Used Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Buying Guide

It makes no difference whether you have a used lobster tennis ball machine or a brand new one. The only thing matter is to make sure the Lobster is performing its best and has all of its features functioning. 

However, if your budget is low and you are also interested in having a Lobster machine, then buying a used one might be a good option for you.


Pre-owned Lobster Tennis Machine’s Crucial Features

To find a perfect pre-owned Lobster machine that will not disturb you in the future, one must consider the following features.

  • Use Lobster must have in good condition
  • Used Lobster must have a clean outer look. Without scratches
  • The internal structure must be clean
  • The motor must be working fine
  • Used lobster must have good oscillation
  • The wheel must be fine to have good navigation
  • The maneuvering handle must be fine to carry or push the machine
  • The customizing panel should be customizable. Never compromise on customizations

Durability of Secondhand Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

Buying a used lobster is good to save you some bucks and there is not any surety you will have a good experience by having that used Lobster.

If you are buying from any private seller, make sure to ask him for the warranty of the Lobster. Let me tell you this, most of the Lobster ball throwers have 2 to 3 years of warranty cards and even you can extend that either.

However, most of the time you are not going to get a warranty card.

Durability of Secondhand Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

There are used Lobster machine sellers who find defects in the device and want to sell and get the new one. Now, you have to go through these steps to avoid misguidance.

  • Check machine closely
  • Make sure to remove the ball hopper and look internal side of the Lobster
  • Make sure the motor of the Lobster is working perfectly
  • Last but not the least, give it a go in court. Play with the used Lobster machine at once to make sure if the machine is working awesome.
  • Put the machine on charge for a while to check the power of the machine.
  • Move the machine and check the navigation is good.

If you pass all these steps, you are all good to go. Buy that machine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

When you decide to buy a used Lobster tennis machine, you should bear some facts in mind. Secondhand Lobster has many pros, but there are also many cons. 

Pros and cons of used lobster tennis machine

Let’s get into the Advantages and disadvantages of the used Lobster machine.

Advantages of Used Lobster Tennis Machine

  • Used Lobster machines are not asking to pay high
  • Used Lobster is enough to play as a new one
  • If you get a secondhand Lobster machine in good condition you will have the same experience as a new lobster
  • If the seller makes sure the machine works fine, then you are lucky to have a secondhand machine because you know the pre-owned lobster is been through many games and give good gameplay.

Disadvantages of Pre-owned Lobster

  • You will have to go through maintenance
  • Used Lobster might have some damages
  • No warranties and guarantees
  • You can’t sell at good rates

Where to Find Used Lobster Ball Machine?

What if you’re like, okay, I get what to look for, but where can I find a used lobster machine?

Find used lobster tennis machine

Here I am sharing with you the best places where you can get used lobster at reasonable prices. There are many places where you can get secondhand Lobster that will meet all your needs.

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Groups / Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • The manufacturer

All you need to do is, go to any one of these mentioned sites and search your related query like a used lobster tennis machine. That’s it. You will find plenty of results.

Furthermore, If you buy a new tennis ball machine like Slinger or Wilson that would be a good decision because you would not face any trouble in long run.

Why You Should Buy Used Lobster?

Why you should have used lobster machine

There are Lobster ball machines with a warranty of 3 to 4 years. Why should you buy a used one?

Well, having used Lobster makes you save money that is all. you should only buy a used Lobster if you don’t want to spend money or you don’t have enough money to spend.

Otherwise, I will recommend you to go for the new machine which is the best option.

Furthermore, if you are not familiar with tennis machines you must learn how tennis machines work and also know how to DIY a tennis machine.

However, If you want to buy a secondhand Lobster tennis ball machine and that is your final decision. Then once you have to give it a read. Because there are so many tennis players who got used lobster ball machine and then they got regret of their decision.

So, why you should have used the lobster machine?

  • If you like lobster brand and you can not have a new one. Go for used lobster then.
  • If you are just wanting to get some experience then go for it.
  • If you have a good experience at tennis games and you know how to fix a machine then buying a used lobster machine is good for you.
  • If you are looking for a machine that is good for all levels then getting used lobster in good condition is a right decision

Here is a video that will make you check this machine completely and help you make a decision.

Why you Shouldn’t Get a Used Lobster Tennis Machine

Buying used lobster tennis ball machines will be unfortunate sometime. Let me tell you this, What happens, when you buy any used one, you check before and that machine works fine.

However, we know that Lobster is used and what if after a few months that machine doesn’t give you the good experience the way it used to be.

used Lobster tennis ball machine

Furthermore, you don’t know how many times the sellers have repaired the machine and how many games they have played before selling to you.

That’s why I would suggest, waiting for one or two months more to save some more money and get the new Lobster. I love to buy brand-new things always.

When Pre-owned Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Worth Buying.

Pre-owned Lobster tennis machine
  • If you can’t pay the actual price
  • If you have well experience in repairing the machine
  • When you don’t care about warranties and guarantees
  • When you have well experience with machines and you know how to utilize them
  • When you need to improve certain areas of your tennis game

FAQS Related Pre-owned Lobster Tennis Machines

Buying a used lobster machine is a good option if you don’t want to spend money on a new one. Bur, during purchase, make sure to choose wisely. The machine should be working fine and in good condition.

You must consider the power of the machine and the structure including navigation and the motor.

Well, it depends, If you take good care of the machine it will last longer otherwise it wouldn’t last long.

Buying used lobster tennis machines is a great idea if you find a machine that is in good condition and not asking you to pay high.


Again, Buying a used Lobster tennis machine can be a good or bad experience for you. That’s why you should use my technique of waiting for 2 months more and saving some bucks to get the brand new Lobster.

Nevertheless, It’s your choice to go. Wish you luck!

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