7 Best portable Tennis Ball Machines (Compact & Lightweight)

The biggest challenge of having a tennis machine is transportability due to its weight and size.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the best portable tennis ball machine that is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and compact in size? 

We got you! here you will find all those machines which are portable and meets all great features.

Best portable Tennis Ball Machines

We have purchased more than 80+ machines that can easily be placed in a car and taken to the court because they are light in weight and portable.


If you are in a hurry you can check here is our choice. This machine is our favorite out of all portable machines.

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Best Portable Tennis Ball Machines Reviews

Here we go, we are going to show you the 7 portable tennis machines in detail in which you will find what makes specific machines portable and what are the pros, cons, and features of these compact ball machines.

Continuing on, let’s move to machines that are airy and convenient to maneuver.

1. Lobster Sports: Small Tennis Ball Machine

This lobster sports machine is a world-class portable machine. Features easy navigation, customization, and a 2-year warranty. This ball machine is famous among all experienced tennis players.

The challenge is getting the machine from the home to the car and then to the court, and then back again. Even carrying it from your home to the car will be difficult if it is heavy. That is why Lobster sports is very light in weight, and has calm wheels with a comfortable handle to move.

This machine is compact and small, which is what makes this machine portable and user-friendly.

Infographics of Small and Portable Tennis Machines

Infographics of Small and Portable Tennis Machine

Due to the very fine wheels, the comfortable handle, and the lightweight. Whatever you do with it, whether you move it nearby your home or go on a trip, you’ll find it a transportable and the lightest tennis ball machine.

Apart from its portability and easy functionality, this machine has a playtime between 5 to 6 hours if played consistently. Moreover, the feed rate can span from 2 to 12 seconds and the ball capacity is 150, making this a perfect choice for tennis enthusiasts.

This small tennis machine makes practicing by yourself an enjoyable hobby. I believe this is the biggest con of the machine since you leave your friends behind. lol! That is a fact because this potable machine is the answer to all your quries.

Key Specifications

  • Oscillation: Random
  • speeds range: 35 to 80 mph
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Feed Rate: 2 to 12 Seconds
  • Power: 5 to 6 hours
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Why We Ranked Lobster sports in the First spot?

We have ranked lobster sport at first spot because it is very lighweight and compact in size including calm navigations and customisations. This machine is extreme example of portability and not compromising on other essential factors like, elevation and oscillations.

Moreover, you will find it more player friendly which will bring ease in the game without devaluing the essential features. So, yes! lobster sport is the one which deserves to be ranked on first spot when it comes portability.

What Makes Lobster Small Tennis Machine the Portable one?

Whether you’re on a road, court, or even grass, lobster sport lets you navigate with ease. High wheels and a good handle make it easy to push and hold this machine. 

The ball hopper can be closed and placed anywhere, whether it is in a car trunk or the front seat. A closable ball hopper is one of the amazing features that make the machine as compact as possible. 

The machine only weighs 44lbs, which is not a heavyweight, but you or even a weak person can move it for hours without tiring. That is why Lobster is a portable ball machine.

One can close the ball hopper and carry it without navigating on the road because it is lightweight. Apart from portability this machine is highly customizable and has built-in oscillation.

Outlook of Lobster Small tennis ball Machine

Outlook of lobster small tennis ball machine

You have gone through all the main functions of this machine. Now let’s move on to the pros and cons to find out what we think is useful and what isn’t.


  • It comes with 6 pre-loaded drills
  • Highly Customisable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good playing time on a single charge
  • portable


  • Only 150-ball capacity
  • If you hate the red color, then this is not for you

The Portability Scores Chart for Lobster Small Tennis Machine 

The Portability Scores Chart for Lobster Small Tennis Machine 

Bottom Line: A lobster is a widely accepted portable tennis ball machine. Thousands of tennis players prefer this small machine due to its lightweight and rich key specifications.

2. Siboasi Dark: Transportable Tennis Equipment

This is one of the best machines ever made when we talk about transportability. This portable machine is made to train hard, learn amazing tennis skills, and move easily wherever you choose to go.

You can navigate the machine easily on a hard surface or on mud on rainy days. Because the machine has good wheels which allow you to move the machine and have no issue in transportability.

The fact that it has huge wheels, the machine is very lightweight, and has a close-able ball hopper makes it the portable tennis machine on the market. Here you can see what the machine looks like when you remove the ball hooper.

Example: when you remove the machines ball hooper.

