Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000 & $500 (2022)

The best tennis ball machines under $1000 are in demand for almost all tennis lovers. Because tennis machines are the only way to get better at specific strokes and for under 1000 dollars one can have them easily.

We have owned more than 80 machines and we are experts to tell you which is the machine under $1000, having all the important features as well.

Best tennis ball machine under $1000


Soundest Tennis Ball Machines For the Money begins here.

Here is the audio file of the complete article, if you don’t want to read it.

Before moving forward, want to share, that I observe there is no such difference between high-priced and under $1000 machines.

Yes! there is a difference between ball capacity and elevation function. But I have gone through deep research to get those machines that do not have much difference from the big and under thousand dollars.

Let’s get right into the reviews.

If you don’t want to go through the entire article, then here is the editor’s pick which will ask you to pay less than $800. This machine has all amazing and good functions and is just under $800.

Best Tennis Ball Machines For the Money

Editor Pick

Spinshot Lite is high performing tennis machine that comes under the $800 category and has good functions including customizations, good play timing, and ball capacity.

As you have seen our choice, now let’s move to the other five tennis machines which come under thousand dollars.

Before starting the review in-depth, I would like to show you a chart in which you will see the difference and some key specification between the machines that fall under $1000 machines. This will help you to see all machines at once and decide the right one for yourself.

Here we go,

Top 5 machines Chart in Detail

Image Product Details   Price
Tennis cube under $900

Sports Tutor Tennis Cube

Speeds: from 10-50 MPH
Ball capacity: 70
Check Price
Spinshot lite Under $800

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine

Speed: 60 mph
Ball Capacity: 50
weight : 10kg
Check Price
sports tutor under $300

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist

Speed: 15 MPH.
Ball Capacity: 28.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Check Price
AnBt Tennis Machine under $300

AnBt Tennis Machine

Ball Capacity: 30
Frequency: 4 sec

Check Price
Tennis Tutor Prolite under $1000

Tennis Tutor Prolite

Speed: 10-60 MPH
Weight: 30 Ibs
Ball capacity: 125
Check Price

Before jumping to review I want to educate you a little about under 1000 dollar machines. After that, you will find a detailed review of each machine to choose the best one for yourself.

What to Expect While Choosing a Machine Under 1000 Dollars?

First of all, you have to know that if you are looking for a tennis machine which is under 1000 dollars. You will find plenty of machines but here is the exam for you.

There are machines under 200 dollars and under 300 dollars as well. If you are an adult tennis player and chose a machine that is under 300 or 200 dollars, that’s not gonna work. Because those machines are for kids.

You have to get a machine which has functions for adult tennis players for above 500 dollars.

Difference Between Machines Under $1000 Vs Expensive

Those machines that fall under 1000 dollars have just speed and feed rate. Speed means the ball thrown by a machine that is measured in mph. While feed rate means the frequency of the ball, like how many times a machine throws balls to the player within minutes.

Under 1000 dollar machine vs expensive

On the other hand, if we talk about machines which are expensive or say more than 1000 dollars. Those machines have more features like topspin, backspin, and adjustable height.

As long as we are looking for a machine which is under 1000 dollars will give you good experience to master any stroke but couldn’t be able you make you the best player.

Now, let’s move to the next part where we have reviewed the best machines under 1000 dollars.

Best Machine Under 1000 Doller Reviews

1 – Sports Tutor: Machine Under 900 dollars

Sports Tutor: Machine Under 900 dollers

A compact and one of the best tennis machines which is very lightweight as well. This machine fits three kinds of tennis players who travel often, looking for under 900 dollars, and want a machine which is also light in weight.

Tennis Cube offers you random oscillations which means a good experience at just 900 dollars. Random oscillaton helps you to be an expert if you consistently work on it and play.

You need to know that this is probably the machine that affords you the most important features for just under 900 dollars.

Furthermore, You will not have topspin and backspin options here. However, you are free to set your speed and feed rate. I think this is very well enough to have in a machine that just comes in under 900 dollars.

You will have no issue with its size because it has a closable ball hooper. When you close the hooper it becomes small in size and easy to fit everywhere you want to place it.

Outlook of Machine Under 900 dollars

Sports Tutor: Machine Under 900 dollers - 2

Key Specifications:

Ball Capacity: The tennis cube has a ball capacity of 70 which is quite enough to play for hours.
SPeed: It has a speed from 10 to 50 mph and you can customize it to your liking.
Weight: The tennis cube has a weight of 24 pounds and this is the best part of navigation.
Play Timing: On a single charge you will be able to play for 2 hours.
Smart Charger: You will get a smart charger with the machine which automatically stops when the machine gets fully charged.
Warranty: Tennis cube manufacturers offer three years of warranty.


