5 Best Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machines

The Tennis Geek always picks the best battery operated tennis ball machines from major brands. As we know trips and long hours at the tennis court require a lot of planning, but if your machine has bad battery timing or lacks a power-operated system, you are in trouble.

The best battery-operated tennis ball machine means you can play for a long time on a single charge, making your trip and hours of volleying incredible.

While experiencing more than 80+ different machines, I have chosen the best electric-powered tennis shooters which have a good battery duration that stays with you for a long time.

best battery operated tennis ball machines

Consequently, you can focus on your game without interruption when your battery runs out. Machines with good power systems help you focus on the game. Let’s look at the machines now.


Editor Picks From 5 best Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machines.

Let’s get into it!

Lobster sports elite two. best tennis machines

Editor’s pick

One of the best electrically powered machines out of the best battery-operated tennis ball machines we have chosen and is recommended to that player who wants the best battery operated tennis machines including all other major functions

Battery Powered Machines Reviews

Before jumping to review, if you don’t want to read the article here is the audio of the complete article excluding the pros, cons, and key specifications.

Below we’ve reviewed 5 rechargeable machines which gave us incredible experience in battery timing while playing on the court. However, these machines also have multiple evolved functions in addition to their battery timing.

1. Lobster – E 2: Electric Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis players who frequently travel or move from one venue to another will find the Lobster Elite 2 suitable for battery timing. Thanks to a good battery, this machine is powerful enough to play for a long period of time without interruption.

In terms of battery life, it can last for four to eight hours on a single charge. As a result, we are able to play for a long period of time on the court because the battery lasts so long.

Unless you are a professional tennis player, no one plays on the court for 8 hours. There is a plus factor for those who don’t like charging over and over after every 1 or 2 hours.

Lobster is one of the best machines which will help in improving your backhand and forehand including your strokes. However, this machine is listed on black Friday deals so you can have discounts.

Key Specification

  • Color: Red and white
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Battery: 4 to 8 hours
  • Speed: 80mph max
  • Feeding rate: 2 to 12 sec
  • Customize: yes
  • Who can play: Every on at any level
Lobster Sports -Elite Two: Electric Tennis Ball Machine

Battery aside, the machine has a wonderful design. In addition, it has very lightweight at 42lbs (for transport in a car) and has accessible maneuvering features. In addition to its triple oscillation, it caters to a 2 to 12-second feed rate.

What We Like

  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to move from place to place
  • Good structure and flexible
  • The ball hopper is removable to make it small in shape.
  • Comfortable handle to hold and move

What We Don’t Like

  • Ball capacity is maxed at 150

So, Let’s understand the reason for ranking this machine as the very first machine in this article.

Why We Ranked Lobster – E 2 at First spot?

Lobster is one of those genuine tennis machines that have maximum battery power and allow you to play tennis for a long period of time on a single charge while having more evolved machine features.

This battery-powered ball machine has calm navigations, amazing oscillation, and elevation including customizations. That is the reason to rank it in the first spot.

If you are a developed tennis player and want to hit sturd forehand and backhand without any disturbance of battery, then this electric machine is the best option.

Our Experience with Single Charge of Lobster – E 2: Electric Tennis Ball Machine

battery performance chart of Lobster - E 2 per hour

Lobster E- 2 is the only machine famous for its battery timing because it has 4 to 8 hours on a single charge. You wouldn’t have any issue playing for a long time on the court or if you are traveling around.

2. Sports Tutor: Battery Operated Machine

Based on my experience and my entire team, this sports tutor machine is underrated because people think it’s a risk to pay for it; however, this is one of the best examples of an all-rounder tennis machine.

Moreover, the battery timing allows it to provide more than eight hours of playtime. The manufacturer has specified 6 hours of battery life, but we have found that it lasts up to 7 to 8 hours, if you don’t put it on hard volleys.

Key Specification

  • Color: Black beauty
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Battery: up to 8 hours
  • Speed: 10 to 80mph
  • Feeding rate: 2 to 12 sec
  • Customize: yes
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level
Sports Tutor Tennis Tower:  Battery Operated Machine

Additionally, this electric-powered machine has a ball capacity of 225, which will surprise you. WOOOW. Having a machine that has more than 8 hours of battery life and can hold more than 225 balls would be the dream of a passionate player.

In addition to aesthetic looks, Tennis Tower can throw the ball at a speed between 10 to 80 mph and is made to feed the ball at intervals between 2 and 12 seconds.

What We Like

  • Beautiful look and high performing
  • Good battery timing
  • Highly customizable
  • Amazing for good tennis players

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight is little high 65 lbs
  • The size is also a little bigger

Moreover, this power-driven machine throws balls at random and can even be made according to your interests and level. Furthermore, if you know how to DIY a tennis ball machine you can try to do it yourself.

For those who are looking for a machine for beginners that has multiple functions, including the best battery timing, then do not go down or look for another because your search is completed here.

Our Experience with Single Charge of Sports Tutor Battery Operated Machine

We have performed experiments on this machine. Where we have involved 20 students and 4 of us pro tennis players. Below the chart is defining our experience.