This is a good battery-powered machine, including customizable drills, and can be played for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge. Furthermore, you can control speed and oscillation from another side of the court via remote control.

In addition to its oscillations, this tennis equipment has a ball capacity of 150 and 150W of power. That is an example of flawless machines because you will have good playing time and good ball capacity also.

Apart from all its amazing features, this machine has a dark black color that will suit those who are crazy about Black love.

On the other side, if you have a portable machine with over 150 ball capacity and less playtime on a single charge is a disaster. With this machine, you get both features like good ball capacity and good playing time.

Infographics of Transportable Tennis Machine

Infographics of Transportable Tennis Machine

The lightweight ball machine is perfect for those of you who are highly skilled players and looking for a machine that has both a portable design and a multitude of great features. This transportable machine will improve your game by throwing you topspin, backspin, forehands, backhands, and middles.

After knowing all the important features of the Siboasi machine you must be thinking that this machine will cost you a lot. right? Not at all. You can have it easily.

Here are the Key Features to go through,

Key Specifications

  • Oscillation: Random
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Feed Rate: 2 to 12 Seconds
  • Power: 4 to 5 hours
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Color: Black/ Red
Siboasi: Best Tennis Equipment

What Makes Siboasi Machine a portable one?

Siboasi tennis machine is an extreme example of a lightweight and easy navigate-able ball machine. As you have seen the beautiful structure of the machine allows you to put it in the car easily due to its compact size. 

When we talk about moving the machine, it has smooth wheels which will be convenient for transporting the machine from home to the court. 

The last feature which makes this black beast an amazing portable machine is its removable ball hooper and close-able handle you will find it like a small box when you will close both of them.

Outlook of Siboasi portable machine

Outlook of Siboasi portable machine


  • Highly Customisable to make it to your liking
  • Remote controller to control the machine from afar
  • Portable machine to take anywhere
  • Easy to navigate on hard and soft surfaces


  • Balck color, If you don’t like
  • Max 150 ball capacity

The Portability Scores Chart for Siboasi Tennis Machine

The Portability Scores Chart for Siboasi Tennis Machine

Our Navigation Experience:
when you navigate the machine you will find it much easier than lobster because it has a comfortable handle covered with plastic. During the wheeling, you wouldn’t have to push harder due to its lightweight. Moreover, due to its large and smooth wheels, this machine is very easy to move.

However, if you have to go a long way from your home to the court you will find small two hooks in the front of the machine which are designed to stand the machine when you are not navigating.

One thing to remember, keep your ball hooper empty because you have to move the machine like a suitcase. So, it would be tougher navigating the machine with a full-ball hooper.

Bottom Line: Siboasi tennis machine is famous for its cool structure and easy navigation because this machine has aesthetic looks and large wheels which help the player to transport the machine easily.

Moreover, this machine has built-in oscillations thats mean you can play anywhere if you can not pay for the court.

3. Spinshot Plus: Lightest Tennis Ball Machine

Truly this is one of the lightest tennis ball machines. If you are looking for a machine that has multiple functions like remote control and smartwatch control, as well as mobile application remote control, including lightweight and compact shape then you should definitely explore spin shot plus.

Spinshot is an example of having portability and rich in all features.

Outlook of the Lightest Tennis Ball Machine

OutLook of the Lightest Tennis Ball Machine

Aside from its stylish, square shape and green color, this machine also has very fine wheels for easy movement and this is one of the good practicing machines.

This lightest machine has 120 ball capacities and allows you to hit topspins and backspins for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Moreover, you will be able to experience the hard volleys by hitting your forehand and backhand, but you can customize it if you don’t want to hit a hard drill.

Infographics of Lightest Tennis Machine

Infographics of Lightest Tennis Machine

Apart from its remarkable functionality, this device is also easy to steer from the court to the car or from the house to the court.

For now, I need your intention. If you are a tennis pro, then this machine will be perfect for you. However, there is good news for those who are just starting out. This portable machine can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences and can be operated by a panel or remote control.

Key Specifications

  • Ball Capacity: 120
  • weight : 35 lbs
  • Speed: 10 to 12km/h
  • Feed rate: 2 to 10 sec
  • Power: chargeable and 4 to 6 hours
Spinshot Plus: Lightest Tennis Ball Machine

What Makes Spinshot+ a Portable one?

The 3rd most portable ball machine is Spinshot plus very compact size and lightweight which makes it a portable ball machine. This light ball machine also has a closeable ball hopper to turn the machine into a smaller shape.

