Tennis Ball Machine Black Friday|Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Usually, you have to pay high for tennis machines but not anymore because black Friday is right here to give you tennis machines that are easy to get without paying so much.

But the question is, will the best tennis ball machine black Friday deal help you to get the right tennis machine? That allows you to learn and have a good time on the court.

Well! it depends. If you go through in-depth blog post there are 80 percent chance you meet your need because we have purchased more than 80 machines and we are experienced to give you the machine which will be the most beneficial for your game and you will not regret it.

However, The big tennis machine companies have already announced black Friday and cyber Monday 2022 deals that are going to happen on:

Black Friday: 25 November 2022
Cyber Monday: 28 November 2022

Below, we have covered the most famous machines and all the essential points related to each machine.

Before jumping into the review, check this our favorite machine out of all black Friday deals.

Now, let’s jump right into reviews.


Lobster tennis ball machine Black Friday Sale

During black Friday or cyber Monday Lobster company gives so many discounts. Lobster company is even worth having machines at full price but if you get any machine at a discount you are in heaven on earth.

Because you will be able to rehearse tennis games without paying high and get all the amazing lobster machine features without saving for a long time.

Let’s get to know how many machines from the lobster company would be there on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and what are the functions of those machines.

There are five tennis machines from Lobster company available on black Friday and you are not going to miss the chance.

1 – Lobster grand five Le Sale

The highly customizable ball machine comes with 12 preloaded drills. This machine is no less than a giant because you will have an amazing experience by hitting all hard topspin, backspin, and fast volleys.

Grand five come with 35 to 80 mph speed, 150 ball capacity, and only weighs 44 lbs. Moreover, this machine has random oscillation as well.

If you try to move it from one to another place you would not feel any difficulty due to its handle and calm wheels.
If we talk about those 12 preloaded drills, there are power baseliner, attack and defend, all courter, grinder, moonballer, slicer, forehand, lefty, etc

balck friday grand five lobster

2 – Lobster Elite Grand four Black Friday sale

Grand four tennis machine is famous among pro tennis players due to their stability and durability. There are 6 preloaded drills that come with it that make this machine a well-experienced tennis player giving you hard time taking your tennis game to the next level.

However, this tennis machine is a very portable ball machine for taking into your car or putting anywhere in your house. But you have to compromise on its color. G-4 machine only has a white and red color and you will have no choice in colors.

Lobster Grand 4 Black friday

3 – Lobster Elite three black friday 2022

Elite three comes with two-line oscillations and dual settings. The most fascinating thing about this ball is you can play tennis anywhere.

Even your entire family can play with this machine one by one because it plays time on a single charge.
What I like the most about this machine are its elevation and oscillations. That is what makes you a pro tennis player. Imagine you are going to get this on black Friday.

Cyber monday 2022 elite 3

4 – Lobster Elite Two Black Friday deals

The elite two-ball machine is rich at oscillating vertically and horizontally. The best part of oscillation is it has built-in oscillation. Not like a slinger bag machine that has an extra oscillation pad. But everything has pros and cons. However, the Elite 2 machine is designed for all level tennis players and one can practice and master any stoke which is tough to master.

If you want to face massive volleys and face high shots then this machine is all you need because it has a speed of up to 80mph speed 150 ball capacity. You wouldn’t feel any bothered while navigating the machine due to its easy maneuvering.

Lobster elite 2 black friday

5 – Lobster Elite Grand one

Take advantage of black Friday by having this durable ball machine which lasts for 4 to 8 hours on a single charge. This machine is known as a family picnic pack. Because the whole family will get tired but this machine will still give you good playtime on a single charge.

Nevertheless, Lobster E-1 is unique because this machine gives you 60-degree lobs and that is not available in any other ball machine but this one.

If we talk about other functions, E- one has random and horizontal oscillations including 150 ball capacity and no preloaded drills.

cyber monday elite 1 machine

2 – Slinger tennis ball machine Black Friday Sale

The slinger machine is all set to make you feel incredible because this ball machine is all in one. When I purchased this machine I didn’t believe in it. Because there is everything you can do with this machine.

Let me tell you, slinger company made this machine which has oscillation function, good ball capacity, a pocket for keeping your racquets in it, camera holder, mobile charger, ball picker and at the end you can close the bags and it will become smaller in shape for moving.

I call this machine a miracle dude. So, you will get it at half price only on black Friday or cyber Monday.

Slinger bag black friday

3 – SCIFANTA Tennis Machine Black Friday Sale

Although SCIFANTA machine is very simple and has limited functions this one is still can do a lot. One who wants to master tennis stroke would not get any better machine than SCIFANTA. This machine will refine and polish your techniques by feeding you balls after every 4 seconds.

If you just see it doesn’t look like a machine that will make you face forehand, backhand, baseline, volleys, and short balls but this is going to happen. The machine owner would have all these shots.

A compatible machine that allows you 30 ball capacity is designed for all ages and all levels. But it depends on why are you getting this machine. Most people buy this machine not just to save money but this machine is really helpful in enhancing your tennis techniques in so many ways.

SCIFANTA black friday ball machines

Why Buy Tennis Machines on Black Friday?

There are so many conceptions going on. For example, people are thinking if you will have a tennis machine on black Friday that wouldn’t be a better machine. Because people will give you all that at a discount and the machines wouldn’t be as good as the originals.

Let me tell you this, I have literally checked this matter by myself. Because I have been a big fan of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After searching on this by sneaking into the brands and on all other big marketplaces I have realized that this is the fact that every machine you get on black Friday is so real and fine to own.

Buying a machine on cyber Monday is ok for saving some grand and owning your dream machines because the same machine you will find on 50 percent expensive on any other day. So why not have them now?

What are Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday deals open on 25 November each year in the united state where people can get high price products at a 50 percent discount. That is why this is the best opportunity for all tennis machine lovers. You can get the high price tennis machine on the low. For example, if you can not pay 2000 dollars here you will be able to get a ball machine for only 1000 dollars. That is the beauty of black Friday deals.

How to Get Tennis Machine on Black Friday Deal?

Actually, it is quite simple. You don’t need to go to the market for shopping. All you need to do is read our entire article and choose which ball machine you need to have and click on the link and go get the machine at a discounted price.

However, you can also go to the marketplace online without going through our given link and check out which machine is on discount and get that as soon as possible because black Friday deals are very limited.

Why we wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Tennis Machine?

We wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals just for one reason and that is we can get very high price products at a discount. In my personal life, when I have to buy any high-ticket product I usually wait for black Friday because you can get everything on less as compared to other days.

Moreover, when it comes to tennis machines you must wait for Cyber Monday and Black Friday because machines demand you to pay much and that is why if you get a ball machine on these events you do not have to pay much for them.

Buying Guide To choose Machine on Black Friday

The buying guide is so essential to go through for choosing the coolest ball machines. While choosing a ball machine on black Friday you have to keep some factors in mind and those are:

1 – Check the Ball Capacity:
2 – Durability of ball machine
3 – Playtime on a single charge
4 – Navigation of machine
5 – Customisations

These are major factors to go through before purchasing any machine. However, during purchasing a ball machine on black Friday or cyber Monday you have to make sure to check the machine’s all functions are ok and have multiple options including durability.


Having a tennis ball machine on black Friday is not a bad deal at all!. If you find a ball machine on black Friday on half of its price and you are the luckiest one to have it. You will find it easy to have it if you know about tennis machines and you have enough experience with them. Because you will be able to find the cool machine within a few minutes.

On the other side if you do not have any experience and you are still confused to choose the ball machine then here are our recommendations these machines are our favorite.

1 –

2 –

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