How to get better at Tennis (Effective Practicing Plans)

You are reading this because you know that there is always room for getting better at anything in life. So, Tennis is the game where you must have to learn consistently as the world is evolving every day especially sports. Let’ learn how to get better at tennis!

Due to tough competition among players, they work so hard and inventing new tricks, which makes them surpass the opponents.

Either you aim to become a professional tennis player like Roger Federer or Serena Williams, or you want to have a firm grasp on Tennis to impress friends on the court. But, first, you must have to practice the tips which are given below. So let’s get into it.

How to Play Tennis Better ?

To improve your tennis playing skills instantly, the focus is a fine line between failure and success. First, you must have to mitigate your distraction during hitting intense volleys against your opponent.

The first and the most crucial point is to watch the ball properly in Tennis. While playing, either in a rally or in a point, make sure to track the ball precisely. When the ball is bouncing or rising to your strings, don’t lose your focus.

After bouncing back the ball, most of the players lose their attention towards the opponent’s hit and become relaxed. This is what you shouldn’t do. Now what you all have to do is track the ball all-time in a rally situation.

 how to get better at tennis

Another essential way to play Tennis better is to inhale and exhale appropriately while contacting the ball. Please don’t hold your breath while bouncing it back. All you need to do is, before contacting the ball inhale. And when you contact the ball, exhale and allow yourself to swing in a relaxed way.

At last, increase the space around yourself while playing. This will reduce the chance of missing a shot or losing a point. Increasing your margin will help you to take the net out of play and to take the lines out of play. Just make sure that you have a good margin over the net then you can hit with better levels of topspin and backspin in the court.

How to Improve the Game ?

Here we go to discuss the two most manageable steps to improve your Tennis. After practicing them, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your performance.

 how to get better at tennis


Whenever you want to win in a court, you need to move in a way that your steps are farther apart. Therefore, it would be best if you tried to neutralize your posture. Split-stepping means you can move in all directions and hit back, no matter in which direction your opponent hits.

By dividing your actions into several steps, you prepare yourself to move in every possible direction.

2 – Timing

Don’t just relax after contacting and hitting the ball towards the opponent. Prepare yourself, knowing that your opponent may hit the ball from any direction while tracking the ball.

Your response to the ball must be on time and in the proper position. When you approach where the ball is going, you can quickly spring off and go in the opposite direction.

Good Practicing Tennis Plans

Good Practicing Tennis Plan

Now, let’s check the significant points to improve the game to the next level.


Playing extra matches will be an essential step that will benefit you greatly. You should use your time effectively and train yourself by playing different matches. Or, you can purchase a tennis ball machine and practice at home on your own.

Try hitting the ball with better players to test your standards. Make sure you hit the ground running every morning, and this is the key to success.


All the best players in the world suggest doing gym work every morning before playing Tennis on the court. This will help nurture your body to improve on the facets required for Tennis. Further, improving your core strength by gym workout will help you to stay intense on the court.


Stretching is another important plan that you should have in your daily tennis-playing routine. This will make you more agile and increase your athleticism. Stretching before and after the training will help you to be a next-level player.

Learn to Play Tennis Effectively

Now that we’ve talked about all of the information above let’s talk about how to play a good game.


During a tennis match, many players become tense and jerk their bodies. As a result, they lose balance and perform poorly. To avoid this, you should always maintain a good posture with your shoulders balanced and your back as straight as possible.

Additionally, when you are not exerting pressure on your body, you are capable of making larger swings. Maintaining a low center of gravity and relaxing your body will automatically help you succeed in the game.

Learn to Play Tennis Effectively


Consistency is the most important technique, but we rarely pay attention to its improvement. A good tennis player understands the importance of connecting a bunch of good shots to win points. Understanding all the challenges of the game is crucial to improving this ability. Avoiding the net and hitting the ball into the lines is essential. You’ll make fewer mistakes on the court if you practice more.

The more you practice, the better you’ll be. I recommend it highly because I had trouble maintaining consistency. Players who win balls are more likely to win matches, and you can become that player by being consistent.

Tennis Tips for Intermediate Players

Now we are going to discuss some tips for intermediate players. These tips will make them able to master the game.