When it comes to navigation, you will find it easy to transport due to its fine wheels and comfortable handle.


  • Highly customizable to fulfill your need
  • Lightweight to lift and move
  • Easy to drag
  • Good color and structure
  • portable and long-lasting


  • 120 ball capacity
  • You have no choice in color

The Portability Scores Chart for Spinshot+ Machine

Our Experience: Spinshot has two handles for navigation. One is at the backside and another small handle is hooked in front.

However, this machine is not rounded or say a big square shape. This machine is rectangular shaped and that is what makes it fit easily in any place. For example, if you want to place it in a car trunk it will fit easily, if you want to keep it on a car seat it will be a perfect fit.

Furthermore, you have to navigate it like a suitcase and yes, you should not move it with a full ball hopper.

Nevertheless, you can check more reviews on amazon that might help you to learn more.

Bottom Line: A tennis machine which will make a pro tennis player and a machine which has all most essential and evolved feature including portability.

4. Lobster Sports: Mini Tennis Ball Machine

A perfect example of portability and high performance is the red and white beauty queen Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five. Due to its very fine back handle, one won’t have any difficulty maneuvering this machine. Putting the ball hopper upside-down to close it also reduces its size.

Outlook Of Lobster Sports Mini Ball Machine

Outlook Of Lobster Sports Mini Ball Machine

Among its many features is its ability to drill custom, oscillate randomly, and is light enough to be lifted into the car for use. Designed to carry 150 balls and 4 to 8 hours of playing time.

Additionally, you will find it more convenient than Elite G4 since it has 12 drills and allows more playing time.

The playing time of this mini tennis machine is longer than the Grand Four model. Based on my experience, you might have the capacity to play for 10 hours consistent with 120-ball capacity if you don’t go for hard volleys.

Although this mini-ball machine is not designed for every level of tennis player, I would recommend it to those who have little experience in operating it. Because you might not have an idea of what to play, you might find it difficult.

You can control drills from its panel and you will have 6 pre-loaded drills. Nevertheless, Lobster Sports is a great machine for all ages and levels of players.

Infographics of Mini Tennis Ball Machine

Infographics of Mini Tennis Ball Machine

How Mini Tennis Ball Machine Is Portable?

This mini-tennis ball machine is a portable one because it also has all those important features which make a machine portable like lightweight, small size, and easy navigation. However, the finest feature of this machine is its compact size which stands this machine out.

You can easily turn the ball hopper upside down and close the handle and that’s all. The machine will become smaller in shape.

Key Specifications

  • Ball capacity: 120
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Custom drills: 6 custom drills
  • Oscillation: random, horizontal, and Vertical
  • Power: 4-8 hours
Lobster Sports: Mini Tennis Ball Machine


  • Lightweight to carry
  • Easy to navigate from all surfaces
  • Highly customizable to fit your liking
  • Good playing time on a single charge
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Expensive
  • max 120 ball capacity

Portability Score Chart of Lobster Sports Mini Tennis Ball Machine

Portability Scores Chart of Lobster Sports Mini Tennis Ball Machine

Bottom Line: This portable tennis ball machine comes with custom drills for 18 court locations. However, It could be your life partner because it lasts longer for years if you really take care of it.

Furthermore, this mini tennis machine is recommended for all level tennis players because of its stupendous features and multiple functions which we have discussed above. If you want to learn about this mini ball machine you can visit amazon.

5. Tutor: Compact Tennis Ball Machine

Here it is, the most lightweight, compact, and portable machine. In other words, it mimics real matches and is an example of portability. The fact that it is so small and light means you will be able to take it anywhere you want.

You can see the closable ball hopper which doesn’t need to remove. You just have to remove the balls and close the ball hopper wings inside and that’s all. There is no work like other ball machines to take the ball hooper and put it upside down etc. This machine is simple.

Outlook of Tutor Compact Ball Machine

Outlook of Tutor Compact Ball Machine

This compact machine features an attractive dark black color and a ball hopper that can be closed at the end of playing tennis, making it small in shape. Portable tennis machines fit easily into a bag or suitcase. This machine is easy to handle and moveable for traveling.

This transportable machine offers multiple functions, including customization, topspin, and backspin, as well as a feeding rate of 2 to 10 seconds.

Its speed range is 10 to 85mph, together with 150 ball capacity, making it a great choice for all ages of tennis players. Although this machine looks small, it has all the functions to make you a skillful tennis player.

