Slinger Tennis Ball Machine Review (Complete Guide)

Hello tennis enthusiasts, there is a needed ball thrower for the tennis world that is versatile and complete. So, here is a slinger tennis ball machine review that was featured on Forbes and will fulfill your needs.

We’ve purchased and played with over 80 different machines and believe that the Slinger Bag is the rich-featured machine on the market. It doesn’t only provide unique qualities, but it also includes developed features like a camera holder, a ball tube, and a suitcase.

Our team has thoroughly reviewed the Slinger Bag, and we are confident that it is the perfect machine for all-level tennis geeks who want to be game-changers. So, before you make your decision, check out our favorite Slinger Bag machine and see why we believe it is the ultimate choice.

Before jumping into reviews, here is our favorite slinger bag machine and you can visit to check this out.

Slinger bag tennis ball mahcine review

So, let’s get started,


Slinger Bag Review and Overview

The Slinger tennis ball machine is engineered with three distinct compartments. The first section offers spacious pockets for storing tennis rackets and other equipment without having extra bags.

The second compartment is the ball hopper, where you can store the balls. You can store your ball within the machine, unlike other machines that make you hold balls in an extra bag.

The third compartment is the control panel, which allows you to adjust the ball speed, feed rate, oscillations and other settings according to your needs.

The machine is designed with convenience and organization in mind. It features extra pockets for your items, dedicated compartments for water bottles, a towel, and even USB charging ports.

You might assume that a bag with so many features would be heavy and difficult to move around, but this machine is different. It has sleek wheels for easy maneuverability and two straps for lifting and loading into a car.

The wheels of the bag are slimline, quiet, and rounded with soft rubber for smooth navigation.
The machine also offers easy charging options. Plug it into an electrical outlet, and it will automatically stop charging once the battery is full. You can also charge the battery separately by removing it from the bag without the need for any technical skills- it’s very simple.

Slinger Bag Review and Overview

It is equipped with two knobs for controlling the speed and feed rate of the balls. Right below the knobs, four lights indicate the battery level, which is a helpful feature for determining how long you can play on the court.

As you consider whether the bag is the right machine for you, let’s take a closer look at its features and capabilities.
It’s worth noting that this machine does not come with a built-in oscillator. To use the oscillation feature, you’ll need to place the machine on an oscillator and connect the white cable to provide power. Once that’s done, the machine will start throwing oscillating balls.

Before delving deeper into the review, let’s first understand the Slinger bag machine.

Technical Specifications

Technical specification of slinger ball machine

There are so many things that Slinger Bag Ltd has to offer. Our team has compiled a list of the specifications this tennis machine company offers.

  • Ball Speed: It is built to have a speed of 10 to 40 mph.
  • Feed rate: You will be able to customize between 2 to 7 seconds.
  • Oscillations: Yes! The bag offers you right-to-left oscillations.
  • Elevations: 10 to 40 degrees of elevation makes the machine an ideal one.
  • Customizations: Highly customizable machine to make the volleys meet your need.
  • Charging time: This machine takes a max of 4 hours to get fully charged.
  • Playing time: You will have 6 hours of playing time on a single charge.
  • Weight: The bag is very lightweight. It has only 15 kg of weight which is quite easy to navigate.
  • Dimensions: Height: 83 cm Length: 51 cm Width: 45 cm
  • Navigations: You will see a comfortable handle to navigate the machine in which there are very large wheels to move it easily.
  • Made up of: All slinger machines are made up of textile bodies and very very durable plastic.
  • Color: You will find three colors black, blue, and white which make this machine very attractive.
  • Level: Never think about your level during choosing this brand. Because this machine is customizable and you can make it to your liking.
  • Smartwatch: No! Unfortunately, you wouldn’t have a smartwatch to control this machine till now.
  • Remote controller: Yes! there is a remote controller, but you have to pay extra for that.
  • Programmable drills: none
  • Ball Capacity: 144 balls
  • Mobile app: No! you wouldn’t have any app to control this machine till now. Maybe in the future, the company introduces you to the official app.

Construction of The Machine

Typically, tennis machines and equipment are made of plastic. However, the Slinger bag stands out by incorporating textile materials into its construction, with approximately 85% of the machine covered in durable fabrics. To use the machine, unzip the bag and let the machine entertain you on the court.

