Tennis Twist Ball Machine Review

The tennis twist ball machine is one of the most beautiful tennis playing tools regardless of its other factors. However, the tennis twist ball machine review includes all the essential factors that will answer most of your queries.

We are specialized in all types of tennis machines so, we have found tennis twist is the perfect choice for those who are looking for hand feeding. Because hand-feeding is important to improve your stroke.

There are many tennis machines that give stupendous experience and have many pro functions which made for specific levels to polish tennis skills. If we talk about tennis twists, this machine is spectacular for you if you want to commence playing from the start.


How Tennis Twist is Different?

The tennis twist machine is absolutely different from all other ball machines because it is in a spiral shape. 2nd thing which makes this machine different is its play timing on a single charge. I haven’t seen any machine which gives 10 hours of playtime.

3rd important thing about the twist ball machine is you can play tennis anywhere. There is no need to have a tennis court to play tennis. Tennis Twist allows you to play at any place in the garden, garages, or on any other ground.

4th most essential thing is hand feeding. You will improve your stroke while using Twist rather than other traditional machines.

In this illustration, you can see the complete information about the machine. 

Tennis twist machine features

Let’s get started with reviews.

List of Tennis Twist Ball Machine Review

  • Structure of the Tennis Twist
  • Navigation
  • Playtime
  • Balls
  • Speed and Oscillation
  • Who should have this?
  • Benefits and Drawbacks

1 – Structure of the Tennis Twist

The tennis twist is near to no weight and compact as compared to other machines like Lobster and Spinshot. However, if you look at its design, you will notice that twist has a pretty shape which indicates that this is not for evolved players.

As compared to other best tennis machines, It will only help you with the initials tennis playing skills.

When looking at the material which is used to build it, you will see that this machine is made up of robust plastic. I have experimented with the plastic and it is extremely sturdy. There is a 5% chance of a crack even if a tennis twist falls accidentally due to the strong plastic material. 

Further, it has a navigating handle on the middle top of the machine as opposed to other tennis machines. Due to its less weight, the Tennis twist does not need any additional functions to move other than a small handle.  

2 – Navigation

You might be thinking that there will be some wheels/tires to navigate tennis twist, but it’s not anything like that. You just have to pick the machine with the handle and move it without rolling. Wait, no need to be offensive. It only weighs 11lbs. Why would you need any navigational tires?

3 – Play Time On Single Charge

The best thing about the Tennis Twist ball machine is playing time on a single charge. I think due to the lack of many evolved functions it saves the battery to just spend on throwing balls into different spins. This is one of the best battery-operated tennis machines.

However, tennis twist stays as your ball-feeding couch for up to 10 hours. I don’t think that any other machine would give you such a playing time to play on a single charge.

4 – Balls

As we know tennis twist has very limited functions, you’ll merely have 28 balls at once. I consider it a drawback because every time you finish the balls in the machine you have to refill it.

However, you can have a ball collector which is an easy method to collect balls again without going through one by one process.

tennis twist ball machine

5 – Speed and Elevation

Unfortunately, there is not too much for you to customize, but you can adjust balls from 12 to 20 feet in length. However, you will have just a button to start and stop. You can not be able to make tennis twist customize oscillation.

When you turn the tennis twist on, you will face balls after every 5 seconds. Furthermore, you will find five adjustable height settings to have different height shots.

Here you can see the button for elevation from low to high.

tennis twist elevation button from low to high

6 – Who Should Have This?

The players who have a good command of the tennis game should stay away because Tennis Twist is only good for not experienced players. However, those players who want to polish specific strokes should consider Tennis Twist. All you have to do is place the machine in the right direction and hit the shots you want to play consistently.

7 – Benefits and Drawbacks


1 – Tennis Twist has good playing time, up to 10 hours
2 – Tennis Twist will help you to improve your stroke
3 – It is so easy to navigate
4 – Spiral shape and beautiful


1 – Not good for evolved players
2 – Only 28 ball capacity

What makes Tennis Twist different from Others?

Tennis twist is absolutly different from all other tennis machines because this allows you to play tennis every where. You don’t have to go for courts and other specific spots to play tennis. One can play tennis at garden, Lawn, and at gerage.

Another thing which makes tennis twist different from all other tennis machine is this is really comfortable for travelling and moving from place to place. You can just hold tennis twist in hand for many hours and it wouldn’t make you fatigue due to its less weight.

3rd thing, tennis twist ball machine is made up of strong plastic which makes it rubost. So, if it falls or gets massive hit, it woudn’t get broke. That is the amazing thing about it.

4th thing, this tennis machine is specifically designed for those who want to face volleys at short distance.

5th thing, Tennis twist is made for shooting grounf strokes from the base line.

6th thing, Other tennis machines shoot balls with heavy speed and tennis twist ball machine is made to through balls slowly and one who is scared of the strong volleys should have this. It wouldn’t scared you.

7th thing, If you don’t like customizing or you can not customize a machine then tennis twist ball machine is the good one for you.

8th thing, You can utilize this machine for multi purposes like, cricket, baseball, or even for your four footers.

Who Is This For?

The tennis twist ball machine is for 4 types of players. You must have it if you fall into any of these four types.

  • Early-stage players: If you haven’t any experience in tennis and want to learn from scratch then this is the answer to all your questions.
  • Wanting to enhance stroke: Many tennis players have some weaknesses to hit some specific stroke and they feel irritated that is why they can not hit a good specific shot.
  • If you can not pay high for other tennis equipment, then this is for you.
  • If you travel so often and don’t want heavy machines to carry with you all the time, then tennis twist is here for you.

QNA Related Tennis Twist Ball Machine Review

Tennis Twist Ball machines are best to improve your stroke and make you a good tennis player. Moreover, the tennis twist is very lightweight which is a plus point to have a tennis twist machine.

Tennis twist is not good for fast volleys, however, you can have good playtime and you can play a game of good tennis.

There are many markets and places from where you can have a tennis ball machine. First of all, you should visit amazon and eBay also is another good place to have a tennis machine.

You should buy a tennis twist ball machine only if you are willing to improve your stroke because tennis twist is a very good tennis machine that can improve your stroke.


That’s all, we have shown you the tennis twist ball machine review in depth. If you have any questions regarding the tennis twist machine, kindly write a comment down we will appreciate it and guide you accordingly.

However, this information is enough for the one who wants to decide to buy it or not. Hopefully, you have got all your answers.

Have fun!

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