Its playing time of four to six hours of non-stop playing is one of the most impressive features. Which helped our team perform better on the court. Moreover, it weighs 46 lbs and can be steered easily because of its lightweight.

Key Specifications

  • Wight: 46lbs
  • Power: 4 to 6 hours
  • Feeding rate: 2 to 10 sec
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • speed: 10 to 85 mph
Tutor: Compact Tennis Ball Machine


  • Easily navigation
  • Highly customizations
  • Good structure
  • Example of portability


  • It has a max 85mph speed
  • You can not put more than 150 balls

Infographics of Compact and Maneuverable Tennis Machine

Infographics of Compact and Maneuverable Tennis Machine

How Tutor Compact Ball Machine is Portable?

The tutor machine is the number 1 portable ball machine because of its very small size. Whether you close its ball hopper or not you will find it very small in size.

In my personal experience, you will find this machine very lightweight, smaller in size, and very easy to maneuver but this machine is not good for pro tennis players.

Portability Score Chart of Tutor Compact Ball Machine

Portability Score Chart of Tutor Compact Ball Machine

Bottom Line: If you are an evolved tennis player you should scroll down or go above to find another evolved machine because this machine is made for those who are just starting to learn tennis.

6. Siboasi 2: Transportable Tennis Machine

The Siboasi machine can help you stay fit by hitting fast volleys with greater accuracy. For all levels of tennis players, this is a portable tennis ball machine that is rich in navigation and is very handy.

This machine is a good choice if you’re looking for portability, durability, and remote-controlled ball speed for a tennis game. With its 150-ball capacity, it can run for four to five hours on a single charge.

Siboasi 2 has a strong handle that helps you push the machine forward like your airport bag or you can also pull the machine like your suitcase as well.

Key Specifications

  • Oscillation: Random
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Feed Rate: 2 to 12 Seconds
  • Power: 4 to 5 hours
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Color: Black/ Red
Siboasi Transportable Tennis Machine

Due to its removable ball hopper, the machine becomes smaller in shape than placed anywhere and is more convenient when traveling.

Furthermore, it helps players of any level to improve their forehand, as its ball-feeding speed is between 2 and 10 seconds.

Due to its customization capability, this machine can be used by tennis players of all levels and ages. Additionally, this machine works on both the horizontal and vertical sides, making it easy to hit both forehands and backhands.

Outlook of Siboasi Transportable Ball Machine

Outlook of Siboasi Transportable Ball Machine

What makes Siboasi a Portable Ball Machine?

Siboasi is called a portable ball machine because you can open every single part of it during packing the machine and you can easily fix this without the need of an expert.

You wouldn’t face any difficulty while transporting the machine. There are multiple choices when you have a Siboasi tennis machine. You can place this machine anywhere and it will be convenient and it will look awesome due to its beauty.

Siboasi tennis machine allows you easy navigation and you can simply carry it conveniently whenever you want with a ball open or closed ball hooper.

Infographics of Transportable Tennis Ball Machine

Infographics of Transportable Tennis Ball machine


  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to navigate from place to place
  • Affordable and portable
  • Good playing timing
  • Good-looking and lightweight


  • Only 150-ball capacity

Portability Score Chart of Siboasi Transportable Ball Machine

Portability Score Chart of Siboasi Transportable Ball Machine

Bottom Line: This machine is designed for all levels of tennis players. Although this machine is flexible and customizable this is an extreme example of portability.

7. Lobster Sports E2: Moveable Tennis Machine

It is one of the fairest moveable shooters on the market, checking all the boxes needed by a tennis player at any level. Compared to Siboasi, it is very lightweight and smaller in shape which makes it the most portable.

Even you can compare this machine with a tennis twist ball machine because this will help you to know Lobster a little better. In order to learn tennis and become good at the game, you should invest in this machine instead of spending a great deal of money on lessons.

Outlook of Lobster Sports Elite Two

Outlook of Lobster Sports Elite Two

The machine has unique triple oscillation features that are very difficult to find on any other machine. My question is, what an enthusiastic player wants more than a machine that provides 4-8 hours of playing timing and is also portable and durable for moving from place to place?

Players can improve their game by trying different volleys in lobster sports. Additionally, it is lightweight and designed to endure long-term, tough ball throwing all year round.

Infographics of Moveable Tennis Ball Machine

Infographics of Moveable Tennis Ball Machine

This portable tennis ball machine is designed to improve your game by sharpening all of your strokes. One can put this machine to feed the same stroke for hours to master the stroke.