Let’s move to the further essentials of the machine,

Battery Life

Battery life of slinger bag tennis machine

Most tennis machines offer a decent amount of playtime on a single charge. However, the bag is different. It takes a few hours to fully charge and provides 5 hours to play on the court. Unlike other machines that require an entire night to charge, the Slinger bag only takes a few hours to fully charge and get ready for use.


The Slinger bag made its debut in the market independently, without any initial partnerships. Now, the brand’s CEO, Mike Ballardie, has established multiple partnerships, including with Nick Bollettieri as the head coach of Slinger bag Ltd. Additionally, the brand has also partnered with the Bryan brothers, known for their success in professional tennis.

Slinger Bag vs other Machines

This tennis brand has set itself apart from the competition by offering additional features not found in other tennis machines.
For example, It has a ball picker tube, eliminating the need to collect balls manually from across the court. This feature alone saves time and reduces frustration.

In today’s digital age, many players like to share their experiences on social media, whether it’s through live streaming, vlogging, or taking pictures. To cater this, the bag also includes a camera holder, making it easy to capture footage while using the machine. This added feature sets the machine apart from other brands.

Slinger Machine Review

slinger ball machine reviews

Slinger bag tennis machine brand has four types which have the same basic functions like ball speed, frequency, elevation, and navigation. However, all these four types have little difference in some extra features some have camera holers and some have 1 case of tennis balls and some with 2 cases.

Here are the four Slinger products.


1 – Slinger Tennis Ball Launcher Review

The launcher is truly unique and versatile. Among the many tennis machines available on the market, I have yet to come across one that offers such a comprehensive package – a bag to store your racquet and balls, as well as the added convenience of remote control options.

SLINGER tennis ball machine review/ LAUNCHER

The launcher is truly unique and versatile. I am still waiting to come across one offering a comprehensive package, such as a bag to store your racquet and balls and the added convenience of remote control options.

Its smooth wheel and a comfortable handle make it easy to navigate, making it one of the most distinctive features of the launcher. Additionally, the bag offers ample pockets for easily storing your phone, wallet, cables, and other small gadgets.

This launcher is a truly unique and versatile machine. Among the many tennis machines available on the market, I have yet to come across one that offers such a comprehensive package – a bag to store your racquet and balls, as well as the added convenience of remote control options.

The machine helps you improve your game on the court and keeps your phone charged while you play. Its powerful battery allows for extended playtime of up to 5 hours, so you can hit strong volleys without worrying about running out of power.

Let’s check out some infographics of the machine.


Slinger tennis ball launcher infographics

How it Stands out from Traditional Machines

Slinger Ball Launcher offers unique features, such as a bag for storage and additional features, like a ball picker and camera holder, differentiating it from traditional machines. It also excels in ball throwing and navigation.


It features a sturdy handle and large, smooth wheels for easy navigation. Additionally, the machine offers some customization options, including the ability to adjust the ball speed.
This ball thrower is the perfect tool for tennis players, offers all the necessary functions and facilities to practice and play an array of shots.

Discover the Convenience of Slinger:

The Launcher is a great choice for those who value simplicity and ease of use. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transportation, and its ability to close and securely hold a tennis racket makes it stand out among other machines.

Its main goal is to make practicing and playing tennis more convenient for players. If you’re looking for a machine with useful features without the hassle of complicated set-up and adjustments, the machine is a perfect fit.

Ok! Let’s jump into some key specifications and pros and cons,

Key specifications.

Weight: It has 33lbs/15kg and can say be very lightweight to navigate.
Dimensions: 14″ x 18″ x 34″ (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm)
Elevations: 10 to 40 degree
Ball frequency: 2 and 7 seconds.
Minimum speed: 10/16 mph
Maximum speed: 45/73mph


  • High playing time on the court
  • Not much expensive
  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile charging
  • Plenteous pockets
  • Very lightweight


  • Oscillation is not built in but that is an extra part.

Bottom Line: With numerous features and benefits, the Slinger launcher is the perfect tool to elevate your game and simplify your practice routine.


Slinger tennis ball machine review/ slam pack

The Slam Pack is a great option for those looking for a comfortable and convenient tennis experience on the court. This machine is an upgrade from the Slinger bag launcher, making it a great choice for beginners.

The weight, ball speed and frequency are similar to the launcher, but the Slam Pack also comes with an oscillator included in the package, providing an added feature.

The oscillation feature of the Slam Pack works similarly to a machine with built-in oscillations but with the added convenience of just needing to plug in the cable to activate it.

