How Tennis Ball machine Works (Operating Guide)

The most common question which we face all the time. Not anymore, because we are going to cover every possible thing about how tennis ball machine works.

Looks like it’s just a machine that throws a ball to mimic the action of a match, but there are many other factors involved. Someone who owns or wants to buy a tennis ball machine should know what it is made up of and how this actually works. 

In this article, we will discuss the most essential elements of a tennis machine and its functions as well. which are a must for all tennis machine lovers to learn about them.

Let’s get into it.


List of Important Points of How Tennis Ball Machine Works

  • Battery
  • Rotating Wheels
  • Air Pressure
  • Customizations
  • Placement at the Court
  • Perfect Shots
  • Machine’s Maintenance

How to use a Tennis Ball Machine | Explanation

You must go through all points to understand the tennis machine’s mechanism and engineering and what are those parts doing and how they perform to make it all happen. If you learn completely you can make a machine for your dog also. Because that is not difficult if you will learn how to make a tennis ball machine.

Power Supply

For obvious reasons, power is the most important domain of a tennis machine. There are many different types of batteries that are utilized in tennis machines. Batteries in some machines can last up to eight hours, but others only last two to three hours. You can know here the battery-operated tennis machines.

It is best to have a charging cable for your machine since you can charge it while plugged into electricity in court. So, you do not have to wait or go near to plug for charging.

Rotating Wheels

Rotating wheels are located in the front of the machine, which works throwing balls in different ways like topspin and backspin.

Connected up and down wheels are operated to throw the balls from right to left and vice versa for horizontal oscillation. The majority of tennis ball machines operate using counter-rotating wheels.   

Getting the upper wheel to move quickly indicates the ball will be thrown topspin. On the other hand, if the lower wheel is rotating quickly, the ball is to spin backward. This is how topspin and backspin work.

By the way, if you find it tough making a tennis machine you should buy a cheap tennis machine. That will be a good decision of yours.

tennis machine rotating wheels

Air Pressure

Air pressure is the process that happens by an electric fan. The fan draws air from outside to push the balls into the expected area of the tube to follow the command of topspin, backspin, horizontal, or vertical.


We have understood the important parts of machine and how actually machine works. Now, let’s understand the important process which is as essential as the components of the machine.

Customization of tennis machine indicates, the frequency of balls, speed of balls, topspin, backspin, and horizontal + vertical oscillation. All you need is a control panel of a tennis machine to handle the customizations.

Most machines offer just a control panel but in now days almost all machines are including smartwatches, mobile apps, and remote controllers in their packages to bring ease in controlling the machine for customizations.

Placement in the Court

I am sharing this trick because I have seen many tennis players doing the mistake to place machines on the wrong side of the court and expecting different shots. That is a bad technique. Here I am going to share the best placement of the tennis machine to know how it actually works well. You also need to understand the tennis court dimensions.

If you want to strike the ball into the forehand and backhand at the same time then put your machine at the center of the court’s baseline. By doing this, put your machine on random oscillation and beat the volley from the right to the left side of the court. In addition, this will help you to become the best tennis player.

Perfect Shots

After all these steps this is the final step to knowing how the tennis ball machine works. When you customize the machine to strike balls higher or lower the machine does this via a tube that releases the balls lower or higher and obeys the command.

Machine’s Maintenance

It would not make you disturb. Because there are not too many mechanics which you would need to maintain week to week.

Yes! sometimes it happens that the electric fan clogs and motor also need service to perform best possibly. However, most of the time machine works totally fine and cool.

Nevertheless, tennis machines are the finest way to practice tennis alone and if you can not afford a machine you should make one at home.

How Small Tennis Machines Work

There are so many machines, some of them are made for small tennis players and some of them are made for grown tennis players. So, small tennis machines do not have so many things to consider. Small tennis machines just have a feed rate and small ball capacity. So there are not so many things to learn about those tennis machines.

These tennis machines need to customize the feed rate from 2 to 12 seconds. The machine needs a full ball hooper. That is all.

How Evolved Tennis Machine Work

The evolved tennis machine has so many things to consider. These tennis machines have customizations. You have to learn about the elevations, oscillations, topspin, and backspins. Because the evolved tennis machines are very rich featured.

Evolved tennis machines have very fine wheels that help in navigation and the oscillation that throws balls into right and lift. The elevation helps you to throw balls from the bottom to the top. That is how the evolved tennis machines work.

How to Take Care of Tennis machine.

When you look after your tennis machine you make it work really well and stay for a long time with you. That is why, first of all, it is better to clean up your machine after every match and store it standing straight.

Make sure the motor of the machine is working fine and you check the motor routine-wise and keep updating and refreshing it once a month. That will keep your tennis machine working really well and give you good ball feed like a new tennis machine.

Do not let your family or friend play with your tennis machine for more than 12 hours every day. We all have family and friends to whom we can’t say no. That is why our family will keep playing with our tennis machine for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. The machine will lose its ability to give you a good match play. That is why to keep good care of the machine you have to keep it disciplined and play with your machine moderately.

While navigating the machine, make sure not to maneuver through the mud because that will make your machine dirty and that is what ruins the machine.

Last but not the least, never give a jolt to your machine when storing it or putting it in the car or elsewhere. These jolts crake the machine and then it makes more sound while navigating and throwing the balls.

FAQS Related How Tennis Ball Machine Works

Tennis machines have rotating wheels which throw balls and if you have done some customizations you will see shots moving from left to right and elevation.

Tennis machine customization happens by the control panel. Where one can control the feed rate, speed, elevation, and oscillation.

Yes, we all can play even if we don’t know how tennis machines work. Because tennis machines are so simple to play.

The tennis machine’s navigation happens by wheel and handle. One needs to hold on to the handle and push forward where the wheel part comes in to move the machine.


we have discussed possibly all important functions of how the tennis ball machine works. Indeed, you should focus on your tennis skills instead of the tennis machine. It’s good to know that you have known all tennis machine mechanics.

Have a good tennis game!

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