Key Specifications

  • Oscillation: Random
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Ball speed: 10-80 mph
  • Feed Rate: 2 to 12 Seconds
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Color: white/ Red
  • Power: 4 to 8 hours
Lobster Sports E2: Moveable Tennis Machine

What Makes Lobster Elite Two a Portable ball Machine?

Lobster Elite 2 machine is another example of portability as you will find it smaller in size and easily transportable including lightweight.

This machine will make your life much easier if you don’t like machines with heavy weight and tough to maneuver.

While having Lobster E-2 I have found it much ease in transporting the machine from home to court. Moreover, this machine can be closed and put in any place in the car and you wouldn’t face any trouble.


  • Fine structure and great looking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move it from place to place
  • Customizable
  • Portable and affordable


  • Max ball speed is 80 mph

Portability scores chart of Lobster Sports Elite Two

Portability scores chart of Lobster Sports Eite Two

Buying Guide For Buying The Best Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Awesome, you’ve read our entire article about the best portable tennis ball machines where we discussed the pros and cons as well as the functionality of each machine.

Now, it is time to understand the most important factors that will guide you in understanding your needs and finding the perfect machine that will stay with you for a long time and deliver an amazing experience in the future.

Portability :

Portability of lightweight tennis ball machines

You are here to find a device that is going to be of great use to you. Having made your decision, you must now select which one is the easiest to navigate from one place to another. Since we just informed you that this machine contains this amount of weight and that amount of weight.

You are the one who knows which machine is set on the exact match. For example, if you are over 50 and experiencing health complications, you should select a machine that is light in weight.

Alternatively, if you are very young and physically fit, such as I am, you might consider checking some other functions in addition to weight.

Even so, it is important to make sure the machine is maneuverable. Indeed, the machines we have reviewed here are very easy to move around.

However, I would still recommend you to check your ability to weigh weight and check the distance between your home and the court before you decide which machine fits your needs.


Navigations of portable tennis ball machines

Navigations are the most important features of tennis machines. A machine that is easy to navigate is the ideal machine in portability. The wheels of the machine play a major role while maneuvering the machine from place to place.

Those machines which have huge wheels are cool options to be known as the best portable tennis ball machine. Moreover, each machine has a navigating handle that makes the owner navigate the machine easily and that is a portable factor.

When choosing a tennis machine you must take the machine to the ground and check its moving ability. Check how the wheels move and how the handle of the machine makes you feel. Is the handle of the machine well comfortable or hurting the hands? or not?

A machine that has calm navigation and a comfortable handle is a portable tennis ball machine.

Weight and Size

weight and size of portable tennis ball machines

After navigation, there are another 2 major factors. One is the weight and another is the size. If the tennis machine is good at all the tennis machine features and has heavyweight is worthless. Because that machine will bring fatigue into your life. Before starting the match you will be tired while taking the machine from home to the court.

That is why you should choose a tennis machine which is light in weight and very calm to navigate.


On the other side, you will see the size of a tennis machine. Tennis balls are much better when having all the major functions including smaller in size.

When you travel frequently while taking a tennis machine with you. It is tough if the size of the tennis machine is large. Because sometimes you have to put the machine in the car and sometimes you have to keep the machine in your room etc. That is the reason to choose a machine which has a small shape instead of a large and heavy machine.

Which is an Ideal Tennis Ball Machine in Portability?

In my experience, the ideal tennis ball machine in portability is a machine that has very lightweight and compact in size with all the functions, including good playing time, and has a ball capacity of more than 150.

Furthermore, I see the design of the machine along with its weight, which is really important to know because sometimes it feels cumbersome to have a heavy machine. However, another important feature of the machine is its ability to move from place to place and its price tag.

Yes, the price is also important. Buying a tennis machine is an investment because you don’t need to spend 2k within six months for expensive lessons, instead, you should put that money into purchasing your machine and playing for many years to come. Be smart!

Important factors:
Buying a machine with a good battery that runs for more than 8 hours with a ball capacity of 60 or 80 is a bad idea. Choose a machine that has good playing time on a single charge as well as a ball capacity of more than 150 balls.

Additionally, navigation is very important because if your machine is heavy and lacks a wheel, I cannot imagine you being fatigued. By lifting the machine from home to the court, you will get tired and unable to perform on the court. To help you navigate the machine, you must purchase a machine with a fine wheel.

Finally, let’s talk about customizations– if you are a good tennis player, you must choose a machine that allows you to play at various speeds and use different spins– backhand to forehand, topspin, and backspin.