Additionally, the Slam Pack offers additional functions, such as a camera holder and ball tube, while maintaining the same elevation and ball frequency as the regular machine. This allows for easy self-recording during practice sessions. The Slam Pack is the perfect tool to take your skills to the next level without any distractions.


Infographics of SLinger Slam Pack

If we talk about the voice of the Slam Pack while playing, there is a little voice that will not disturb you or anyone around playing.

Revolutionize Your Game: Slam Pack vs. Other Machines

The Slam Pack is unique compared to other tennis machines on the market. It is designed with the goal-oriented player in mind, allowing the option to include or remove the oscillator as desired. The external oscillations feature adds convenience to practice.

Additionally, the built-in ball collector sets it apart from other machines that require manual ball retrieval. With a decade of experience operating tennis machines, I can confidently say that the Slam Pack’s ability to conveniently store and transport all necessary equipment, including a phone or camera, is unparalleled.

Slam Pack: The Ultimate Choice for an Efficient Game

The Slam Pack is ideal for those who frequently travel and need a machine that can accommodate all their needs. Its built-in camera holder is perfect for videographers and those who like to share their progress with friends and family via live calls or videos.

Additionally, it’s highly customizable, easy to manoeuvre, and compact, making it a versatile and convenient choice for players looking for all these features in a tennis machine.

Key specifications of SLAM PACK:

Weight: It has 33lbs/15kg and can say be very lightweight to navigate.
Dimensions: 14″ x 18″ x 34″ (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm)
Elevations: 10 to 40 degree
Ball frequency: 2 and 7 seconds.
Controlling: Remote
Minimum speed: 10/16 mph
Maximum speed: 45/73 mph


  • It has a ball tube
  • You will have a camera holder
  • You can charge your mobile phone
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy navigation
  • Comfortable handles and wheels


You wouldn’t be able to know when the ball finishes in the hopper.

Bottom Line: Slam Pack ball machine is designed to hold all your essential equipment. You can charge your phone, and use the remote controller to control the machine from a distance, making it even more convenient for you to practice on the court..



The Slinger slam is more refined than the previous two machines, but it is not significantly different in terms of ball speed, ball capacity, or oscillation. It does come with a case for tennis balls.

The slam pack-1 is one of the best ball machines for all skill levels. Starters may not need the high elevation feature, but evolved players have the option to adjust the elevation of the balls from 10 to 40 degrees.

The machine can be slightly heavy when navigating rough areas. Additionally, the machine’s oscillation can be easily controlled with a remote controller rather than the control panel. Overall, the slam pack-1 offers strong drills and good oscillation, making it a great choice for developing your tennis skills.


Infographics of slinger Slam Pack 1 Case


Weight: It has 33lbs/15kg and can say be very lightweight to navigate.
Dimensions: 14″ x 18″ x 34″ (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm)
Elevations: 10 to 40 degrees
Ball frequency: 2 and 7 seconds.
Controlling: Remote
Ball capacity: 144
Minimum speed: 10/16 mph
Maximum speed: 45/73 mph


  • Easy navigations
  • Lightweight
  • Good feeding rate
  • 1 case of tennis balls
  • Ball tube
  • Camera holder


  • Max ball capacity is 144
  • You wouldn’t be able to know when the ball finishes in the hopper.

Bottom Line: This machine has many features and tools that may be optional for your specific needs. It’s important to understand your playing style and routines. For instance, if you plan on using something other than the oscillation feature, you can leave that part at home rather than carrying it with you all the time.


Here we go, the last one from the bag brand. It has 2 cases of tennis balls. There is not much difference between but only 1 case and 2 cases of tennis balls.

This machine is similar to the third one but has a shorter average playing time of 3.5 hours compared to the Slinger Launcher. Keep this in mind when making your decision.

Nevertheless, You can also get a machine for your dogs, which will keep your dog happy and busy as well.

What makes the Slinger Bag Machine so appealing?

Many factors contribute to our affection for the Slinger brand. One of the primary reasons is its durability and low maintenance needs. The machine is built to last and runs smoothly for years as long as it’s cleaned properly after each match.

Another aspect we appreciate is the machine’s all-in-one design. The bag machine includes a ball collector, a camera holder, and multiple bags to store your tennis accessories, including rackets.

Lastly, we must pay attention to the machine’s aesthetic appeal. The machine’s design, colour scheme, and structure are very well done; it’s the best-looking machine among all other machines. All these features make the bag machine the perfect choice for any tennis player. This machine is similar to the third one but has a shorter average playing time of 3.5 hours compared to the slinger Launcher. Keep this in mind when making your decision.