Battery performance chart of Sports tutor per hour

3. Lobster Sport: Cordless Machine

Grand 5 is like an old friend who inhabits your life for the rest of it. Despite the 2-year warranty, this AC/DC-powered machine would never need to be changed or found to be problematic for many years. With a battery timing of more than 8 hours, it is lightweight at 44lbs and has good battery timing.

One important thing you must follow is to keep it switched off when you rest, even for 10 minutes. Don’t worry; you don’t have to turn it off if you don’t want to. I am telling you this because I want you to take good care of your machine.

It is beneficial if you give your machine a 10-minute rest after every two hours.

Furthermore, this cordless machine features 18 custom drills, making it a “go-to” machine for players. This is one of the best battery-operated good rated tennis ball machines which has preloaded 12 drills and is easily movable and stored anywhere.

Key Specification

  • Color: white and red
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Battery: up to 8 hours
  • Speed: 35 to 80mph
  • Feeding rate: 2 to 12 sec
  • Customize: yes
  • Who can play: Everyone
  • Ball capacity: 150
Lobster Sport :  Cordless Tennis Ball Machine

What We Like

  • Gives you a long time of battery timing
  • 18 custom drills
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Lightweight and good structure

What We Don’t Like

  • Max speed is 80mph

Our Experience with Single Charge of Lobster Sport: Cordless Machine

Every machine from the lobster company is phenomenal at the battery and playing time on a single charge. Obviously, this machine is great for a long time on the court.

Battery performance Chart of Lobster sports cordless machine per hour

4. Spinshot Plus: Electrically Operated Machine

Best Model for basic to pro players which has all the best functions including battery timing. Usually, average players do not focus on battery timing because their focus is not on those factors due to struggling to improve the game. But what if your machine switches off after every 1 or 2 hours?

Will you be able to play the drills effectively?

Obviously no, that’s why this machine is one of the best electrically powered machines in the market today, which gives you a playing time of 3 to 4 hours, which is more than enough for all kinds of tennis players.

Besides, it has five quick oscillations with a ball capacity of 120 to hit hard forehands and play effective backhands.

In addition to its oscillations, this rechargeable machine has multiple ways to control the drills, including a remote, panel, and smartwatch, which is a really good feature to change the machine drills from another side of the court.

Due to its flexible ball hopper and compact square shape, this machine is friendly to move from car to home and from home to court.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with its 4 hours max battery timing, you can order another battery which can last up to 8 hours while hitting solid volleys. However, in my opinion, if you are an average player, then do not go for extra batteries because it is enough to have a good play on the court.

Key Specification

  • Ball capacity: 120
  • Battery: 4 hours
  • Speed: 80mph
  • Feeding rate: 2 to 12 sec
  • Customize: yes
  • Who can play: Everyone
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 42 Pounds
Spinshot Plus: prince electrically operated tennis ball machine

This video will help you go through an in-depth of Spinshot plus the best battery-operated tennis ball machine.

What We Like

  • Good structure and easy to move
  • Lightweight and everyone can play
  • Good battery timing
  • Highly customizable

What We Don’t Like

  • Max speed is 80mph

Our Experience with Single Charge of Spinshot Plus: Electrically Operated Machine

Battery performance chart of spinshot plus per hour

Bottom line: SpinShot plus is an electrically charged machine that is specially made to polish your skills and make you an expert in tennis. However, all you need is to play tennis on a regular basis with this giant to have good playtime.

5. Spinshot Plus-2: AC/DC Powered Machine

Another giant from the Spinshot, although this AC- powered machine has good battery timing, it is very light in weight as compared to the sports tutor. It gives you full drill programmability with a capacity of 120 balls.

This machine allows for a great experience on the court and maximizes volleying for a long time w/o being distracted or fatigued.

It is the best sturdy machine that gives you the confidence to have a fantastic forehand and backhand. Moreover, it can last up to six hours when played continuously.

Aside from having the best battery timing, this machine also has a reasonable feed rate of 2 to 12 seconds and a ball throwing speed of 85 mph.

In addition to its light weight of 40 lbs, this battery-operated machine is very compact and can be moved from place to place without having any issues with structure or space.

Key Specification

  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Battery: 6 hours
  • Speed: 80mph
  • Feeding rate:2 to 12 sec
  • Customize: yes
  • Who can play: Everyone can play
  • Ball capacity: 120
Spinshot Plus-2 : AC powered

What We Like

  • Easy navigation
  • Good battery timing
  • Highly customizable
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Compact design
  • Not built with plastic

What We Don’t Like

  • Max ball capacity is 120 balls
  • Max speed is 80mph

However, suppose you have no idea about tennis machines. In that case, you will not regret getting this machine due to its fantastic battery timing and the ability to hit intense volleys with forehands, backhands, and topspins.

Our Experience with Single Charge of Spinshot Plus-2: AC/DC Powered Machine

Battery performance chart of Spinshot Plus-2 per hour

Any machine which has good battery timing and good ball capacity is ideal. Because you can play for long without recharging and filling the ball again and again. So, Spinshot is one of those machines.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

After going through our entire review of the best battery-operated tennis ball machines, I am confident that you have chosen the cool tennis machine to stay free of battery timing.

