Finding Used Tennis Ball Machines? (Must Read This)

Tennis ball machines are amazing to practice and take your game to the next level whether used tennis ball machines or the new ones both work the same way.

We are here to guide and share our experience with you, on how to find used tennis ball machines, where to find them, and what to look for when getting a used machine.

Firstly, let’s understand the big differences b/w new vs old ones.


Used Tennis Ball Machines Vs New One

When we talk about getting a brand new machine we also get a warranty and all advanced features which is reliable and durable to practice. Conversely, used tennis ball machines are not fulfilling these criteria. Yes, that’s a fact.

When someone sells a second-hand tennis machine, there are many reasons one wants to sell. However, you must have to make sure that the machine is working well and has all those features which you are looking to have.

Maybe you find a tennis machine from the person you know and that machine has no issue and gives an amazing experience. That’s a Luck. That is what we want to convey in this article, how, where, and what to see before getting a tennis machine.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a used tennis machine for the dog, and even it would be tough to get a used tennis machine for beginners.

Benefits of getting secondhand tennis ball machines

If you got a pre-owned tennis ball machine from a trusted person and you know the machine is working fine and is in good condition, then buying new is overrated honestly.

  • You save money
  • You are sure the machine works fine
  • Used machines have a long life span (Long-term, it worked fine, so it also will)

Why Used Tennis Machines are Trending as compared to the New One

Used tennis machines are trending because so many tennis players love to appreciate tennis machines, but they can not pay that high amount.

That is why they decide to go for used tennis machines always. There has been a boom in tennis games in recent years in a new generation. Most of them are looking to get a tennis machine which is used, and used tennis machines will not demand to pay high.

All you need to do is find out which tennis machine is handy and in excellent condition. When we talk about new tennis machines and those machines’ demands, you pay high. So, new tennis players are not able to pay that amount. That is why used tennis machines are trending compared to old tennis machines.

Which Brand Sells More Used Tennis Machines?

Different brands sell used tennis machines

Suppose we talk about which tennis brand sells more used tennis machines. The answer is that there is no brand which sells used tennis machines. That is very rare if any brand sells a used tennis machine. Used tennis machines are always available on other markets places as Facebook, groups, communities, and Craigslist.

Most of the time, so many tennis lovers decide to sell the old machine and catch up with the new model, and that is where used tennis machines come into the game. You will be lucky if you find a used tennis machine from a trustworthy person because a trustworthy person will make you aware of all the good and bad things about the used machine and will also let you know the proper condition of the tennis machine.

Drawbacks of Used Tennis Ball Machines.

  • There are pros and also drawbacks to tennis machines.
  • You have to keep it updated
  • You have to go for some errors
  • Used machines might have some scratches
  • A used machine might make you destructive during a match of some issues.

How can a Used Tennis Machine Make you a Good Tennis Player?

Used tennis machines are a straightforward way to make you a good tennis player, but how?

When you like playing tennis, you cannot find the one who can play with you every day. You also do not have enough amount to pay for those high tennis ball machines.

Here come the used tennis ball machines which will be yours by not paying much. You will be able to play tennis every day at your own pace.

By playing the game regularly, you will be able to get awesomeness, and you will become an excellent and incredible tennis player.

Are Used Tennis Ball Machines Worth Buying?

Are used machines worth buying

100% worth buying used tennis machines. You just need a guide who helps you to make a wise decision. Luckily I am going to share complete information that helped me to get pre-owned tennis machines and you will find it beneficial.

If you get a secondhand tennis machine that works fine and has all functions including speed, customizations, and oscillation you just got hit by Luck.

Finding a used ball machine makes you save money. As you know tennis machines demand high pay. Isn’t? Another amazing thing about machines is they last longer if you got a good machine.

However, when you find a secondhand machine make sure to play some volleys, topspin, and backspin for 3 to 4 hours. This trick will reveal if the machine is in good condition.

Last but not least, You should know your tennis level and purchase accordingly. For example, if you are a good tennis player you should consider buying a pro-level tennis machine. If you want a machine for some days you can rent a machine even.

How to Find Old Tennis Ball Machines?

How to find used tennis ball machines

Decision matters finding is easy. First of all, I will highly recommend looking for a machine in your close circle ask your tennis-related friends because if you get a portable tennis machine from a person you know and you can trust is the best way ever to get a secondhand tennis ball machine.

Now, there are many sites where you can get tennis machines. Let’s get to know them.

1 – Facebook Marketplace

This marketplace has various filters which you can use and bring out your desired result. However, I have seen many pre-owned tennis machines listed here and you can get the best one. It depends on your location.

