Five fastest tennis ball machines (Swift Serve)

When you are proficient at playing tennis you try to find the powerful and fastest tennis ball machine to become a more nimble player. These swift machines are the soundest and most proven way to get from a better to the finest tennis performer.

We have tried and played with almost all tennis machines on the market So, here we have shown you the five fastest tennis machines which are the kind of turbo that has a maximum speed.

Before moving to reviews, here is the editor’s pick out of all five fastest tennis machines to save you time if you don’t want to go through the entire review.

Fastest Tennis Serve Machine – Editor Pick

Playmate iGenie
Playmate iGenie

Editor Pick’s

The fastest machine out of all Turbos.
In my experience, I have found this machine is the most pleasing one to become a skillful tennis player.

How We Chose Fastest Tennis Ball Machines

With over 80 tennis machines in our academy, we have a good sense of which machines are fast and which have other features that make them swift. 

The fastest five machines are the ones with good speed and the option to control or customize the speed. However, each machine has a different speed option but we have chosen the fastest ones.

In the following list of machines, the machines have the capacity to throw balls at high speeds, but that depends on you. Are you willing to have these fastest machines?

Those players who have been playing tennis for a long would have good experience with speedy volleys and those who are just a learner can get experience the severity of the tennis game and train accordingly.

Without further ado, let’s move to check the five fastest machines and reviews on the base of our review.

Fastest Tennis Machine Reviews

1 – Playmate iGenie: High-Speed Tennis Machine

The fastest, easiest, and best tennis machine allows you have 7 programmable drills. The best part is that you get the option of choosing your level from the control panel.

iGenie has high speed as compared to any other tennis machine as you get from 12 to 105 miles per hour. This machine is a catch for the finest tennis players.

You can customize the machine from slow forehands to intense backhands within 1.5 sec. Isn’t amazing?

This is a highly customizable turbo tennis machine, you can put the machine to feed the way you think to face massive volleys and mimic the real match play.

Furthermore, defending massive shots is too draining, so you can choose to feed for up to 60 seconds. Taking a little time to prepare for the next one sounds great to me.

What Makes IGenis the Fastest Tennis Machine?

IGenie is the best fastest tennis machine on the market today. It has the fastest speed of up to 105 mph which makes this machine the very first and number 1 fastest tennis machine ever.

The best part of this machine is the 300-ball capacity. One who has this machine will definitely be an amazing and skillful tennis player.


Ball Speed: You will have 12 to 105 miles per hour
Feed Rate: From 1 to 60 seconds per ball
Ball Capacity: Huger ball capacity of 300.
Weight: 37kg
Elevation: this machine has 15 to 55 degree
Oscillation: iGenie has random oscillations.
Customizations: This machine is highly customizable. You can use the app also to control the machine.


  • The fastest machine you will ever find on the market
  • High feed rate
  • High speed
  • Highly customizable
  • Random Oscillations


  • Not much in price

Outlook of Playmate iGenie: High-Speed Tennis Machine

Playmate iGenie: High-Speed Tennis Machine

Why Playmate IGenie Could be the Right Choice?

There are some factors which you should consider going through to meet your choice.
If you have been playing tennis for years, then this machine is all you need. Because you will be able to face massive volleys and huge ball capacity.

On the other side, if you hadn’t any good experience in tennis but you have decided to start a tennis game continuously, then this machine is all you need to have a good experience.

2 – Spinshot Pro: Swift Tennis Machine

Spinshot Pro Swift Tennis Machine

Spinshot pro is the second fastest and swift machine on our list to have fast volleys for tennis improvements. You will find it a good battery machine.

As compared to iGenie this machine allows you to set ball speed from 10 to 120 mph which is kind of facing hard and strong drills.

Obviously, you are not the one who wouldn’t be able to face such volleys. On the other side, there is a feed rate between 2 to 12 seconds.

Moreover, another reason for being a swift tennis machine is navigation. You can move this machine as fast as you want and you will find this machine has very fine wheels which will make it easy to maneuver.

If you put the ball speed at 80mph and also keep the feed rate 5 sec on random oscillations you will have a tough time on the court and you will gain amazing playing tennis skills. This nimble ball machine is one of my favorite ones.

How Spinshot Pro is a Swift Tennis Ball Machine?

A SPinshot pro is a machine that is amazing at speed and able to through your balls with the speed of 10kmph to 120kmph.

On the other side, this machine has spectacular functions like ball capacity, elevation, and top and back spins but the major function, is this machine throughs ball with high speed during random oscillation horizontally and vertically.

This is why this machine is known as the swift tennis ball machine.


Ball Speed: You will have 10 to 80 mph. Which is good for intense volleys.
Feed Rate: This machine offers 2 to 12 feed rates.
Ball Capacity:
You will have 150, which is huge after iGenie.
It has 42lbs, which makes it easy to navigate
0 to 60 degree.
Random, Horizontal, and vertical.
Highly customizable machine.


