Wilson Portable Tennis ball Machine Review

When it comes to rehearsing tennis and playing at your own pace every day, you need a tennis machine that fulfills your need. An excellent example of this is the Wilson tennis machine. 

Over 80 tennis machines, including Wilson, have been tested by us. In this article, we will show you a Wilson portable tennis ball machine review which will help you to understand it in more depth.

Wilson tennis ball machine review

Wilson tennis ball machine reviews

This machine is manufactured by a sports tutor company that has huge recognition and authenticity in producing tennis ball machines.

Wilson is made for all level tennis players, those who are pro tennis players can take their game to next level and those who are just starting it out will learn so much that will escalate their confidence as well.

Overview of Wilson Ball Machine

There is a worldwide reputation for Wilson’s machine. The sports tutor is the company behind Wilson, which is why Wilson is the most useful machine on the market. Trust, value, and quality are the hallmarks of this company.

With Wilson, you’ll get the convenience of portability coupled with the performance of an extraordinary machine. Our deep analysis shows that thousands of tennis players trust Sports Tutor and all their products.

Before jumping into our review, if you want to read the customer’s reviews you can check that here.

Best Features of Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

The Wilson tennis machine has been extensively reviewed below, but here we will discuss the 4 most important features of the machine. You’ll make or break your mind depending on which one you choose. 

Wilson Machine Design

Tennis players find it difficult to deal with heavy and large machines but the Wilson machine is so simple and lightweight with the dimension of (Length x Width x Height) 22 x 14 x 20 inches (.56 x .36 x .51m). Know you can imagine how compact this machine is.

Wilson Playing duration on a Single Charge

Tennis machines which offer you good ball capacity including other customizations and elevation are superb but if not giving you good playing time on a single charge, that means a big failure. Because you will feel irritated to charge machine again and again.

Here comes the Wilson tennis machine which allows you to play tennis games for 3 to 4 hours. These 4 hours are pretty enough to make you tired and close the session till tomorrow. isn’t?


Wilson Machine is good at elevation the balls to give the best experience for throwing balls at different heights.


Oscillation is another major factor for tennis machines and players. Wilson machine is very rich at that. By having this machine you will experience random, horizontal, and side-to-side oscillations. Unfortunately, you do not have the option for vertical oscillation.

Essential Points of Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

  • Structure of Wilson
  • Key Specifications
  • Available Drills
  • Power
  • Pros and Cons
  • Reviews from Our Team

1 – Structure of Wilson

Wilson tennis machine comes in dark black color which is compact and is a great example of tennis practice machines.

Furthermore, when it comes to navigation, there is a built-in handle, which is really helpful to move without any disturbance.

Moreover, there is a control panel that will help you to customize the machine to your liking.

As compared to other machines like lobster and Spinshot this machine has wheels attached to the backside of the machine, right under the control panel, not beneath the machine.

However, when you want to move the machine, you have to bend it in order to move it.

2 – Key Specifications

1 – It has ball speed from 10 to 75mph
2 – You will have 110 balls in the ball hopper merely
3 – This machine will give you 3 to 4 hours of playtime
4 – Its very lightweight at 17 kg
5 – Dimensions = (h – 51 cm) (L – 56 – cm) (w – 35 cm)

3 – Available Drills

As compared to other best tennis machines Wilson is not that smart. Because Wilson has no high programmability. But you can make this machine’s customizations like ball speed, Elevations, and oscillations.

4 – Power

Wilson machine is enough for the one who is getting this machine for him/herself. Because this machine will give you 3 to 4 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Wilson machine takes 18 hours to recharge and it has an overcharging protector which stops itself when it’s full.

Nevertheless, You should avoid this machine if you want to buy it for your group. Because this machine will give you a max of 4 hours of playtime on a single charge. Moreover, you will find this machine in our collection of the 10 best tennis machines.

5 – Pros and Cons

1 – Electrical Elevation
2 – Good playtime on a single charge
3 – All tennis players can play with it
4 – Customisation

1 – No Programmable Drills
2 – Only 110 ball capacity

6 – Reviews From Our Team

“Wilson tennis machine is for all those people who are looking to have affordable tennis machine and giving real match mimics. I have experienced this one and still playing with this because of its durability and good playing time including customisations.”
“I have got his machine assuming a normal one to play at my home yard during holidays. When i started playing with this on I realised this is not a normal one, but Wilson is for all kind of tennis players out there.”

Our expertise in Wilson Tennis Machine? 

Over the past 10+ years, we have purchased more than 80 tennis machines. Among the 80+ tennis machines, some come from a sports tutor company where Wilson is at the top. 

wilson tennis ball machine

Wilson tennis machines are our favorite because they have good oscillations and electronic elevation controls. It is always the case that 80 percent of students prefer the Wilson machine. It is one of the simplest and most compact tennis machines that can improve your topspin, underspin, and strokes. 

The Wilson ball machine is a perfect choice if you want to improve your tennis stroke or if you want a long-lasting, trusted, and high-quality machine.

Customization of Wilson Tennis Ball Machine

Each machine that has so much customization function is considered the next-gen machine. That machine could meet the new strategies and new techniques of tennis. So, the Wilson tennis machine has so much to customize and make the shots meet your requirements.

