5 Best Rated Tennis Ball Machines (Reviews)

There is a great deal of difficulty in choosing between good and bad machines. That is why you should check customers’ ratings and reviews before grabbing any tennis machine.

Here is a guide to ensure that you choose only the best rated tennis ball machines. In this guide, we have selected some machines with numerous users, who are all happy and grateful for them.

Best rated tennis ball machines

We have played with more than 80 machines over the years and found that many people, including us, appreciate and love those machines with positive feedback from previous users. These positive ratings and reviews clearly show that these machines have great volleys and a long playing time with good programmability. 

Let’s get into the rankings and know which machine got more ratings and more appreciation. 

Best Value Tennis Ball Machines Review

You are going to read about real experiences which we have learned over the years and what the buyers are saying. Now you have to decide which one is a perfect match for your need.

Before jumping into the review here is our favorite machine out of all.

lobster sports best rated ball machine

1 – SpinShot Player: Best Value Tennis Machine

Tennis enthusiasts appreciate this tennis machine as one of the top models globally, which has a lot of fans and is highly positively rated. People are attracted to it because it comes with evolved features. The thing that makes it stand out is that it has programmable drills which is the most valued characteristic.


Check the machine outlook first.

Appraised tennis machine

Drills can be customized accordingly. For example, you can choose the spin, speed, and direction of your shots. If you get personalized shots, your forehands, backhands, volleys, and groundstrokes will improve.

In addition, this machine has 12 different preprogrammed drills, making it easy to customize your shots according to your skill level. Since it has a smartwatch control option, you can smoothly customize or program your drills. 

Furthermore, this 39 pounds machine has a good capacity of 120 balls. Players can also make any type of oscillation with it, either horizontal or vertical. Another significant feature of this machine is its controlling option.

You can willingly control it in three ways. Firstly, by directly touching its front panel, just press the buttons to make your favorite drills. Secondly, by mobile phone remote app, set your drills as you want.

And thirdly you will have a watch remote containing one button. This is the easiest way because you can control the machine with the help of only one button. 

Key Specifications

  • Weight: 39lbs
  • Color: green 
  • Material: Metal
  • Drills: 12 types of programmable drills
  • Ball capacity: 120
 Best Value Tennis Machine

Additionally, this machine has flexible power connection options. It has a rechargeable battery, hybrid AC module, AC mains power module, and external power connection.

SpinShot Player Ratings and Reviews from Previous Buyers.

This machine is of the top machines in the market today and has a huge positive rating. As we know that Spinshot is the king machine for tennis and has got more than 1000 positive ratings across all marketplaces.

When you have 1000 people sharing their amazing experience and appreciation means this machine is the answer to your question. If you can have this machine you will have a great journey ahead.

What We Like

  • 3 types of control option
  • Customize your own drill
  • Two types of oscillations
  • Good ball capacity
  • Good rated machine

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes much time for recharging

You can enjoy these benefits anywhere. Because due to its adjustable weight you can travel with this machine. Folding down its hopper, it becomes so convenient to take it outside the court. You can also store it at home; its shining green metal design will look amazing. 

How Spinshot Player is the Best Value Tennis Machine

This machine is widely known as the king of tennis machines and has thousands of users worldwide. It is not the number of users that makes this machine valuable, but the fact that it provides value, which explains why it is highly rated across all tennis machine stores. 

Combine Ratings of Spinshot Player Machine all Across Market Places

Combine Ratings of Spinshot Player Machine all Across Market Places

2. Wilson Tennis Machine with Good Ratings

Presenting you another tennis machine that got huge appreciation and positive ratings on all major tennis stores like the proton ball machine, that is what makes this machine the most valuable. This machine has various satisfying and valued features to make you a next-level player. Furthermore, You can adjust the topspin and backspin appropriately, either heavy or light.

Here you have the Machine outlook!

wilson good rated tennis ball machine

Furthermore, it has a random oscillator that delivers volleys randomly. However, you don’t have to worry to improve your footwork movements. Because its random oscillator will also upgrade your footwork drills by hitting shots back coming from different directions.

Furthermore, this will help you to enhance your forehand, backhand, volleys, baselines, and shots.

In addition to all these properties, this best-rated machine has a ball capacity of 110 balls. Wilson has outstanding customer response, and It has a pretty good speed of 10-75 MPH. Coming to the ball feed rate, it feeds the ball from 1-1/2 to10 seconds. And you will have these appreciable features with just 38 pounds weight.

Check this out the roaring tiger 😀

The wireless remote control option makes it a piece of cake to control the machine from afar. Similarly, its power is going to serve you for constantly 4 hours of playing. Also, this machine has a smart charger option that automatically turns off. In short, this is a good option for intermediate to advanced players.

Folding down its hopper further will make it smaller, so place it in the car’s trunk and play outdoors conveniently.

Due to its beautiful, patented black gleaming metal design, you can store it at home. Besides, this machine comes with three years of warranty, and that is what makes it the best-valued machine.

