Proton Tennis Ball Machine Review

Those who are not able to find tennis partners for rehearsing tennis on daily basis look for tennis machines. Because machines are always there for you to pay for the game whenever you want. That is why today you have got the Proton tennis ball machine review to learn about this machine’s metrics and functions.

After reading about this machine you will be able to know if this machine is fit your need or not. Therefore we have written in-depth about this tennis machine.

We have played with more than 80+ tennis ball machines and we know which machine is good and which machine is not good for better tennis games.

So, let get start the review of the Proton ball machine and check all the boxes including the pros and cons of this machine.


Proton Ball Machine Review Begins Here

The proton ball machine is automated and very small in size. This machine is unique and amazing. You will find this one just like the small dustbin basket. Seriously!

There are no huge wheels and long handles like slinger ball machine to navigate the machine. But you will find the straps that will help you to pick the machine up to your shoulder just like a bag that weighs 20 lbs. There is a closeable ball hopper that contains 100 balls.

The most fascinating part of this machine is a small light that appears in the front of the machine which indicates the ball is ready to throw to save you from hitting the ball onto your face.

Proton ball machine reviews

When you make the machine ready to throw you balls you will notice that the machine pumps itself up automatically on the support of the hook.

Furthermore, there is a small battery that can be removed and recharged separately. And the proton ball machine will throw you balls at the speed of 70mph and that is unbelievable because you will be able to face massive ball drills and that is another best part of the machine.

The proton ball machine doesn’t have a remote controller but this machine will give you the option of the mobile app to control the machine from another side of the court.

There is a control panel at the back of the machine which has very basic customizations like a knob for the speed, a switch on and off button, and oscillations from right to left and vice versa.

Other tennis machines have built-in oscillation and some have extra pads for random oscillation but the proton ball machine has small wheels down of the machine which is made for oscillation.

Proton bll machine


  • Very comapct machine which can fit any where
  • Only weighs 20lbs
  • Customisable
  • 100 ball capacity
  • Closeable ball hopper
  • You can easily hand it with your shoulder
  • Good ball speed


  • Very small in shape
  • max speed is 70mph

Manufacturer of Proton Machine

Proton ball machine is designed by Jonah Harley. He was a life long tennis player and wanted to make some thing for tennis game that is very light in weight and easy to carry. Jonah Harley spent more than 3 years for building this ball machine and after that thehy cam eup with proton ball machie which was became famous worldwide.

Is Proton Ball Machine Essential To Master Tennis?

Proton ball machine is the designed for ease of tennis players. One thing I will must that this machine is not made for professional tennis player. Occaional player should consider this ball machine.

When it comes to mastering the tennis game, yes proton ball machine gives you verity of tennis shots that can help you to improve your tennis game. This tennis ball machine is one of the finest ball machine on the market and you will be able to master your tennis stroke and improve tennis drills.

Difference Between Proton Machine and Other Ball Machines

Proton ball machine is the much different from every other ball machine. Other machines like lobster and spinshot who dominate the machine market are much different than this ball machine.

Proton ball machine has small wheels for oscillations while lobster machine and spinshot has builtin. Other ball machines have 120+ ball capacity but this machine only has 100 ball capacity.

Proton ball machine is smaller in shape while other ball machines are bigger than this one and have heavy weight while this machine only weights 20lbs.

You have to naviagte other machines but proton machine is much smaller in shape that you have to lift it with hands or shoulders.


Thats all! I think Proton Tennis Ball Machine Review have made your mind to get it into your tennis ball machine collections. You can have much more cretivity with this ball machine and that is all depends on your mind game.

If you are still confused about proton ball machines you can write a comment for us and we will guide and solve your quriey.

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