Wilson machine has six switches on the top of the customization panel. One shows the turn-on and off the machine and very next to that button is the Elevation, oscillation, remote, power charging, and rest button. These six buttons are the major part of the customization. Moreover, there are three buttons at the bottom of the customization panel.

One makes you control the topspin and backspin another helps you to set the time interval between each ball and the last one makes you choose the speed of the ball.
That’s all! You may have noticed that the customization of the Wilson tennis machine is so simple and easy that anyone can do it without spending hours learning.

Navigations Of Wilson

navigation of wilson tennis machine

Navigation is another essential function of a tennis machine. If your machine has a good wheel and a nice handle to push or pull and the machine is easy to maneuver you have the right machine. You will not have any issue making the machine move from place to place.

So, the Wilson tennis machine has all those major navigational features. Let’s go into the navigation of the Wilson tennis machine.

This machine has a few different maneuverings. As compared to another tennis machine this machine doesn’t have a wheel at the downside of the machine instead the wheels are attached to the backside of the machine right below the control panel. And the handle is very small that is attached to the above section of the ball throwing window.

How you manuver the mahcine?

You have to hold the machine from the handle and bend it to the wheels that are how navigation happens. When we talk about other machine navigations there are machines that need to be pushed and some machines are pulled like a suitcase. But Wilson’s tennis machine is a little different. You have to pull the machine and also you have to bend it to its wheels.

Alternatives of Wilson Tennis Machine

alternative of wilson tennis ball mahcine

After going through the Wilson portable tennis ball machine review if you didn’t like this machine or if your mind is asking you to know the alternatives of this model. Then I will recommend you these 2 machines from my heart.

These two machines are not an exact copy of Wilson but a little better I must say. Wait, you have to pay high as well.

Wilson Vs Other Tennis Machines

wilson verses other tennis ball machines
  • Wilson has an attached handle and when you navigate you have to bend the machine while other tennis machines have handles that make you navigate the machine like a suitcase.
  • Wilson machine has a 2-line feature where two players can play. at the same time. This feature is only present in the Wilson machine. On the other side, other tennis machines don’t have this feature.
  • Wilson gives 3 to 4 hours of playtime on a single charge while other tennis machines have more than this. Other machines have 5 to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Wilson is rich at oscillations and has a good ball capacity. On the other side, Like a tennis twist machine doesn’t have good oscillations.

How Wilson Machine is Beneficial For you?

If you have a partner or family who wants a tennis machine to play. Then Wilson is the best option because this machine has functions where two players can have a good experience together.

If you want a machine that is good at navigation then Wilson is the right answer.

If you want a machine that has good customizations where you can make it to your own liking then here you go with Wilson.

Wilson machine has a good playing time on a single charge and a very compact tennis machine.

Check this video to understand more about the Wilson ball machine.

Why You Should Avoid Wilson Ball Machine.

Wilson machine is good for all level tennis players but in my experience, you should not consider this ball machine if you are a professional tennis player because this machine is not rich in evolved features.

Moreover, if you are just trying to learn tennis and have no previous tennis expertise stay away from this tennis machine. All you need is to learn from a coach or well-experienced tennis player and after that try to get any tennis machine.

The last reason to avoid the Wilson ball machine is that you have no technical understanding and you are not a good learner. Because the Wilson ball machine has some technical aspects like customizations and some machine parts that you need to understand about them and make the machine according to you.

Positive Comments for Wilson Ball Machine

There are hundreds of positive feedback from all Wilson customers across all marketplaces. We have run a deep analysis and there are old and new Wilson customers appreciating the machine and admiring it.

One of the old customers named Jacob said “It’s been one and a half years playing with this machine and I haven’t seen any issue with this machine and I feel this a Brand new Every day”

Negative Comments for Wilson Ball Machine

In my opinion, the Wilson machine is the finest one present on the market. We have been playing and rehearsing with this and have never seen any issue with this machine till now.

But still, there is some negative feedback for this machine and they are complaining about ball stucking issues and some are talking about bad navigations. I think, there will be some issues but 90 percent of the time the machine gives perfect results all the time.

Our Verdict

We are the people who are experts in the tennis machine era and especially in the Wilson tennis machine. So, we are very confident in saying that the Wilson tennis machine is the right choice for those who are looking for a quality tennis machine that is good for all level tennis players.

Moreover, this tennis machine has some evolved features which are going to help your tennis skills and your tennis strokes.

Wilson is a widely accepted machine and has thousands of buyers across the big countries and there are many professional tennis players who also like Wilson’s tennis machine.

However, in our tennis academy, we have noticed our students prefer the Wilson machine to other machines due to its compact shape and good customizations.

QNA of Wilson Portable Tennis ball Machine Review

The best thing about Wilson Portable Tennis ball Machine is customization and easy navigation including feed rate and oscillations.

Wilson Portable Tennis machine is worth having for all ages and all types of tennis players because this machine gives an amazing experience.

Yes, the Wilson tennis machine is good at navigation because this machine has a wheel and a comfortable handle which made it easy to navigate.

If you take good care of the tennis machine it will last for many years to come. You have to make sure to clean your machine when you are done playing and you should keep the motor and other mechanical equipment up to date.


Wilson machine is the finest example of having the experience to play against pro tennis players on the court. However, we have discussed all the important features of this machine which will help you decide about your objectives.

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