2 – Local sites

There are many websites that are serving old products at a reasonable price, you just need to enter a keyword near me at the end and get the best one. This process always works for all.

3 – The Manufacturer

The third most important part of getting secondhand tennis machines is simple, you will get a machine by going to the sites of tennis machines brands and there are sections where some brands have created a portion where they sell tennis machine parts as well.

For example, if you go to the site of Spinshot or Wilson they sell everything at a low cost, and most of the time they also give a warranty. So, this is the best way to acquire pre-owned machines.

4 – Craigslist

This is the best plate form where you can get a tennis ball machine. All you need to do is go to Craigslist and find out in which area you are looking to get old tennis ball machines and that’s all. You will find dozens of tennis machines out there.

Furthermore, this place doesn’t only offers you a machine but you can even get many parts of tennis machines including rotating wheels, tennis batteries, and many other tennis gadgets.

You should get the CPlus app to use craigslist, this is an effective way to use craigslist because you also get a notification about the thing you have an interest in.

5 – Amazon

Buying used products is one of my favorite ones. Do you know that Amazon is also the best marketplace to buy pre-owned products? But, you have to get the machine via the Amazon warehouse seller. Amazon is not specially designed for secondhand products but still, almost anything is available at a reasonable price including tennis ball machines.

6 – YouTube

Youtube should be the last place to check when looking for used tennis machines. But still, it is worth it. There are many sellers on Youtube especially brands and other individuals, who show machines with complete videos.

However, you can explore the old machines on YT, and get the best machine that falls on all criteria. The best thing about youtube is you see the complete videos of the machine and the bad thing is they might show you the good features of a machine but not the bad ones.

But there is an issue, that’s why I said it should be the last place to check. The issue is, that they are selling but not delivering. Maybe the seller is from Uk and you are in the USA.

7 – eBay

After Amazon eBay is the largest retailer, If you couldn’t get the machine from amazon then try to find the machine from eBay. I am sure you will find the best-used tennis ball machine with all requirements including warranty, awesome shape, and all other customizations.

8 – Facebook Groups (approved way)

This is my favorite way of getting used to things. How does this work? When I am looking for a used tennis ball machine or any part of the machine I go to Meta and search groups related to tennis machines and I see huge numbers of machines and their pieces as well.

9 – Tennis Community (Approved way)

There are private groups on the Wats app, on Facebook, and on telegram. The best part is everyone can join them and can get information about anything related to tennis machines. However, people in groups are selling machines and components, and also they are helpful if you face any difficulty in operating a tennis machine.

What to Consider before Getting Used Tennis Machines?

What to consider before getting used tennis machines

There are multiple things that you must consider before making a deal. If any one of the following is missing, do not go for it.


Whenever you get a pre-owned tennis machine you must intend to have a customization feature in it. Because machine without customizations is useless. You are not able to make your own drills. That is why choose a machine that allows you to have good and high customization options.

Easy Navigation

2nd most important part is “Navigation”. Suppose you get a used machine that is rich in all other functions and has no wheels to maneuver and no handle to grab it. What will you do with this?

Make sure the chosen machine has good navigation like wheels and a comfortable handle.

Feed Rate and Speed

3rd crucial part is ball speed and feed rate. let me tell you what is ball speed and feed rate.

Ball speed: The machine throws balls toward you at different speeds time. Some machines allow you between 10 to 40 mph and some 10 to 75 mph.
Feed rate: Feed rate means how often the machine throws balls with intervals of time. Some machines have 2 to 10 sec and some 2 to 14sec.


In the final part, after checking all the boxes it’s time to check the external part of the machine. Make sure the chosen machine is in good shape and have good condition. In my experience, the external shape will define how the machine has been treated.

How Durable Secondhand Machines Are?

You know what, it depends. If the machine owner has treated the machine really well then the machine will stay with you for a long period of time. This means the machine is good and durable.

On the other side, if the owner has not played safely and cared for the machine then even if the machine is working fine at the moment still you will be in trouble later on because you will have to maintain it again and again.

That is why after making sure all the features are good and working fine and must check the external shape of the machine which will define its history of the machine.

FAQS Related Used Tennis Machines.

If the used machines are good in condition then you can get one.

When you want to buy any used machine you should first give it a try to check if the machine is working fine like, feed rate, speed, oscillation, and elevations.

Only those should consider machines who have issues purchasing a new one and can not pay high bills.


I think, that is enough to get the best and perfect used tennis ball machines, which meet your requirements. Make sure to get a machine that is working fine and is in good shape. Have a good time!

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