedom is one of the finest and most reasonable tennis ball machines which is rich in all functions including oscillation, customizations, and durability. It will cost you from $850 to $900.

Tennis ball machine price

Reason Behind Elite Freedom Cost

Highly customizable, portable, and easy to navigate is the biggest reason behind the cost of this machine.

Important Features

1 – Ball Capacity is 150 balls
2 – Light Weight and easy navigation
3 – 65mph speed
4 – Horizontal oscillations

Who Can Play With This

Everyone can play and experience its amazing features. However, this machine is specially designed for intermediate to pro tennis players.

9 – Playmate iSMASH Machine Charges

This is one of the most pricey tennis machines that exist today. The price of this machine is a little higher as compared to Phenom. However, if the price is higher, there are more functions as well which will make you an amazing tennis player.

Nevertheless, the price of this machine begins from $5300 to $5500.

playmate ismash tennis machine Charges

Reason Behind Ismash Machine Charges

You will have the ability to get 300 balls and a highly customizable machine that allows you to play for long hours on the court.

Important Features

1- 300 ball capacity
2 – Customisable
3 – Good play timing on a single charge

Who Can Play With This

This one is specially designed for professional tennis players. However, if you are a novice and want to give it a try then go for it, you will learn no matter what.

10 – Lobster Sports Machine Valuation

This one is an ideal tennis machine which is most amazing for supplementing your tennis programs. If you are getting this machine you will get the benefit of it and you will have an amazing experience as well. Nevertheless, this machine will cost you $1758.

Lobster sports machine Valuation

The reason behind Lobster Sports Valuation

This one is the finest tennis equipment to enhance your tennis skills. Furthermore, this machine will be amazing for all tennis players who have experience or not. Both levels of a tennis players can take advantage of this machine.

Important Features

1 – 4 to 8 hours of playing time
2 – Lightweight
3 – Highly customizable

Who Can Play With This

All levels of tennis payer can play with it because this machine is simple to play. There is no complicated customization that will make any player confused or anything else.

Tips to check if the Machine worth the Cost

Normally, buyers check if the machine works fine, Like, Navigations are good, and the structure should be perfect. But, you have to dig deep if you want to get a machine that is worth the actual cost.

The most important factor to cash to price completely.

1 – You have to check the Customization factor which is most important and if your machine is not good at that you should not have to pay that price.

2 – If your machine is not allowing you multiple functions to control your machine like remote control, smartwatch, and good control panel then that machine is not really worth paying a high cost.

3 – Navigation is another best part of the machine. If you like to travel a lot or you have to take your machine from home to court and it’s far. Then you must check machine should have a good handle to navigate the machine and have good wheels as well.

Tennis Machine Cost vs Tennis Machine Features

There are hundreds of tennis machines which cost high as compared to their features. Some tennis machines are very appreciative of their specifications. For example, you get good customizations, navigations, and oscillations for just 500 dollars. On the other side, there are a few machines which will cost you around 1500 to 2000 dollars and are not enough good play with them.

All you need to do is make sure to choose a machine that cost you as the machine is eligible. Because no one buys a tennis machine every month. That is why you must check the feature of the machine and then compare the price to its features.

If the machine has a good top and backspin and has good customizations including oscillation then that machine is worth a good cost. But if the machine is not offering these functions then it’s not.

Check if the Machine is Worth its Cost.

There are many ways to check the cost-worthy tennis machines. First of all, you don’t have to listen to the machine seller. Just take the machine to the tennis court and start playing with it. Check every single thing about that tennis machine. From rotating wheels to navigations and from topspin to backspin. That is what will make you decide if the tennis machine is worth its cost or not.

Average Cost Of Tennis Machine

There are machines that will cost you around 4 thousand and there are machines that will cost you just 200 dollars. Now, if I share the average cost of a tennis ball machine it would be fals. Because there are different categories of tennis machines and each category depends on different factors, so the cost is.

However, there are machines made for pro levels and their average cost is around 1500 to 2200 dollars.

On the other side, there are machines which are not made for pro tennis players and have pro factors they will cost you just 200 to 900 dollars.

What Factors Affect the Price of Machine

There are many factors that make a machine higher pricey. For example, if a machine has amazing ball throwing features including topspin and backspin where a player can experience good forehand and backhand then this machine could be higher in cost and that thing honestly affects the price.

Furthermore, The tennis brand affects the price. Now there are 3 major tennis brands that have gained the trust and confidence of millions of people in which spin shot, Lobster, and Tutor are involved.

They provide value and good tennis game playing. This is one of the major factors which affects the cost of tennis machines.

Last but not least, customizations, navigation, and oscillations are the most cost affective factors. When any major brand makes you accessible of these qualities, that is what makes a tennis machine costs high. That is good. Because if you pay for a quality thing once you don’t have to pay for it again and again. Better go for quality than quantity.

How Much Tennis Cost Can you Bear?

This is really imperative question to ask yourself If you can bear the cost of a tennis machine that does not mean you should get the most costly tennis ball machine.

Check your level and then decide where are you going. Are you a professional or you are going to be a professional tennis player? Only then you should bear the high cost of a tennis machine. Because you are going to have the most costly machine which has maximum amazing tennis machine features and all most essential factores.

Those amazing features are going to make you a skilled tennis giant.

QNA of Tennis Ball Machine Valuation

Tennis machines give you the ease of looking for players to play with. Tennis machines have so many features built-in which make you a good skilled tennis player and that is what makes tennis machines cost high.

It is worth paying the high price for tennis machines because you will receive a lot of benefits such as independence, oscillation, and playing at your own pace. 

Conclusion of tennis ball machine cost

We have only shown the price of important machines which are getting used worldwide and have Positive rates as well. So all these machines are trusted by us and we will recommend going for these machines if anyone is really loved by you.

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