Key Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Speed: 10-75 MPH
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Ball capacity: 110 balls
wilson portable tennis machine with good ratings

What We Like

  • Remote controller
  • Trusted by a huge number of people
  • Random Oscillator
  • Good rated from customers
  • Closeable ball hopper

What We Don’t Like

  • Max ball capacity is 110 balls

How Wilson Is the Best Rated Tennis Ball Machine

This machine is the best values and got massive positive ratings on almost all major tennis stores. Due to its compact shape and quality, this one got many users who appreciate and always prioritize this one.

Moreover, this machine is made up of high-quality plastic which is unbreakable for normal falls. You will have a great experience with its oscillations and will find it easy navigation including good playtime at a single charge. Nevertheless, all these qualities make this machine more valuable and highly positively rated all across tennis machines stores.

Combine Ratings Of Wilson Machine Across all Market Places

Combine Ratings Of Wilson Machine Across all Market Places

3. Tennis Tutor: Appraised Tennis Machines

best rated tennis ball machine

Here we have one more, the most valued tennis ball machine. I am going to elaborate on each and every feature of this machine. With three years warranty, it is definitely going to make you a pro. You won’t need extra exercises to boost your footwork movements because it has the quality of random oscillations.

This means you will receive irregular shots from it; hitting them back will enhance your footwork movements. It will also refine your other strokes like forehand, backhand, volleys, groundstroke, and baselines.

Furthermore, its accurate and regular feed will improve your consistency; that’s an essential factor. 

The other features have a sufficient speed from 10-60 MPH with a ball capacity of 125 balls. It is capable of shooting from groundstrokes to lobs with a ball feed rate of 1-1/2 to 10 seconds.

This appraised tennis machine is only 12 inches in height, having a weight of fewer than 30 pounds. Short and light with a good ball capacity, the best combination.

The other prime quality is its easy-to-control panel, which has simple knobs. So press the desired button and start playing. That’s not all; you can also control it with other optional ways. Such as a wireless remote controller that will allow you to prevent it from being far in the court. 

Key Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Ball capacity: 125
  • Feed rate: 1-1/2 to 10 secs
Tennis tutor prolite

What We Like

  • Random oscillations
  • Remote control
  • Small and light in weight
  • Good ball capacity
  • Everyone appraise it

What We Don’t Like

  • Less playing hours

Why Tennis Tutor is Appraised Tennis Machines

The tennis tutor is appraised tennis machine because this machine makes your navigation many times more comfortable as compared to other machines. Those tennis players who travel often and want small tennis ball machines which they can put anywhere easily while traveling gave this machine positive ratings.

The biggest reason behind the good reviews and good rates of this machine are amazing oscillation, remote control, and good ball capacity.

Combine Ratings of Tennis Tutor Appraised Machine across all Market Places

Combine Ratings of Tennis Tutor Appraised Machine across all Market Places

4. Lobster Sports – Elite Three: Tennis Ball Return Machine

We have another best-rated tennis ball machine. This machine has all the concerning features that you need to play to become a pro. One of its unique qualities is its triple oscillation; you can adjust suitably, either vertical or horizontal.

best value tennis ball machine

Moreover, it has 44 pounds weight with a height of only 8 inches.

In order to move it here and there in the court, it has large gliding wheels. With this lightweight and small size, you can take it on picnics and tours smoothly. It can even adjust on one seat of your car. 

Want to play for extra hours on the court? It comes with an external power connection, so whenever you want to play some extra games, just connect extra power and play uninterruptedly.

Usually, it takes 18-24 hours to recharge, but with its premium charger, only 3-6 hours of recharge is enough.

Now let’s get into its controlling ways. You can control it in three ways; the first one is to handle it with the help of your Apple device remote.

Secondly, it has a specially designed ten-button remote. Finally, its third way is the simplest way to control it by only a two-button remote.

That’s not it; it has a good ball capacity of 150 balls amazingly with 10-80 MPH speed. This is the most satisfying, easy to use, and easy to carry set up. According to our experience, it will serve you for constantly 4-8 hours in court.

So rehearse your forehand, backhand, volleys, topspin, and backspin efficiently, wherever you want.

Due to its dashing appearance, you can store it at home. By folding down its hopper, it will become more adjustable.

Key Specifications

  • Color: red and white 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ball capacity: 150 balls
  • Speed: 10-80 MPH
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Playtime: 4 to 8 hours
Lobster sports

What We Like

  • Good playing time
  • Enough ball capacity
  • Efficient speed
  • Small in size and light in weight
  •  Remote control

What We Don’t Like

  • To upgrade it you have to purchase extra accessories

Why Lobster Sports Tennis Ball return machine is a good-rated machine.

This machine is known as a good-rated tennis ball machine because of its genuineness and high quality. Furthermore, this machine will never make you disappointed after having it. More than 90% of tennis players are satisfied after having this machine. That is why this is one of the best-rated tennis ball machines on the market today.