Now, it’s time to understand the significant factors that will help you order or buy that machine that will make you play for many upcoming years without facing any battery bug or issue that disrupts your focus during the gameplay on the court.

There are many machines I have mentioned above that have a warranty some brands give a warranty of 3 years, and some offer 2. So, now you should consider the machine with three years of warranty because more warranty means more trust and more choices, and less stress of losing your money.

The machines I have mentioned in this article are highly recommended according to my experience of being a passionate tennis player. These machines belong to trusted brands that give you support also.

Battery Timing:
If you frequently travel and wish to play tennis in a different place, then you should pick a machine that provides the right battery timing for the time you spend playing.

As we have mentioned, machines here that are up to 10 hours of battery timing are the perfect choice for travelers and those who spend most of their time at the court.

Many machines have good battery timing and come with a warranty, but they are tough to move and difficult to lift from the ground to the car or move toward the court. So while choosing a machine with good battery time make sure to check weight also.

Why Do We Like Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machines?

We like battery-operated ball machines because these help us to stay on the court for a long period of time without running out of charge and diverting focus from rehearsing. Moreover, these machines have plus points to take with you while traveling to make the trips memorable and enjoyable.

Who Really Needs to Buy Battery-powered Tennis Ball Machines?

Indeed, all tennis players need to have a battery-operated ball machine to have good playtime. If a person has a ball machine with good navigations and customizations but lacks battery timing is a waste of money. That is why one who likes ball machines should consider a good battery ball machine. That is why all passionate tennis players should get a machine that has good battery timing on a single charge.

Moreover, if you are all set to rehearse the tennis game on daily basis and not going to compromise a day without a tennis game for more than 6 hours each day than you must have a good battery-powered ball mahcine. full stop!

Why You Should Trust us

We are four passionate tennis players who have been playing and teaching tennis while using tennis ball machines for several years. We have tested almost all major tennis brands in the past decade and have seen incredible results in our students. 

So, as I said we played with all kinds of tennis machines and got to know these 5 mentioned machines are the best battery-operated tennis machines. During our test, we turned on all the machines at once on the court and started playing with them.

We started by playing at normal speed and then customized all machines into fast volleys and oscillations. As a result of this experiment, we learned about the battery timing of all these machines. At strong volleys, some machines lost their batteries so fast, while others took longer. 

Each machine’s battery performance chart would have been available to you. 

How do we choose the Best Battery-powered Tennis Machines

This is the best question to ask. What makes us show you the best battery-powered tennis ball machines and how do we choose tennis machines?

We run tests on tennis ball machines to know which machine performs a long time on a single charge. Moreover, We already have deep and long experience in tennis ball machines. We are an authority in tennis machines and we show machines on the basis of our experiments and experiences.

Other Factors Must have While Choosing Battery operated machines

  • When you get a machine that stays 5 to 6 hours on a single charge and you have only 50 ball capacity then you will have a bad experience. You have to keep feeding balls to the machine after every 1 and half hours. So, must choose a machine with good ball capacity.
  • The machine should have good customizations.
  • Easy to Navigate.
  • Feed rate and ball speed.

Our Verdict

We have tried all the tennis ball machines listed above, and we are confident to say that if you get any of them, you will not have any issues with battery timing.

These machines have good battery timing and can run for a long time on a single charge. That’s what we promise here.

However, you are responsible for maintaining the machine. After playing tennis, be sure to clean the machine and make sure all the parts are in good condition. 

FAQS Regarding Best Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machines

There are many tennis machine brands that provide good battery timing, including Lobster, Wilson, And Twist. Before purchasing any machine, make sure to know which machine is good for you your skill level. 

Lobster Elite 2 is widely known for having good battery timing. The owner would have 6 to 8 hours of playing time.

Checking the battery of a tennis machine is the most important factor. If the battery timing is not good you should avoid having it. Because if the machine is not good at battery timing you will have a bad experience.

Yes! you can change the battery of any tennis machine. Even some tennis brands give extra new batteries to change if the battery made some issues.

Final Thought

I m pretty sure that you have got the dream mate machine for yourself out of the best battery-operated tennis ball machines.

It would be best if you learned to take good care of your tennis ball machine, which is essential for making machines stay with you for a long time.

Telling you with experience that if you look after all the parts of the machine, you won’t need to change it or buy a new one for many years. Furthermore, make sure to clean a machine after every gameplay on the court.

It’s common sense that you take care of anything that lasts for a lifetime, whether that is a relationship or a machine.

Nevertheless, let us know via email or write down a comment if you have got the best machine through us. It will be an honor for us to feel like helping you.

Have a good life!

Founder & CEO

Hello! Meet Harry Jacob. The Tennis Geek was founded and is run by Harry Jacob. In the past decade, he has trained more than 20 thousand students. Since childhood, he has been a passionate tennis player. Harry encourages his students to be independent by playing tennis every day with tennis ball machines. Nevertheless, he lives in the U.S and he is a tennis machine expert.

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