Intermediate players miss the ball and repeat this mistake frequently while playing the game. To be the best at Tennis and not repeat the mistake, you have to practice one quick tip. You must be aware of the sound of hitting the ball and its sense, like how it feels when you hit the ball at the corners or middle of the racket.

Improve it by practicing; hit the ball with the same tension on the racket holding in your hand. Don’t try to squeeze it tighter


Place your feet at least shoulder-width apart and hop up and down each time before your opponent hits the ball towards yourself. You will see the difference after trying in court that you’ll have much time to hit the ball back. You can practice the split-step trick in the home too. But try to master this if you want to conquer the game.

Tennis Tips for Intermediate Players


Mostly, intermediate players put unnecessary strength or grip on the racket and fail to make a decent number of shots. Now you are not going to repeat that mistake. While playing Tennis on the court, players become so tensed and try to hold the racket forcefully; this makes them lose the balls.

Don’t put too much tension in your forearms. Just feel relax and swing the ball. Don’t squeeze your racket much; otherwise, you won’t hit many shots.

How to Get Better at Tennis for Beginners ?

Beginners, I will show you some easy and best tips that will help you be a next-level player. Here we go.


In a forehand way, you have to play with only one hand. Place your hand underneath the racket while contacting the ball. Finish the stroke in such a way that your elbow is pointing outwards. You are a beginner, so don’t try hard to start a large swing with the small one.


Unlike backhand, forehand is much easier. In backhand, put both your hands, overlapping the racket with space between them. Place your feet parallel with each other, and make sure that your left elbow is pointing outwards after finishing the stroke.

3 – GRIP

You can’t use the same grip in both forehand and backhand strokes. When you are going to get a forehand stroke, turn to the forehand side. Then after coming to the middle, go back to your backhand grip, and now hit a backhand. You have to change the grip regarding forehand and backhand.


To serve effectively, you first need to learn how to throw a ball rotating your arm in a good way. After this, follow the handout, hand in, and hand out the trick for service, just like the throw. Gradually increase your speed while maintaining a good level of balance and relaxation. An ideal way to start a service is, stand with your body turned to the side while your arms and hand back and palm facing outside.

How to Get Better at Tennis by Yourself ?

How to Get Better by practicing
 Yourself ?

f you want to improve your game but don’t have a partner or coach, then this content is specifically for you. All you need to do is described below.


This is a great way to improve yourself alone. Even the pros follow this tip to train when they have nobody to serve the balls. Put many balls in your pocket and bring them out one by one and serve to yourself for shots.


If you want to play like a pro, then you must be aware of good footwork drills. You can’t make an effective strike if you don’t know how to be in the right position. You can play so well when your footwork is fast and smooth. So practice foot movements by yourself to be at your best.


The best thing about wall practicing is that the wall never misses a shot. It would be best if you chose a wall to practice with two bounces; this will make you able to execute the best shot. You can practice so many drills against the wall.


If you want to train yourself alone, then you must go for a ball machine. Ball machine training has some very important advantages. Most vital is you can practice the same speedball many times. And this will make you the master of that one shot by hitting the same type of balls.

Tennis Tips and Tricks

If you want some tips and tricks to win more matches. Then without wasting time, let’s get into the lesson.


If you want to win more matches, then your server has got to be properly effective. Most player’s first serve is perfect, but they lose it the second time. So what you have to do is don’t change swing speed on the second serve. The key to winning more shots is learning the perfect swing path. Don’t make larger swings while serving; that will take more time to get the racket back.


The second most important step is to return the serve. The keys to return the serve in a perfect way are tracking the ball, preparing yourself at the time, and splitting the steps. Split your steps regarding the shot you are going to hit, either forehand or backhand. Additionally, while returning the services, don’t make a larger swing because this will take much time to get the racket back to position.


When you go cross-court, go over the lowest part of the net and similarly the longest part of the court. This trick will give you much time for recovery. Just don’t be aggressive or reactionary; follow basic patterns of play.


During your match at the court, don’t be perplexed or reactionary towards your opponent. If you are nervous, then without getting much complex, just follow the basic patterns of play. This will reduce your chances of making more errors.

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