7 Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines (Inexpensive & Affordable)

It is good to have costly tennis machines for practicing tennis, but why spend money on those machines when you can have a great experience with the best cheap tennis ball machines?

Indeed, we have purchased 80+ low-priced machines to play and teach our students. However, we have found that there is not much difference between pricey and cheap tennis machines. Even though some machines have low ball capacity, they have other great functions.

You don’t have to pay much for these machines, and you get all the benefits of pricey ones at an affordable price.

Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines


Costly machines are said to be good, but I can tell you from experience that price is not important. Instead, you should focus on the quality and function of the item.

Out of the top 7 cheap machines listed below, I want to recommend these two because we enjoyed practicing with them.

I know I have great choices. let’s move on to the comparison table.

Comparison Table of Cheap Tennis Machines

Okay! Let’s check the comparison table for all seven machines. I’m sure one of them will be more appealing to you than the others. 

AnBt. cheap tennis ball machine AnBt Tennis Machine

weight: 4.81 Pounds

Ball Capacity = 30 balls

Power: 6-7 hours.

Feed rate = 4 sec
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siboasi Siboasi S2021C

Ball Capacity = 150 balls

Weight = 62 Pounds

Power = 4 – 5 hours of

Custom Drills = Yes
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wilson Affordable machine 

weight = 38 lbs

Ball Capacity = 110 Balls.
Feed rate = 2-10 sec

Power = 3 – 4 hours
Check on Amazon

Ball Capacity = 30

weight = 4lbs
Power = 4 to 5 hours

Feed rate = 4 sec
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tennis twist Sports Tutor Tennis Twist

Ball Capacity = 28 balls

weight = 11 lbs.
Power = 10 hours

Ball Speed = 15 MPH.
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sam isam SAM iSAM Value

weight = 38 lbs

Ball Speed = 65 MPH
Dimensions: ‎19 x 17.5 x 18 inches

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tennis tutor prolite Tennis Tutor Prolite

weight = 30 pounds

Ball Capacity = 125

Feed rate = 2 to 10 sec

Ball Speed = 10-60 MPH
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The comparison chart above provides important information about affordable and cheap machines. In the sections below, we’ll examine each machine in more detail. This will help you choose the cheapest tennis ball machine that meets your needs.

If you don’t want to read, then here is the complete audio of this article to go through.

Let’s take a look at the first inexpensive machine.

1. AnBt : Cheap Tennis Ball Launcher

To be honest, AnBt is made for people who can’t afford expensive machines. In my opinion, if a player with experience wanted to play this machine, they would certainly have fun but they wouldn’t be able to hit severe volleys like they can with other machines like lobster and spin shot. 

There are many tennis players who are looking for inexpensive tennis machines that are also lightweight. If they fit this description, this would be a perfect choice.

In addition to having a capacity of 30 balls, this machine comes with a guarantee of one year. It is important to note that an AnBt machine comes with five different settings for throwing the balls.

Furthermore, there are five different levels, from high to low. So all level tennis players can adjust it according to their needs and hit forehand, and backhand.

AnBt : Cheap Tennis Ball Launcher

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 15.12 x 14.25 x 12.52 inches
  • weight: 4.81 lbs
  • Ball Capacity: 30 balls
  • Power: 6 to 7 hours
  • Feed rate:4 sec
  • Material: Plastic

This cheap tennis ball launcher is so effortless to navigate because it is extremely lightweight (4.81 lbs) and small compared to more pricey machines. This machine falls under the $1000 category.

However, the required distance between you and the machine should be around 2.4m/7.87 feet know that the machine throws a ball after every 4 sec and there is no customization.

This machine has all the features needed for one to be able to effectively play on the court and put up a good performance. In short, this machine helps in practicing specific strokes.

What We Like

  • affordable for all
  • It is very lightweight
  • Good-looking and inexpensive
  • Cheap in price

What We Don’t Like

  • It has only 30 ball capacity
AnBt : Cheap Tennis Ball Launcher

Bottom Line: A particular aspect that makes this cheap tennis ball launcher stand out is its performance at cheap. You don’t need to pay the high price to have this machine and play at your pace.

2. SCIFANTA: Best Budget Tennis Ball Machine

Quite similar to the AnBt ball machine. One of the reasons that this machine performs the best is its playing time on a single charge. You can play up to 5 to 7 hours, which is impressive for me. When you check the price and the functions you will feel like this machine is on discount.