Performance Chart

Performance chart of slinger ball machine

Slinger Brand Hacks and Tips

This mysterious ball machine brings much ease and creativity into your tennis game. There are so many hacks, and only some are aware of them.
The machine is full of pockets, and you can carry essential gadgets like a phone, camera, etc. But you should also keep a kit of screwdrivers and some towels. The screwdriver will help you fix any technical thing during the match, and the towel will clean your sweat and dry your hand.

If you play tennis every day for one hour, you don’t need to charge the machine for 3 days because the machine allows you to play for 3.5 hours per charge. I recommend charging your machine every day after finishing the match. Or it would help if you charged the machine before going to court.

You have the option for a camera holder, but you must know that you can also hang the voice recorder’s big mic. That will make you record your voice and the shots hitting sound.
After playing every match, you should clean the machine, but you must learn how to clean the slinger bag properly, right? It has so many pockets; you must grab a vacuum cleaner that will suck all the dust out of it.

There are so many bags in the machine, and most players need to keep all the bags open while playing, which will ruin the shape of the machine. Always remember to let the bag set a side up or down nicely so you wouldn’t see any scar of folding.

Avoid this mistake by considering buying a high-pressurized ball for the machine. Here is a hack, when the machine through your ball sounds weak, which means the balls are not suitable for the machine. Conversely, if the ball sounds solid, the balls are super compatible.
Last tip but not least, you should bear more expense of getting one more ball tube. You will easily pick the balls and save time when you have two ball tubes.

Bag Reviews on Its Specifications

Features **** 4 stars

Portability ***** 5 stars

Design ***** 5 stars

Play Time **** 4 stars

Practice ***** 5 stars

Navigation ***** 5 stars

Versatility ***** 5 stars

Slinger Bag Shots: Techniques to Master

It is a very rich machine to have variety of tennis shots which are listed below.

You can hit the forehand shots
You can play backhand shots
Volleys are the major part
Half volleys
Drive Volleys
Footwork Drills
Moon balls
Cross Courts
Forehand Volleys
Backhand Volleys

Old vs new slinger bag

Initially, the old bag Ltd was not offering an oscillations mode. After on request of many slinger bag fans, the company has to build an oscillation function. Fortunately, the company has not asked customers to pay more for the oscillation mode.

Now, the new bag models have more batter functions and are continuously evolving and adopting new features as the tennis game evolves more complicated and toughest as the competition increases. Slinger bag Inc gets the norm and makes the machine according to the time. This is one of the most prominent tennis machines company, which keeps updating itself continuously.

Our Verdict about The Machine

We have experienced that this brand is a complete package that one needs to have a perfect tennis game on the court. Singer Bag is made for all levels of tennis players because it allows you to customize at your level and your liking.

Furthermore, this brand helps you to make better shots and makes you an amazing and more experienced tennis player. Because we have experienced that our more than 60 students got amazing skills while playing with this machine and have won multiple medals.

Why You Should Trust Us

Why you should trust us

We are 4 passionate tennis players who have utilized almost all tennis machine brands and have wide experience in the tennis game. Furthermore, we run an academy where we teach our students tennis and we also use tennis machines to let our students rehearse at their own pace and get good tennis skills.

We have brought the machine series to our academy and found that this brand is the most value-providing and convenient for all tennis lovers.

We have used all of them, tested them, and spent more than 200 hours analyzing each and everything of this brand. Nevertheless, after testing with our divided students where half of them were playing with slingers,s and others were playing nonslinger machines. At the end of this experiment, the results were astonishing.

80% of students liked machines. That makes us experts in reviewing this brand and you can trust us.

Competition of The Bag.

Slinger bag vs other tennis machines

This is a full-package machine that provides you with good customization, elevation, and other good tennis-playing facilities. When we talk about the competition there are two huge competitors of this brand.

1 – Spinshot: This tennis brand is the biggest competition for Slinger. They have good customizations, speed, ball feed, and ball capacity. Most importantly, this brand provides value to players as the slinger machine does.

2 – Lobster: The second biggest competition is lobster. This brand produces highly customizable tennis machines where a player has the option to make the machine to their liking and have good topspin and backspin including elevation and easy navigation.

Master Your Slinger Machine: A Quick Guide

Operating and setting up a slinger is quite easy compared to other machines. There are very few steps to go through and you are done facing volleys.