  • Good play timing to play for 2 hours
  • Light in weight and easy to navigate
  • You can customize the speed within 10 to 50 mph
  • Feed rate is also customizable
  • The smart charger as well


  • Max ball capacity is 70

2 – Spinshot Lite: Best Machine Under $800

Spinshot Lite: Best Machine Under $800

A very famous brand in the tennis machine world is SpinShot. The Spinshot Lite is the only version that offers under 1000 dollars at price. However, you will have speed and feed rate to customize to your liking.

In my experience, if you put in strong volleys like a 5-sec feed rate and high speed at 18 mph, you will be able to play for 5 hours at one charge.

Moreover, if you put the machine in a 10-sec feed rate and 37mph, you will have 7 hours of play timing to play at a single charge.

Unfortunately, this spin shot version doesn’t allow topspin and backspin or oscillations. Moreover, you don’t have a choice in choosing colors as well.

Outlook of Machine Under 800 dollars

Spinshot Lite: Best Machine Under $800 -2


Ball Speed: You will have an 18 to 37 mph ball speed and customize it.
Ball Capacity: 50 balls
Feed Rate: feed rate goes from 10 sec to 10 sec.
Play Timing: 7 hours on average
Customizations: you can customize the feed rate and speed.


  • Good playtime for long hours
  • Good ball capacity
  • Light in weight
  • Under 800 dollars
  • Easy to move
  • Good and high wheels for navigation
  • Comfortable handle to hold the machine


  • Only one color

3 – Tennis Twist: Tennis Machine Under $300

Tennis Twist: Best tennis ball machine Under $300

The tennis twist machine is the best example of having amazing play timing. Probably this is the only best practicing machine in the market which gives up to 15 hours of playing time on a single charge.

Furthermore, if we talk about its structure you will notice that its spiral constructions make this machine the most beautiful one as well. Although it comes just for 300 dollars it gives you a good experience in playing despite its price.

Unfortunately, you do not have many choices for customizations like topspin and backspins. However, you will have a good feed rate and ball speeds. Down you will see the exact key specification which will help you to know the machine a little more.

Outlook of Tennis Machine Under $300

Tennis Twist: Best tennis ball machine Under $300 - 2


Ball Capacity: It allows you to have 28 balls merely.
Play Timing: 15 hours, which is the best timing you will ever note.
Customization: Not so much for customizations here. But you can adjust the speed.
Speed: You will have 5 to 15 mph speed.


  • Enough playing time on a single charge
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • You can adjust the ball distance


  • Not highly customizable

4 – AnBt Tennis Machine: Best Machine Under $200

AnBt Tennis Machine: Best Machine Under $200

Anbt machine is beautifully structured and has four types of D batteries (LR20/AM1) or plugged-in (220V/110V). The best thing about this machine is its lightweight and beautiful spiral structure.

However, by having this machine you will have the two best features ball feed and speed. Furthermore, you will have no issue with navigation because of the lightweight.

This machine is a little bit different as compared to other machines because the Anbt machine has a removable ball hooper. When you pack this machine up you can remove the ball-loading track and it becomes easy that way.

Furthermore, you can have a tennis machine for your dog as well to keep your pet busy and happy.

Outlook of The Machine Under $200

4 - AnBt Tennis Machine: Best Machine Under $200 - 2


Ball capacity: You have only 30 balls allowed. But that is also enough.
Feed Rate: One Ball/4 Second
Customization: Not much to customize
Total Weight: 2.18kg/4.8 lbs


  • No Training venue limitations required
  • play anywhere.
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to navigate
  • Enough ball capacity
  • Under 300 dollars


  • It comes only in Balck color

5 – Tutor Prolite: Best Tennis Machine Under $950

 Tutor Prolite: Best Tennis Machine Under $950

I put this machine on the 5th spot just as a surprise for those who are really looking for a good machine also under 1000 dollars. So here we go,

This is the cool one for you because this machine allows you to experience random oscillations. Having a machine at $950 and having random oscillation including ball speed and feed rate customizations is not a bad deal at all.

Furthermore, you will have a 125 ball capacity to play for long hours without refilling the ball bucket.

You can adjust the ball speed from 10 to 60 mph and you can also adjust the feed rate from 1 to 10 sec. Now, let’s get into the specification to know more about the $950 dollar machine.

Outlook of the Machine under $950

Tutor Prolite: Best Tennis Machine Under $950 - 2


Ball Speed: it has 10 60 miles per hour.
Ball Capacity: 125 ball capacity which is more than enough to have a good time on the court.
Feed Rate: 1to10 sec
Customization: You can customize its ball speed and feed rate.