  • Durable machine
  • High speed
  • Random oscillations
  • Good Feed rate
  • Easy to navigate


  • No color options

Outlook of SPinshot Pro Ball Machines

Spinshot Pro: Swift Tennis Machine

How Spinshot swift Ball Machine is the right one for you?

After Playmate IGenie this machine is another swift machine that throughs balls at the speed of 10 to 120 mph. If you are looking for a machine that has a good ball capacity and a fast speed of up to 120 mph then this is the best ball machine for you.

3 – Playmate Deuce: Turbo Tennis Machine

 Playmate Deuce Turbo Tennis Machine

I call it a turbo machine instead of Playmate deuce because of its high speed and amazing feed rate. With 3 years of warranty, this machine has 12 to 80 mph ball speed.

However, if you put the machine on random oscillation and at 80mph of its max speed, you will have a good experience, which will make you a phenomenal tennis player.

The best part of this machine is, that it has two different ball-throwing options at the same time. Each shot will have its own speed, spin, and height.

If you are looking for a machine that will improve your stroke and make you a skillful and good tennis player then this machine is the answer. This speedy machine can make you a good player who can hit any shot in less time against pros.

Why Playmate Deuce Turbo Tennis Machine is Speedy Machine?

We have selected this machine as one of the speedy tennis machines because this machine has a ball speed from 10 to 80mph and one can move this machine as fast as possible due to its large and convenient wheels.

Due to its ball speed, one who owns this machine will be able to make the tennis game to the next level.

Furthermore, during my struggling days, I found this machine very fast and tough. That made me stay away from it. But when I face playing with this machine I found an improvement in my game and become a polished tennis player.


Ball Speed: You will get 10 to 80 mph per ball.
Feed Rate: 1 to 18 seconds
Ball Capacity: 300 balls. Isn’t enough?
Weight: 46 kgs
Elevation: 5 to 15 degree
Oscillation: Random oscillations
Customizations: Highly customizable from ball speed to spin.


  • Turbo machine
  • Random Oscillation
  • Highly customizable
  • High ball speed
  • Good feed Rate


  • weight is high

Outlook of Turbo Tennis Ball Machine

Playmate Deuce: Turbo Tennis Machine

Why Playmate Turbo Machine is good for you?

This turbo machine could be the best choice for you only if you have a strong desire to face the hard shots and front the huge tough time to become a skilled tennis player. Because this tennis machine is an extreme example of the fastest tennis machine.

There is a con with this turbo. It has a big size which will make you trouble during transporting but you will have fun when you reach the destination.

4 – Spinshot Pro 2: Best Rapid Ball Thrower

Spinshot Pro 2  Best Rapid Ball Thrower

This machine is not much in speed as compared to iGenie and Deuce as this machine has a speed rate from 18 to 68 miles per hour. However, this machine still falls in the speedy and fastest tennis machine category.

You will have a remote controller to control the speed from another side of the court without heading toward the machine and changing settings from the control panel.

having lightweight and 120 balls capacity makes this machine an ideal one for those who are looking for amazing features including a rapid ball thrower.

In my experience, if you put the machine on its max speed of 68 mph and random oscillation, you will feel like mimicking the actual match. Moreover, if we talk about the feed rate, you will have 1 to 10 seconds.

How Spinshot P-2 is the Rapid Ball Thrower?

This rapid ball machine is one of the fastest tennis ball machines. This machine got two reasons to be known as a rapid ball thrower, one is its fast speed and another is its compact shape including comfortable wheels which make it easy navigations.


Ball Speed: 18 to 68 miles per hour
Feed Rate: 1 to 10 seconds
Ball Capacity: 120 balls
Weight: 42lbs
Elevation: It has Groundstrok to lob
Oscillation: This machine has random oscillation, Horizontal, and verticle.
Customizations: this machine is highly customizable.

How it looks when you put it in Car Trunk.

How rapid ball machine looks when you put it in Car Trunk.


  • You can play at high speed
  • All levels of tennis players can play
  • Lightweight
  • Good ball capacity
  • Random oscillations


  • max ball capacity is 120

How this Rapid Ball Machine can be the right choice for you?

If you are a tennis player who wants a machine that allows you to navigate it fast and you want to face strong and fast volleys. Then this machine is the best choice for you.

Furthermore, this machine can help you with its great oscillation, elevations, and good ball capacity. The oscillation feature can help you to have amazing forehands and backhands. The elevation feature will make you an expert in lob and high shorts.

Nevertheless, this one has good ball capacity which can bring ease to the game, as you don’t have to fill the ball hopper again and again.