Lobster Sports Combine Ratings Across All Market Places

Lobster Sports Combine Ratings Across All Market Places

5. Sports Multi-Twist: Evaluated Tennis Machines

At last, out of the 5 best rated tennis ball machines we have the most satisfying choice for you. I can say that this is the most evaluated machine.

best evaluated tennis ball machine

Further, it can toss the ball up to 20 feet, and with a gap of five seconds, it throws the ball.

As I said, these machines include the most basic features, so you can guess the ball capacity won’t be that high.

In order to play outdoors, you can carry it with you because it is only 4.8 pounds. If you want an easy setup that works for hours and hours uninterruptedly, then this is precisely for you. Because this machine will volley you from 6 to 8 hours constantly.

Moreover, it allows you to play forehand, backhand, volleys, and shots in a better way. An essential factor in becoming a next-level player is consistency. You will definitely be more consistent while playing with its accurate and regular ball feed.

Besides, it comes with three years of warranty, and that’s a long time for any player to play. With its two-button remote feature, you can smoothly control it by directly pressing the required button.

Moreover, it is one of the most evaluated and cheapest machines made of high-quality molded plastic, which is why its surface is bumpy compared to others.

As you can see, this machine has a magnificent style having a round shape for ball-holding purposes. Because of its appropriate and marvelous shape, you can give it to your children as a present on any occasion. They will tell you how much fun it is. 

Key Specification

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 4.8lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Balls capacity: 30 balls 
  • Playtime:  6-7 hours
sports tutor multi twist

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • 6 – 7 hours of play on a single charge
  • Lightweight
  • Best for starters
  • Improve your stroke
  • Made of good material

What We Don’t Like

  • Don’t have enough ball capacity

What makes Sports Multi-Twist a most evaluated Tennis Machines

This tennis ball machine is the best-rated tennis machine due to its spiral structure and long time playing on a single charge. Moreover, you wouldn’t find it difficult to navigate because this is very lightweight and easy to pick it up.

Sports Multi-Twist: Evaluated Tennis Machines Combine Ratings Across all Market Places

Sports Multi-Twist: Evaluated Tennis Machines Combine Ratings Across all Market Places

Bottom Line: This best-rated machine has gotten huge popularity due to its promising and durable performance. However, this machine is really helpful for you to improve any stoke by playing again and again for a few weeks to master it.

Buying Guide to get Best Rated Tennis Ball Machines

The buying guide is the way that helps the tennis machine lover to get to know what factors to consider before purchasing the machine. However, there are essential factors that you are going to understand below and that are a must to keep in mind.

Let’s begin,

Navigation is another major factor to consider. If you travel often or you have to daily move the machine from home to the court then it’s just that you have a machine that is lightweight and has good wheels to maneuver.

Having a machine with good moving wheels and a comfortable handle is the best part along with being lightweight. But, one shouldn’t ignore other factors just for the sake of navigation.

There are machines that are designed for multiple factors like good customizations, feed rate, and good speed. However, you should know that having a machine that has a speed from 50 to 90mph is the best thing. You can customize it to your liking.

Moreover, if we talk about the ball capacity, you will know that there are machines that have the capacity of balls from 28 to 300 balls in a ball hooper. So, now you must keep in mind that the machine which you are purchasing has a ball capacity of at least 70 to 120.

Oscillation is all about customizations. In my experience, if a machine allows you to oscillate then there must be customizations. But, there are machines that do not allow you to customize but they are already customized into throwing the balls across the court.

Moreover, customization helps you to make the shots in various directions with the interval of time and speed.

That’s all, these factors above you must keep in mind in case to choose the best tennis machine.

How do we decide which Machine is Best Rated and appraised?

Due to our past 10+ years of experience in tennis, we know which tennis machine is much better to buy. We have a tennis academy where we teach our students. That is what made us understand about the behavior of tennis players. We have realized which tennis machine is in demand and which machine has many cherishers.

After all the experience. We have gone through 3 months on tennis machines marketplaces to read what the buyers are saying as compared to what we have experienced and our students.

After collecting data from our students and from the marketplaces we have gathered the five best-rated and much-appraised tennis machines. That is what makes us the authority to show you the best value tennis ball machines.

QNA Regarding Best Rated Tennis Ball Machines

Whenever you see best-rated tennis ball machines, that means having a machine that has good rates from their customers and users. People buy tennis machines and after that when they like machines they turn back and drop a good comment about that machine because they are happy with that machine. Now, if you are getting one of those positively rated machines you will have a good time playing on the court.

There are many factors that make a machine valuable in which we have good customizations, easy navigation, and a long time playing on the court without any trouble.

You can check if the machine is well-rated or not by visiting the marketplace and checking all the comments and observing the people who responded.

Buying a valuable tennis ball machine on Amazon is so simple. First, you need to read our reviews and check all the machines to know which one is good for you. After that click on the link, which will take you to the product and That’s it. 


That’s all. We have shown you all those best-rated tennis ball machines which are famous globally and got many positive ratings from all the customers. Even professional tennis players prefer these machines to play. Nevertheless, If you want to tell us your experience after purchasing the machine, please send us an email or you can write down a comment. We will appreciate your response.

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