Why You Should Trust Us

Why you should trust us

You can trust us because we have been using tennis machines for years and have been teaching thousands of students about tennis machines in our tennis academy.

We have used more than 80 tennis machines and out of all these 7, tennis machines are super portable and easy to transport as they are very lightweight and have good navigation.

We have chosen all these tennis machines on the basis of our experiments and experiences. During our training, teaching, and our playing tennis journey we went through all the tennis machines and found 7 out of them were portable and lightweight.

How We Choose Portable Tennis Machine

We ran different experiments on our students, we divide tennis players into three groups and hand them three different tennis machines. For example, one group will have a spin shot machine, 2nd group will have a Lobster and the third group will play with Tennis Tutor.

After 6 hours of the experiment, we collect their opinions on portability like How was navigation, weight, and transport systems.

After collecting all the points from them, we four partners and tennis enthusiasts, set together to make sure about those points and pass them according to our findings.

That is how we choose portable tennis ball machines.

Why Portability is Essential in Tennis Machines

When you go for choosing a tennis machine you see so many features like customization and elevations etc. But you compromise on portability which is the biggest issue that you face after some time.

We all go for those tennis machines that give us the freedom to have multiple things but those machines come with heavy weights. That weight makes life tougher while maneuvering from home to court or while traveling.

That is why one has to get a machine that is rich in portability and navigational functions. So, you will not have an issue while navigating the machine.

Suppose! you are not the guy who travels a lot. Still, you have to navigate the machine from one side to another. What if the machine is without wheels and is not lightweight? What if the machine is without handles to push?

That is why having a tennis machine with a rich portability function is a must and essential thing. So, while choosing a machine make sure you have checked all the boxes of portability.

Portable Vs Unportable Tennis Ball Machines

Portable vs unportable tennis machines

A portable tennis machine helps you to have ease of navigation. A portable tennis machine makes you to carry a machine easily without any burden and fatigue.

While on the other hand, an unportable tennis machine makes you tired even before starting the game. Because you lose much energy while taking the machine to the court, garden, or ground.

Going to have a tennis game needs a relaxed body and a calm mind. When you get frustrated and tired with an unportable tennis machine while maneuvering the tennis machine you can not have a good match play. So, that is why tennis machines are good when they are portable and lightweight.

Why Do We Like Portable Ball Machines?

It is ok to have a ball machine which is heavy and not good in navigations but giving good play time on a single charge and have good ball throwing capacity. That is completely ok. But, what if you have all the major features present in a machine and also have compact size including easy navigations?

That would be plus point right? You wouldn’t be bothered while navigating the machine from place to place. Moreover, if you have a very light weight ball machine you will find it more convenient to manuver. So, yes that is big reason we like portable ball machines.

Who Need Portable Ball Machines

Relax, this is fact that having portable ball machines are supper important but you can have a ball machine which is zero at portability. You need only good machine which give you good play time on court. You should have machine which is compatible to your requirments.

Howerver, portability comes when you need to move the machine everyday. That is the only reason to get a ball machine which is compact in size and have a good manuvering feature. For example you are consistant traveller and you always take the ball machine with you. That is big reason to have a ball machine which is portable.

QNA Regarding Tennis Ball Machines

Yes! A portable ball machine is one of the soundest things you will ever buy. It gives you free will to play anywhere and at any time without having to wait for anyone to play with you. Additionally, it improves your game and makes you a skillful tennis player. 

It depends, Some machines have the function of remote control, and some don’t. Most machines from good brands allow remote, and they give along with tennis ball machines. 

It depends on your need; if you are a professional tennis player, you need a high-performing tennis ball machine precisely for newbies. It will help if you read our complete review to get the portable machine that caters to your need. 

A portable tennis ball machine means you have a machine that is easy to navigate and is lightweight including all other good functions.


We are done here! Throughout my tennis journey, I have been looking for tennis machines that are rich in all tennis features and portable. So, I have delivered all those 7 machines which are the best portable tennis ball machines.

Now I leave the decision to you to find out which one is the most suitable for you and how you would like to play and what portability feature is more important for you.

Hopefully, we made it easy for you to choose the adequate one. If you select any one of the mentioned machines above, you wouldn’t regret it, because we have tested almost all of them, as we are passionate tennis beasts.

If you are still confused about choosing the lightweight tennis machine then here are my recommendations out of all 7 tennis machines.


2 – Lobster Sports

Have a good tennis game!

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