 I’ve been playing for a long time, I have found playing with this budget machine is very enjoyable and it has a very durable machine parts. Honestly, I didn’t like playing with this one because I prefer tough machines.

In spite of its lightweight, this reasonable machine prepares you for the game by throwing a ball in the beginning as tennis coaches do for footwork backhand and forehand. 

Compared to playing backspin, SCIFANTA gives a good experience with topspin shots. Besides its good structure and the fact that it is suitable for all levels, it has a capacity of 30 balls.

The good news is that you can add an additional ball stacker, which will allow you to hold up to 42 balls on your machine. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Best Budget Tennis Ball Machine

Key features

  • Ball Capacity = 30
  • Power = 4 to 5 hours
  • Feed rate = 4 sec
  • Who can play = any one
  • weight = 4lbs
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.59 x 11.61 x 15.15 inches

With a speed of 12mph, this machine throws the ball every four seconds. Again, I would like to point out that by owning this machine, you will not have any difficulty playing on a court, in your garden, or anywhere else you like to play.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive and good colors
  • Lightweight and easy to steer
  • You get a stacker to have extra ball capacity
  • Convenient to play everywhere

What We Don’t Like

  • No remote controller

Additionally, you can place it in your garage, home, or even in a room. I recommend you place it in your room since it is very good-looking. “Relax, it’s ok if you don’t want to put it in your room”

However, you can carry it with one hand which is why this machine is known as a friendly tennis ball machine because it is good for all, ladies, and elder people. Furthermore, this is one of the best portable tennis machines.

Best Budget Tennis Ball Machine infographics

Bottom Line: This machine is good for all but not for pro players.

3 . Best Affordable Machines

Here is an affordable and best machine designed especially for good performance at a reasonable price. It might seem confusing before buying a Wilson machine but it is well worth it for perfect topspin and backspin. Due to its many features, it is twice its price.

Wilson: best affordable machines

Key Features

  • Feed rate = 2-10 sec
  • Ball Speed = up to 75 MPH
  • Ball Capacity = 110 Balls.
  • weight = 38 lbs
  • Who can play = Anyone at any level
  • power: 4 hours

Because of its 75 mph speed and feeding speed of 2 to 10 seconds, the buyer will be able to experience the actual match play.

This inexpensive ball machine is capable of lasting for four hours continuously, which is enough time for a skilled tennis player to hit volleys forehands and backhands without interruption.

Furthermore, this machine gives 4 hours of playing timing but if you keep the machine on strong volley it might finish the power in 3 hours. Moreover, this cheap tennis machine has a capacity of 110 balls and random oscillations from right to left and vice versa.

Wilson: Best Affordable Machines

What We Like

  • Reliable and Durable
  • Anyone can play at any level
  • Random oscillation
  • Inexpensive / affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Can not be customized

Bottom line: If you are looking to improve your game and want to become an expert tennis player and have extraordinary skills then this is the right decision for you with an affordable price tag.

4 . Siboasi: Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine

Siboashi is famous in my group of tennis players. In fact, my group calls it the black beauty: lol. Siboashi is much more than just a perfect machine. You can have a fantastic experience, and you may also be interested in it for its aesthetic value.

Tennis machine lovers who wanted the best cheap tennis ball machine can now have their wish. Because this machine allows all the best functions at a low price.

This reasonable ball machine has 5 hours of playing time only if you keep it on normal drills, as well as a remote control that allows you to control the ball’s movement.

Moreover, it can be customized, and its drills can be intended to suit your needs. Tennis machines like this are very delicate, so once you finished playing, make sure to clean them before storing it at home.

Siboasi Portable: Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine

Key Features

  • Ball Capacity = 150 balls
  • Power = 4 – 5 hours
  • Custom Drills = Yes
  • Item Diameter 2.41 Inches
  • Who can play = Anyone at any level
  • Weight = 62 Pounds

What We Like

  • Ball capacity is 150 balls
  • It provides multi-function
  • Easy to navigate
  • Amazing looks
  • Very cheap in price

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight is 62 pounds
Siboasi: Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine

Bottom Line: Another best cheap tennis ball machine, Same recommendations for you because this is made for tough tennis players to get extraordinary skills.