  • First of all, you have to fill out the ball hopper with tennis balls and you have to put 144 balls in it.
  • Unzip the bottom sections of the bag to have good customizations and check the control panel.
  • You should learn about the control panel because this is where you will check the feed rate, speed, and oscillations.
  • Now, you have to take the remote and go to another side of the court to hit tennis balls.

Key Factors to Consider for Customizations

While customizing the machine for your perfect shots or the specific shot you want to improve or experience, you have to keep in mind the speed rate.

If you have been playing tennis for years then you can face massive drills like putting volleys on 75 mph and high elevation with random oscillations. By doing this you will have an amazing experience.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much experience in playing tennis, you can put the machine near the net and keep the machine at a low speed between 10 to 45 mph and no high elevation.

This way you will go through step by step process to handle the massive volleys one day.

Learn Customisation On Youtube

After reading this, if you are still confused about the machine customizations or anything else you need to watch these videos on youtube. Their channel time410s and total tennis domination are explained very well for this machine.

After watching these videos you will have more knowledge about machines. Because some people are good at reading and understand every bit of it while other people are not good at reading that is why you should watch the youtube videos.

Care and Maintenance of the Bag

Care and maintenance of slinger ball machine

When it comes to caring for and maintaining the machine you have to keep in mind these four points.

  • To make your machine perform optimally, you have to clean it after every match that you play. To remove the dust, you have to wipe down the hopper, wheels, and other essential components, and the machine should be neat and clean.
  • After each long day at court, you have to check if your machine is performing well and if each part of your machine is functioning properly.
  • The most important thing to take care of is the power system. Never ever put your machine on charging for more than the given time. Overcharging will ruin your machine’s power system. In case your machine has not a feature of automatically stopping charging.
  • The wheels server motor, ball collector, and the machine’s power are major components that you should consider checking after every game. Furthermore, you have to schedule to check up thoroughly on your machine each week.

Recommended settings

Stroke Feed Speed Angle Position
Lobs 6 sec Max 84mph 35 degree Court center
Mid Court Forehand 5 sec 60 mph 20 degree center
Cross Court 7 sec 5 sec 15 degree service line
Hand feed 2 sec 30 mph 40 degree net side
Fast Volleys 3 sec 80 mph 50 degree Court Center
Improve stroke 7 sec 40 to 50 mph 40 degree Court center

Slinger: World’s Most Popular Ball Machine

There are many ball throwers in the market, like Lobster, Spinshot, and Tennis Twist, but the Slinger stands out.

Suppose we see other machines that only bring ease to the game, like good playtime on a single charge, customizations, etc. But this machine is a lot more than that.

It has all the features in which customizations, oscillations, elevations, calm Navigation, feed rate, and ball capacity are involved. However, the best part is its bag shape, which allows you to cover everything within it.
Even one can place extra gadgets in it. That is the main reason the bag is the world’s most famous and reliable machine.

Maximizing Your Training Slinger Bag

Those who can manage to pay for a slinger should look no further because this machine offers all the features one needs to have a good game on the court for years without trouble. If you are looking for a ball machine that makes you keep all your gadgets secure and in one place rather than having multiple bags to take while going to the court. Then this is the answer.

This machine offers a convenient ball tube for gathering balls easily. You will have an additional oscillation option for those who want extra versatility in the game. This machine is the best option for an external oscillation function.

Ok! Let’s check the bag machine’s infographics.


Slinger tennis machine infographics

QnA : Regarding Slinger Machine

The machine lasts for 5 hours on a single charge.

It is not much expensive machine. However, it begins from 599 dollars.

The machine contains 144 balls. All Slinger machines have the option of 144 balls.

The oscillator is the must-have tool that helps to move the machine horizontally to through balls into different directions of the court.

The machine takes approximately four hours to get fully charged.


Slinger bag tennis machines are all in one package and also not asking for big bills to be paid. I haven’t operated any machine better than this brand.

All we need is the best machine that doesn’t cost us much and has good playing time on the court with good customization, and this machine is the answer for those people.

I wish you a happy life and a good tennis-playing experience!

Founder & CEO

Hello! Meet Harry Jacob. The Tennis Geek was founded and is run by Harry Jacob. In the past decade, he has trained more than 20 thousand students. Since childhood, he has been a passionate tennis player. Harry encourages his students to be independent by playing tennis every day with tennis ball machines. Nevertheless, he lives in the U.S and he is a tennis machine expert.

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