5 – Lobster Sports Elite Two: Fastest one

Lobster Sports Elite Two Fastest one

Lobster is not very different than a spin shot pro as it has the same speed to offer like 10 to 68 miles per hour. The feed rate is 1 to 12 seconds.

Lobster has considered one of the fastest tennis machines which allows you to have good experience in all eras like easy navigation as it has a comfortable handle and very quiet wheels to move.

Furthermore, you can play hard and fast volleys with random shots which really helps in becoming a tennis master.

This machine is the fastest one to have a better experience and a strong grip on your stroke. Moreover, if you get confused knowing the good one between Tennis tutor vs Lobster you have to go through this link.


Ball Speed: 10 to 68 miles per hour
Feed Rate: 2 to 12 seconds
Ball Capacity: 150 ball capacity
Weight: 42lbs
Elevation: up to 60 degree
Oscillation: random, horizontal, and vertical.
Customizations: This machine is highly customizable.


  • Good play timing
  • Easy navigations
  • Highly customizable
  • Fastest tennis machine


  • max ball capacity is 150

Outlook of Lobster Sport E-2 The Fastest Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Two: Fastest one

How Lobster Fastest Machine can be the right Machine for you?

This machine is the right choice for you if you want a machine that has a closeable ball hopper and which has the ability to through your fastballs. Moreover, the large wheels and convenient handle make this one the right partner for you.

What Makes Lobster the Fastest Tennis Ball Machine?

The lobster is the fastest tennis ball machine due to its ball-throwing speed of 68mph and it has a large wheel which makes it the fastest tennis ball machine.

Buying Guide for Choosing Fastest Tennis Machine

It is imperative that buyers focus on speed as well as other factors when selecting the fastest tennis machines on the market. Here are a few factors that you should take into consideration while choosing a swift tennis machine. In this buying guide, you will learn what to check more on the machine that is good for throwing a fast tennis ball. 


Customisation of the fastest tennis ball machines

As we have mentioned above, there are many machines that offer good speed, but you should ensure they can be customized. A good tennis machine should be customizable. A variety of shots can be achieved by customizing the machine. 


Navigation of fastest tennis ball machines

When choosing a swift machine, ensure it has good handles and calm wheels that make it easy to navigate. Since having a machine that has fast speed usually has a high weight.

When your machine isn’t good at navigation, you will have a problem moving a hefty machine from home to court every day. That’s why go for a machine that is good at smooth navigation as well as fastball throwing. 

Why You Should Trust us

why you should trust us

We are a team of 4 passionate tennis players who run a tennis academy and teach thousand of tennis students using tennis machines. During our journey, we played and tested almost all types of tennis machines.

We have gone to the factories where they make tennis machines to learn every minute thing about tennis and we have run an experiment on our students to know which tennis machine is fast and which one is not.

Moreover, we have spent more than 200 hours testing and analyzing each machine’s shots to know if they push the ball with the same commanded speed or not.

In short, tennis geek is the only site on the internet that is an expert in tennis ball machines and guide millions of tennis player to choose the right machine for them.

The competition for Fastest Tennis Ball Machines

competition of fastest tennis ball machines

The Given five swift tennis machines are amazing at ball speed and other fast navigation functions. However, there are still 2 more machines which are also as fast and stupendous as these are.

The first competition is Lobster Phenom. This tennis machine has the ability to through balls with the speed of 35 to 80 mph and is highly customizable including random oscillation (short, mid, deep).

The 2nd competition is Playmate iSmash. A chameleon series model tennis machine that has gotten huge popularity among professional tennis players and among aspiring tennis players.

This tennis machine is highly customizable and has a ball speed of 12 to 80 mph. Moreover, having lightweight and 300 ball capacity makes this machine the most demanding and the competition of the machine which we have shown you in our top 5 picks.

QNA Related To Fastest Tennis Ball Machines

Every tennis machine is different from the other. However, some machines have ball speeds from 10 to 60 mph and some machines have ball speeds from 10 to 120mph.

Not for everyone, Getting the fastest tennis ball machines are only good for those who have well experience and have played very well on the court.

The fastest tennis ball machines are expensive because these machines have amazing features and have too many things to offer.

Till now the fastest tennis ball machine can through balls from 10 to 95 mph. 95 mph is the fastest tennis machine speed. This speed is enough for all good experienced tennis players.

Buying the fastest tennis machines is not for all. This is only for those players who have well experience in playing tennis. An inexperienced player will not be able to handle the fast shots. However, if your machine has a customization function then you can enjoy a fast tennis ball machine.

Final Word

That’s all guys, I am sure you got the fastest tennis ball machine and you know what to check and consider before getting the one. However, if you are still confused get the best one. Go to the beginning section of this article. Where I have given you a recommendation because I liked that one.

Wish you luck and happy life.!

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