  • The best machine under 1000 dollars
  • Good playing time
  • amazing ball speed
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not any such cons

Why You should trust Us

We are authority in tennis machines that is why you should trust us

We are four passionate tennis players running a tennis academy and teaching thousands of students while using tennis machines. we have been using and reviewing tennis equipment since 1992.

In 2016 we had an invitation to the launch of a spin shot new machine and we reviewed those machines with the audience and got some of them to teach our students in our academy.

We have great experience in tennis machines and we have used almost all kinds of tennis machines and we often run experiments on our students and on different tennis machines. That is what makes us the best and most well-experienced tennis machine experts.

Since we are all in the tennis game 14 hours a day and 5 days a week for years. You should trust us and you will have a great experience with the machine which you get via our teachings.

How We Choose Machines Under 1000 Dollars

It is a very common question, so let’s answer it. Here is how we choose a good machine for under 1000 dollars?

There are a lot of tennis students at our academy, but they are not all rich. A lot of students ask us to recommend machines that are under 1000 dollars but do not compromise on quality. 

So, we have recommended to more than 150+ students these machines which you went through.

We are sharing these machines here because we have a strong belief in them as our students are playing with these machines for a long without any complaints.

Moreover, we check the machine performance like customizations, ball capacity, speed, feed rate, power, etc. If a machine has these qualities and also offers under 1000 dollars. That is our go-to machine. And only those machines we have selected and reviewed here.

Why You Should Choose a Machine Under $1000

There are 3 major reasons to only choose machines which fall under 1000 dollars categories

  • You do not have enough money to get a pro tennis ball machine.
  • You are looking for a machine that doesn’t have evolved functions.
  • 3rd reason is you found a machine which really allured you and you want to have that machine regardless of functions and price.

What you will not get in machines under 1000 dollars?

The machine which is asking you for more than a thousand dollars have all kind of features which you can imagine. But when it comes to getting a machine for under 1000 dollars there are some limitations. That is what we are going to show below.

  • You will get a machine which is lack topspin
  • you will have a machine which is lack backspin
  • The machine will be limited to a certain speed
  • You might not get good navigation but exceptions are there.

Our verdict:

I assume that you have gone through the entire review and now let me tell you that all these machines are genuine and you will find them as I have shown you.

As a tennis machine lover and tennis machine-playing strategist, I have tried and tested almost all tennis machines to be the best teacher. So, these are machines that are under 1000 dollars and also good performers including genuineness.

Buying Guide of Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000

Whether you want a machine under a thousand dollars or more than that, you must have the following functions in machines otherwise there is no point of having tennis ball machines.

Moreover, if you are first time getting a tennis machine then this buying guide will help you to choose the right machine. So let’s get into buying guide.

Ball Capacity: There are machines having a ball capacity from 50 to 300. The ideal machine would have around 100 ball capacity. Because 100 ball capacity is enough for spending 2 to 3 hours on a single ball hooper.

Feed rate: When a machine through balls. it takes 2 to 12 seconds of break between each ball throwing. In my experience, most tennis machines have the same feed rate whether those machines are evolved or simple ones.

Navigation: This is one of the most important features of all tennis machines. Navigation depends on weight, wheels, and comfortable handle. If your machine lacks any of these factors then it’s not the good one. You must check these factors of machines for good navigation.

Customizations: Another important feature, a Customisable tennis machine allows you to make it to your own liking. Where you can adjust ball speed, feed rate, top and backspin, and oscillations including elevation.

So, these were imperative tennis machines features that shouldn’t be compromised. Fortunately, you will find all these factors in the given machines above.

QNA of Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000

Tennis ball machines under $1000 are good but not compatible with expensive ball machines. You can say that these machines are enough for having a good time on the court.

You will have speed optimizations, Oscillation, Navigation, and feed rate customizations. These entities are present in all good tennis machines.

Yes! Lobster offers more than 3 machines which are under $1000.

No! you shouldn’t get a tennis machine for under 1000 dollars if you can afford high tennis machines because you will have more function in those high tennis machines.


Alright guys, If you are still confused that which one to choose. first of all, see the first machine which is editor-picked and shown at the beginning of the article. If you don’t like that one then Sports Tutor Tennis Cube is the answer.

Founder & CEO

Hello! Meet Harry Jacob. The Tennis Geek was founded and is run by Harry Jacob. In the past decade, he has trained more than 20 thousand students. Since childhood, he has been a passionate tennis player. Harry encourages his students to be independent by playing tennis every day with tennis ball machines. Nevertheless, he lives in the U.S and he is a tennis machine expert.

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