5. Tutor Prolite: Inexpensive Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Prolite does not seek any appreciation since it is the most cherished and inexpensive machine across the globe. This inexpensive machine has a remarkable reputation and provides quality service. Millions of people use this machine; even renowned athletes like to have it.

As well as having a ball capacity of 125, this machine is lightweight at only 30 pounds. In addition to its lightweight and best-ball capacity, the Tennis tutor is also small in size, making it easy to put anywhere in your car without any hassle.

Additionally, a single charge of this machine provides three hours of playtime, and random shots are thrown across the court so you can hit your backhand and forehand.

In addition, this inexpensive machine has two more crucial factors, having three years of warranty and being able to control wirelessly from the opposite end of the court is excellent.

Tennis Tutor Prolite Inexpensive Tennis Ball Machine

Key Features

  • Feed rate = 2 to 10 sec
  • Ball Speed = 10-60 MPH
  • Ball Capacity = 125
  • Power = Rechargeable, up to 3 hours
  • weight = 30 pounds
  • Who can play = Anyone at any level

What We Like

  • lightweight
  • It is highly customizable
  • Very easy to move
  • beautiful in shape
  • Inexpensive machine

What We Don’t Like

  • Max 3 hours of playtime
 Inexpensive Tennis Ball Machine

6. Tennis Twist: Cheap tennis ball machine

This cheap tennis machine makes you hit the ball from 12 to 20 feet and have a capacity of only 28 balls. Yes! 28 balls are more than enough to play. In addition to its delicate look, this machine is very light in weight only 11 Ibs.

The thing I liked about this machine is that it gives more than 12 hours of playing time and is in the inexpensive category.

Having a warranty of three years gives you the confidence to buy it, but you must know that this cheap machine’s feeding rate is from 2 to 5 seconds. Furthermore, it is easy to navigate from home to court, and even you can place it anywhere because of its pleasing look. Have a look, it’s pretty isn’t it?

Below you will see all the specifications and pros and cons which we have gone through will help you see your need and bearability to meet the cons.

low-cost tennis ball machine

Key Features

  • Feed rate = 2 to 5 sec
  • Ball Speed = 15 MPH.
  • Ball Capacity = 28 balls
  • Power = 10 hours
  • weight = 11 lbs.
  • Who can play = Anyone at any level

What We Like

  • Easy to navigate
  • Beautiful structure
  • Best for all level
  • Inexpensive / affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Ball capacity is only 28
  • Max ball speed 15 MPH
Tutor Tennis Twist: low-cost tennis ball machine

7. SAM ISAM: Low-priced Machine

Sam iSAM machine is the right choice for all levels of tennis players. Even if it drops, this is unbreakable since it is made of solid plastic.

It comes with all features at a cheap price and offers maximum spin control. It provides more than just drilling and rehearsing. I consider this machine to be the best-priced machine on the market today.

Furthermore, the machine is very light in weight, and it is pretty small in size. The best thing about this machine is that it improves skills and sharpens the shots.

SAM ISAM: Low-priced Machine

Key Features

  • Ball Speed: 65 MPH
  • Power: up to 4 hours
  • weight : 38 lbs
  • Who can play: Anyone at any level

The difference between the SAM iSAM machine and other tennis machines will be evident within a short period for someone who plays tennis every day with it. That’s because this low-priced machine is designed to mimic actual matches.

SAM ISAM: best cheap tennis ball machines

What We Like

  • Small in size
  • Enough ball capacity
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Good for all level players
  • Heavy-duty, strong plastic
  • Cheapest machine in price

What We Don’t Like

  • No Remote controller to operate from far
  • No wheels to move

Bottom Line: Probably one of those machines that are suitable for all ages and levels.  Because it is made of strong plastic, it is tough to break. Nevertheless, this machine is made for everyone, and it is also inexpensive. 

How do we Choose Cheap Tennis Machines?

Our first consideration when searching for cheap tennis ball machines is the price. We aim to select only machines with the best performance and all the needed features, such as ball capacity, feed rate, and oscillation, without compromising on performance.

We then conduct multiple tests with our tennis students. In the academy, we give students machines to use and then ask them about their experiences. Furthermore, I and all my pro tennis players always strive to try something new in the market. In order to determine which machine would fit into which category, we looked at various options. 

Furthermore, we are a team of four passionate tennis players with decades of experience using tennis machines to play and teach tennis. Due to our extensive experience in the tennis field, we can determine which cheap machine will perform best.

How inexpensive Tennis Machine perform?

When you compromise on price, you also have to compromise on functionality. In this article, we have gathered those machines that are both inexpensive and also perform well. 

While these machines don’t have huge ball capacities like 300 or 250, they still have a good capacity at a reasonable price. Regarding the playtime on a single charge that is also fine, like 4 hours, that is plenty. Others have more than 4 hours. 

Difference Between Cheap and Pricey Ball Machine.

The main difference between cheap and pricey machines is simply the price tag. Not all pricey tennis machines have evolved features. On the other hand, you will notice there are machines that are low in price but offer very progressive functions.

Generally, the most famous brands come at the highest price. However, we have shown you the best inexpensive machines that are high-performing and inexpensive at the same time. 

The Competition 

We have selected the cheapest and most effective machines available on the market. That is obvious, there are many machines which are as good and come at a low price as well. 

So, lobster and Sliger Bag are both amazing machines and the biggest competition of these best cheapest tennis ball machines. You do not have to pay much for them and they perform spectacularly. However, Lobster is a bit pricey compared to Slinger and all the machines we have reviewed in this article. 

Buying Guide: to Choose the Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines

We have finished our reviews and shared our personal experiences with you. Based on my observations, you appear to have chosen a machine. It is now time to check the guide and consider some essential factors that cannot be neglected.

It is essential to consider several things before purchasing the machine. However, I will share with you some of the most important things that I checked and was never disappointed with.

Weight and structure:

A person is in his late 60 or going through some joints pain or a baby boy who buys a tennis machine, it is not possible you always have family and friends around you to help you. That’s why, before purchasing any machine, make sure to check its weight and you must be comfortable with its size and handle to navigate it from place to place.

Obviously, attractive machines are appealing. If you purchase a machine that checks all your requirements and has a fantastic color combination, that is a plus point, isn’t it?

A machine that has fine color and is in good shape makes you feel like you have a best friend. It can be placed anywhere in your home, including in your guest room. The machines in my room tend to remain occupied most of the time. Oh Common, I love tennis machines and tennis.

Battery Life:

Well, before purchasing any cheap tennis ball machine, you have to consider several things. I believe it is an art to find the perfect machine for a low price. Now that you’ve read our entire article, I won’t tell you which one has a perfect battery.

You should know which one is good to have on the court for a long time hard forehand and topspins and backspin. wow. I m feeling it now 😀

Occasionally, if you are a passionate tennis player like me, you may take your tennis machine with you on a trip. It then becomes necessary to have your battery charged.

The battery timing of a machine is crucial because there are not often charging spots. Despite not going on trips, it can be frustrating to be in the middle of a tennis match and suddenly realize that the machine has stopped working. So who can handle your anger then?
Make sure your machine has at least four hours of power.


Oscillation means the machine which throws the balls in various directions on the court. There are machines with random oscillations and some have customization options. Even you will experience this feature in cheap tennis machines.


That’s all, peeps! I am pretty sure if you have gone through all the information in this article, you have become a pro chooser. You got all the important information to decide on the fantastic and cheap machine according to your requirements.

Throughout the 7 best cheap tennis ball machines you might have got the best one for you. Are you still confused and not able to make a perfect choice? Let me help you to have the perfect one.

Our Recommendation:

If you still have no idea about the tennis machine which is good and also inexpensive then, this is what you need SCIFANTA Machine.
If you are an experienced tennis player, well you do not need my suggestions but still, I will ask you to go with this giant Tennis tutor prolite. These two machines are all the best and my favorite one.
Have a healthy and happy life!

FAQs about the best cheap tennis ball machines

Having cheap tennis ball machines are good to play tennis. Because cheap machines are so easy to have and play any time. Everyone can have these machines because these machines are affordable.

Having cheap tennis machines doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to play a tennis match. Although, cheap tennis machines lack some advanced features still one can have a good time on the court.

You can get affordable tennis machines from many marketplaces and even you can buy from someone who is already using the machine. That is also a good way to get a cheap tennis machine.

Yes! indeed cheap machines are really good for improving your stroke. Because these machines are good at throwing balls at low speed, that is the best way to improve the stroke.

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